Under Our Skin shown in Seattle Thursday night

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    In attendance were 2 politicians, and plenty of medical people. The film is very powerful: if it hasn't already won awards at the film festivals, it sure should!

    There was a Q&A afterward with 2 of the people who were in the film and 1 LLND (or LLMD?) who just moved from the East Coast. I had to leave early, but there was some very good information given out by the time I'd left.

    One thing that I wondered about the panel of IDS that wrote the influential guidelines are supposed to rewrite it. I wondered if they would just get more of their own buddies in on it, with more of the same misinformation.

    But the ND from the East coast said the Attorney General who charged them with conspiracy is lyme literate, and intends to be involved all along in this process. Hopefully, all the medical evidence will this time make it into the public eye.

    It looks like the insurance co.s won't be able to use the new guidelines to persecute LLMDs, if all the evidence does make it into the newly written guidelines.
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    I just 'Googled' "Under Our Skin" and came to a page with

    a link to YOUTUBE video streams for it! All here should

    find it interesting and informative.

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