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    I just read a review today in the L.A. Times about Under the Eightball, a new documentary about lyme. The L.A. Times gave it a good review: http://www.latimes.com/entertainment/news/la-et-eightball18-2009dec18,0,5379815.story

    NY Times was mixed: http://www.nytimes.com/2009/12/16/movies/16eight.html

    Here's a website for more info: undertheeightball.com

    All in all it looks worth seeing, if you can find it playing near you --

  2. victoria

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    Thanks Mary, I posted about it a while ago, but it's buried somewhere.... I sure hope there's more and more info made available to the public.

    My son's chiro showed him an article in 'Oprah" (I think it's the current issue) that talked about chronic lyme and long term abx treatment! Finally, it's getting written about more in major magazines too... great when it's laying around office waiting rooms! And Oprah is read a LOT! I tried to look it up, it seems part of the article is online but not the whole thing; for some reason I couldn't get to page 2. But, it's at http://www.oprah.com/article/omagazine/200912-omag-dr-oz-lyme-disease

    'Under Our Skin' has made it to the 'short list' for possible nomination for best documentary - lets hope it does. Even if it doesn't win, it will give it so much more publicity. Washington Post reviewed 'UOS" as the scarier than any slasher film!

    I don't think I can watch either, I know I'd just be silently crying the while time.

    all the best,
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    Randy Sykes, from The Greater Hartford Lyme Disease Support & Action Group, had the movie at one of his support group meetings. There is some info about the movie "Under the Eighball" on the main page of their website and a list of where it's playing:

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    Randy Sykes, from The Greater Hartford Lyme Disease Support & Action Group, had the movie at one of his support group meetings. There is some info about the movie "Under the Eighball" on the main page of their website and a list of where it's playing:


    I have not seen UTE yet but do have UOS. It's a tearjerker that I've watched about 10 times. My brother has it right now and our cousin wants it next. His kids have all sorts of mysterious maladies and both he and his wife have been bitten by ticks.

    I've even had my 79 year old mother watch UOS with me because both me and my brother have Lyme. I believe she has Lyme symptoms but she isn't connecting the dots for herself. I did catch her crying while watching the movie. So have the tissues ready for either movie.
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    I never come to this board because I don't think I have lyme - I don't have the symptoms, so haven't seen previous posts here.

    I'd never heard of "Under Our SKin" before, just looked it up on imdb.com, it got a very high rating of 8.3 - it's not available at Netflix yet, but I do want to see it. The more I read about our medical system, the scarier it gets.

    That's great it's made it to the short list for best documentary - maybe that will ensure it gets wide distribution. And I will look up the Oprah article.

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    Thanks for thinking of this board... it gets so little traffic it seems these days, sadly, since we're not allowed to crosspost.

    I hadn't heard anything 'new' about 'Under the Eight Ball'; truly the more, the merrier (ie, better) when more press is written about all of our problems!

    all the best,
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    For some reason a lot of my mail was sent to the spam folder suddenly, so, this is too late, but hopefully it will start getting some attention now -- and shown elsewhere:

    What I didn't know is the main subject of the movie, the sister of the producer, died from Lyme in 2008. He compares the current situation to the infamous Tuskegee experiment (where those who had syphilis had little/no treatment and the disease was allowed to progress til its bitter end.)

    "Under the Eightball" Movie --
    World Premiere Press Release

    • The revolutionary, independent film 'Under The Eightball' is scheduled
    for theatrical release on December 16th in New York City and December
    18th in West Hollywood.

    The film promises to be a paradigm shifting experience for many as it reveals
    the 'true' source of the suffering associated with Lyme Disease and a host of
    other illnesses including ALS, Fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue and over 300 other diseases.

    New York, NY and Hollywood, CA (PRWEB) Dec. 14, 2009 --
    Andalusian Dogs and J.B. Virtual Enterprises Inc. announces the World Premiere
    Theatrical Release of the revealing documentary "Under The Eightball" to begin
    on Wednesday December 16 in New York City, NY and Friday December 18 in
    West Hollywood, CA.


    The revolutionary, independent documentary 'Under The Eightball', chronicles
    investigative journalist Lori Hall-Steele's battle with Lyme Disease as her brother,
    director Timothy Grey, and friend, Breanne Russell, set out on a mission to
    uncover Lyme Disease's illusive and often misunderstood origins.

    The filmmakers were immediately confronted with a medical industry marked
    by ambivalence, a government steeped in corruption and greed, and a debilitating
    and deadly disease that traces back to the Plum Island Animal Disease Center,
    Grey and Russell hold fast, hastened to save Lori's life.

    "'Under The Eightball' promises to become a paradigm shifting event for many
    of its viewers," says Grey.

    In their eighteen month long journey Grey and Russell travel the country in
    search of answers and interview top experts in the world of Lyme and Tick-Borne
    Diseases. 'Under The Eightball' includes live footage, historical documents, original
    animation and archival military footage.

    The movie was produced by Michigan based film company Andalusian Dogs and
    was written, directed and edited by Timothy Grey and Breanne Russell. Executive
    producers are Justin Blake, Rasheed Ali and Dorel Nichefor.

    This film has not been rated.

    'Under The Eightball' has a run time of 125 min.



    Read the complete review:

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