Underactive/overactive Immune System

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    Hi everyone, just wondering if anyone has any advice or information they might be able to give me.

    My immune system is terrible; if there's a bug going round then I catch it. I take vitamin C and zinc tablets every day, as well as a probiotic drink called Symprove. However, this doesn't seem to be helping at all so I was wondering if anyone here had any ideas.

    To give you further information about it under performing, I have some examples:

    - I had Cryptosporidium (a parasite) back in April which is supposed to last only 3 days maximum. I had it for 2 and a half weeks and was hospitalised. I did have glandular fever with secondary infection of tonsillitis at the same time which may have hindered my immune system, but doctors obviously didn't think that was the case because they actually tested me for HIV...

    - In August 2013 I had my gall bladder removed and before the operation they did a blood test to check for any abnormalities. My blood count was normal. Upon opening me up though, they found massive infection in and around my gall bladder, which had turned to mush, and had to sprinkle antibiotic powder all over my abdomen and give me two days' worth of IV antibiotics. Why were there no signs of this in my blood test, like extra white blood cells or antibodies?

    However, to make things more complicated I also have an overactive immune system; I have lots of food and fur allergies. I was just born with them!

    I sleep well, at least 7 hours every night, eat well with plenty of fruit and veg and exercise at least three times a week. I'm a healthy weight and walk outside to get fresh air every day. So, any suggestions please?
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    Hi, Lily,

    I think the infection question would be a good one to ask your doc. However, I read an excellent paper by Dr. Cheney years ago in which he explained the two sides of our immune systems. It may answer the question. In many of us, one side of our immune systems is overactive and the other side is underactive. The overactive side can lead to autoimmune disorders. The underactive side means the immune system may allow chronic infection without utilizing its weapons, like white blood cells, to kill the infection. That might explain the lack of the white blood cells in your blood. Please know I'm not a medical professional and this is only conjecture.

    My own CFIDS/ME was triggered by a mycoplasma infection. My doc did a blood test right away and the infection showed up because it was active. I was not given a long enough course of antibiotics and the infection went chronic and stealth in my system. Eleven years after the initial infection, I took antibiotics off and on for a year and a half before the infection was driven into a latent state. Today, without a PCR DNA test, it is impossible to detect this infection.

    I'm so sorry you are not well and that I cannot offer any practical help. Just thought I'd share what I learned about our immune systems. Good luck to you.

    Love, Mikie
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    In fact, eating plenty of veg and fruits does not mean health. Some even bad for your health. You said you have a lots of food allergies--something you can not eat may contains what your body needs and those you can eat may contains elements you should not eat.
    Besides, I saw a post said that the change of the structures of the intestinal floras may lead to overactive of immune system. Re-check the proportion of probiotics everyday.
    Good luck.