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    Hi everyone,

    Quick question, does anyone suffer from underarm achiness. My right one is more of a bother, but this morning my left one had a tender bump, which has popped up before and been checked out and I had two mammograms, so breast cancer is not a concern. I am just trying to figure out if anyone else experiences this, especially cycle time. My arms do give me a lot of trouble.

    Any advise or sharing is appreciated,

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    I have had this a lot. Doc says it is swollen glands. He also recommends that I monitor it and let him know if there are any changes.

    I've been having it in my right breast and into my underarm. I will have him check it again when I go in next week.

    I have a ring of glands that stay swollen a lot around my neck, too.

    If you are concerned have your doc check them out the next time you go in. If you are REALLY concerned, make an appointment! We shouldn't discount breast or underarm lumps just because we have had something similar before. If in doubt, check it out!!

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    I have fibrocystic breasts and have currently gone into another inflammation cycle. I get pain in the edge of the armpit adjacent to my right breast.

    Breast tissue can involve the armpit area, or the swelling in the armpits could also be lymph nodes - lots of nodes in that area.

    I've had mammograms as well, nothing found to worry so far.

    My breast surgeon recommended Evening Primrose Oil. She has found it useful for her patients with fibrocystic breast disease - it works as an antiinflammatory.

    Also, eliminate caffeine and chocolate (I know - that stinks) but they also contribute to breast inflammation.

    I'll be seeing my doc at the end of next week and I'll have her check out my newest "Hot Zone".

    The good news is that if its painful, its unlikely to be cancer.

    Madame Curie
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    Thanks for listening, I know in my heart of hearts it is part of this DD or being a woman and I appreciate all the feedback.

    Just getting reassurance helps a great deal.


  5. maggie_d

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  6. lbuchanan3

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    I have hade Hydradenitis Suppurativa for 30+ years and it began as just a small bump under my arm that kept reoccuring, like a pimple. About the 3rd time I got one it was the size of a golf ball, and then became more and more recurrent and now I have these large cysts in my underarms, groin, back, under breasts and have tunneling from one to another. You might google this and look at some pictures, stage one of the disease is just small bumps and isolated but it can become chronic like mine.

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