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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by CrymznWych, Jul 3, 2006.

  1. CrymznWych

    CrymznWych New Member

    Welp, I took the step of filing for disability (wish me luck). But from that there has come, for me, a really good thing. The gov't, as usual, loves its forms, and there were quite a few to fill out, because they "needed more info." (insert eye roll here) Anyway, the thing is, my mom had to fill out a form too, so they could get a family member's perspective, and through filling out this form, and seeing it all in black and white in front of her, she finally gets it. She finally understands it isn't in my head, it isn't just a matter of getting proper sleep, or taking a couple tylenol and getting on with my day. She finally gets I have an illness! That has taken such a weight from my shoulders. It's kind of amusing, other family members understood, but my mom not realizing what was going on was so stressful to me, because some days I really needed to be able to talk to someone. Now I can! Not in anyway deminishing the importance of the support I feel I have here, but I think y'all know what I'm getting at. Blessings!

    PS Sorry if that sounds babbly, I'm just happy!
  2. CockatooMom

    CockatooMom New Member

    It's is a big deal to me that my parents and DH understand what I go through. We know you love us!

    Hooray!!! I'm so happy for you. I pray you get what you applied for!

    Love and hugs,
  3. SandraJean

    SandraJean New Member


    I'm so glad you're Mom is understanding more about the pain and condition you are in over this diease. I guess Mom's don't want to admit there is something wrong with their children. I'm glad you are able to talk to her more about it now too.

    My daughter has just filed for disability too, but it's not from this diease. She has had cardiomyopathy after her baby was born in January and has now only has 30% heart efficancy. We were hoping the Doctors might do a pace maker on her in June, but they want to wait until October for another echocardiogram, then possibly do a pace maker and diffibulator. Hopefully she'll have some more improvement.

    We were talking this morning and she still hasn't accepted the fact that she can't go back to work right now and has to apply for disability. Acceptance is a hard thing to understand whether it's from the patients, Mom,Dad, DH or children.

    Glad to hear things are going better for you!

  4. kalina

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    I totally get it. Losing your family's support during such a disabling illness is heart-wrenching. We need them so much at times like this. I lost my friends, and I thought I had lost my family's support, but I just posted recently on getting my sister back. She's the only one besides my husband who really understands, and like you, I am so happy about it!

    You always have us on the board to talk to, but I know having your mom's acceptance and being able to talk to her can make all the difference in the world. Thanks for sharing your happiness!

    I know there are a lot of people who are very ill whose families do not believe them, and my heart goes out to all of you in this difficult and stressful situation.

    Oh, and CrymsnWych, congratulations on taking that first step to filing your disability claim. Filling out all those forms is sooo hard -- they really put you through the wringer. (Torture is more like it!) Be prepared for lots more to come! Best of luck with it!

  5. NyroFan

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    Those forms are really something. And I am glad you now have family support. It is so important. I only have my sister and she understands. She is in Floriday and I call her often.

    I am happy you and Mom can communicate.

  6. CrymznWych

    CrymznWych New Member

    Yes there are a lot of forms, from the initial packet novel they send, to follow up forms...it's really ridiculous. My hands cramped up so bad! And some of the questions are totally ridiculous. We made some fun of them, like one that asks if I can manage a checking account! I didn't think it would have been appropriate to put down "No, because the pain in my hands is obviously connected to my mental inability to add and subtract!" Duh. The first page says don't leave any questions blank, but the questions themselves say "If no, skip to..." Tons of fun! Your tax dollars hard at work...

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