understanding blood tests for inflammation

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    Hi there!

    I had some blood tests done late last year and am now wondering if others have had similar results?

    The only test for inflammation that was above normal was the ESR (sed rate) test, which is used to determine how much inflammation is in the body (but cannot diagnose the specific condition causing the inflammation). ANA was negative and c reactive was low (have been told that this last test was for cardiovascular inflammation).

    My (limited) understanding of FMS is that it isn't a 'true' inflammatory condition like RA, but does respond to anti inflammatory diets etc (my rheumy said that my positive reaction to prednisone points to having something else other than FMS or rather, perhaps in addition to??)

    Anyone else have such tests/results?
  2. Mikie

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    My CRP was quite high but neg. ANA and very low Sed Rate. Still, I have Sjogren's, CFIDS/ME, FMS and interstitial cystitis. Your doc is correct in that we can have other conditions which cause inflammation.

    We seem to attract immune and autoimmune conditions like iron shavings to magnets.

    Love, Mikie
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    after I did my PP (panic post), I did spend some time researching such test results on the 'net and discovered that it is quite common for CFS and FMS patients to have normal, or even low, inflammation type test results.

    Just out of curiosity Mikkie, where you dx with IC prior to the (onset) of the other conditions? Do you think that they may be linked to a bigger picture? Is that what the peptite injections are for?

    Thanks so much for responding! Much appreciated as always :)