unending headache cycle!

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Chilene, Jan 20, 2006.

  1. Chilene

    Chilene New Member

    i've assumed that my headaches were a result of my herniated discs (c-5 to c-7) ... as my neck usually feels super constricted when they are bad...

    but now i've been in this cycle again since xmas!... i'll be ok for a few hours... just sitting at the computer (yes, that could be part of it... i do sit too long sometimes...though sometimes i can sit for hours with NO pain...)... and bang! ... or often it happens after i eat... and there is no pattern; doesn't matter if i eat foods that never bother me or ones that do... even smoothies! (so the tmj might not be a factor, not sure...)...

    when it hits... it's very migraine-like... my eyes get all weak and they feel like they're "flickering"... i feel like i have muscular tremors in my face and jaw and eyes... light and sound will drive me nuts... and i even start to have breathing trouble and feel exhausted!... or is it my blood pressure plummeting just after eating?...though it's not always after eating...

    oddly, sometimes belching helps--like half the pain leaves!... my sinuses have been awful lately too... so i'm sure blowing my nose hard all day is aggravating my herniated discs... sometimes i wonder if it's mostly sinus?... my mri's showed horrible sinus issues...

    i'm just sooo exhausted by these and i'm barely leaving the house! ... my vision is a wreck from this... so blurry and bright lights make me soo dizzy...

    ibuprofin helps and tylenol helps... but after a half a day or so, i start to have a light itchy rash and breathing trouble...yet i swear that doesn't bother me as much as the pain! ... doctors have told me to stop taking anything that starts this allergic reaction... but is it really bad if it helps my pain...?... i am smart enough to stop taking it if the asthma kicks in worse...

    i know i've posted about this a few times... i'm just so depressed that i've been dealing with these almost every day for a month now, and once it was 3 years of this!!!;(...

    any ideas?

    thanks for the third time!:) ... i always get something from your thoughts!


  2. Cromwell

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    I had headache once that never went away for about four months, not for a second. It was from my neck disc problem and my sinus's combined. MY neck does not hurt on the computer but when I get off. Get up at least every 20mins and do stretches and walk about. Maybe you have a sinus infection? If they are screwed up already an infection can get lodged. I do hope you can be well. This unrelenting pain drives anyone mad.
    Love Anne
  3. jake123

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    I would recommend seeing a neurologist. I've been seeing one for about a year and I think we've finally conquered the headache with Topamax and Relpax. No headaches for three weeks now.
    Keep a headache diary from now until the day you see your doctor as far as pain scale from 1 to 5 (5 being the worst)and write down also what you took for it and what you think caused the headache.
  4. IheartNY

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    Hi all,

    I too, am in a headache cycle. I have the same disc problem with C5-C7, and have had surgery - a titanium plate and a bone graft in April of 05....it did not help at all...i have the same symptoms as Chilene...and a WARNING about this surgery. Medtronics has been forced by the FDA to recall approx 13,000 bone grafts (mine included) because they cannot trace them back to the donor...this only adds to the stress of FM & CFS, not to mention the anxiety. I take Darvacet, which really only takes the edge off.

    I found an article yesterday online talking about what foods to avoid...sugar, chocolate, alcohol, wheat, soda. That can be hard to do. Good luck to us all!

    Ever hopeful,
  5. Chilene

    Chilene New Member

    yes, this computer addiction can't be good for my neck!;)...

    i'll try to remember to get up for breaks!

    many thanks!;)

  6. Chilene

    Chilene New Member

    yes, i spose i should see a neurologist again, it has been years. i gave up on them... but i should try again! maybe there's some drug i don't react to!;)

    i'm so happy for you, though!... i forget how good things are until the headaches return!;)...

    many hugs!

  7. Chilene

    Chilene New Member

    it is SO helpful to me to hear from those who've gotten surgery... surgery was suggested (but never pushed) 7 years back, and at times like these... i always want to kick myself for not being brave enough to get the surgery!...sometimes i think that fixing my neck would solve 80 percent of my pain and even the whole fibro/cfs thing...and maybe i'd get some feeling back in arms and legs... as i think a whiplash got most of this going...

    other times i know i'm so fragile, i'd probably get worse (just what leads up to surgery gives me grief!--allergic to all antibiotics and the IV reaction make me pass out!)...

    and i do need to lay off chocolate and caffeine and sugar some... but i've been petty good with this lately... hmm...thanks for all your thoughts, and bless you, too! i hope you do better, too...

    ;) hugs!