Unintentional Weight Loss

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by gypsywomyn, Apr 9, 2006.

  1. gypsywomyn

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    Has anyone experienced an unintentional loss of weight? Thank you.
  2. futurehope

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    I have exerienced this a few times in the past 3-4 years.

    Before getting sick, I was about 105-110.

    The lowest I have been is 84 lbs. And the weight drops off like pouring water. Quick.

    I am thinking maybe it is from severe stress or from my antidepressant medication.

    Hope this helps!
  3. Rene

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    Yes and its scaring me. How about you????? I AM overweight and I want that lapband surgery. I've been trying to gain weight so I can get it and I LOST 11 pounds and I'm not kidding!!

    I am very disabeled and eat lots of Pizza. I have brought the weight loss up to TWO dr and they don't care. I didn't tell them I'm trying to gain but I did tell them I eat pizza and big burritios and there should be no reason for losing.

    Before I got sick I had to go to Jazzercise 4 days a week and eat 1200 calories a day and then maybe lose 1 pd. I told the docs that and they say its do to stress but I tell them I eat MORE when stressed and I"VE been VERY stressed!!!!!
  4. tcpolchies

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    Same here. During major flare ups I losse weight like crazy. Last year I was down for 2-3 months and went from my normal weight of 128-130 lbs down to 112lbs. My doc missed this and I mentioned it to my therapist who did note that. Up and down. Im on a heavy streak now at 139 lbs on a light diet. Its killing my back!

    PS. eating habit same as well as exercise routine.
  5. Rene

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  6. bunnyfluff

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    is good to a point- then it can be scary! I know- I almost died before anyone took me seriously! I had undignosed celiac's disease. I could have shut down my heart my weight and blood volume go so low before they would help. They accused me of being an anorexic and when my husband would say "well, she eats more than I do!", they would accuse me of being a closet bulimic.

    I know the feeling when the loss is out of control- you are skin and bone and people will look at you and say "You need to eat something". Well, mine was undiagnosed food allergies killing me. Maybe my experiences can help you.

    I swore my experience would not be for nothing, and if I can ever help on other person not have to get as sick as I did it would be worth something. Part of why I am so sick still today is from getting a blood transfusion, and all of the nerve damage done from the starvation. They don't want to listen. Make them listen to you.