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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Shalala, Feb 24, 2007.

  1. Shalala

    Shalala New Member

    Found this while surfing ... here through prohealth. It is part of an article by a sufferer. Let's add our own "idiot" remarks to it ;-) I personally have been told most of these ... BUT the sex one was used on me by several people. Can you believe it?????

    Universal Idiocies
    Spoken not only by health care practitioners, family, friends and coworkers, but also by kindly strangers and others we meet.

    But you look so good!

    You're just depressed.

    You just need to reduce stress and make some time for yourself.

    You just need to get out more and exercise regularly.

    If you had a positive mental attitude, you'd wouldn't feel sick.

    It's all in your head.

    I wish I could stay home all the time and do whatever I wanted to.

    You could get better if you really wanted to.

    Everyone gets [tired, forgetful, headaches, muscle and joint aches] - you're just working too hard/getting older.

    When was the last time you had sex?

    You just need a boyfriend. (Why aren't male patients told they need a girlfriend?)

    Did you just break up with your boyfriend/get divorced?

    Why don't you [take up a hobby; get a pet; go hiking; take an aerobics class]?

    It's just an emotional issue you really need to deal with.

    God is deliberately making you sick to teach you a lesson.

    This is just a sign that you don't really want a career

    You're just trying to avoid adulthood by creating a health problem. [Told to a woman in her late 30s.]
  2. Shalala

    Shalala New Member

    I don't know how anyone can be soooooooo lazy.

    Why are you sleeping at 2 pm? etc
  3. Shalala

    Shalala New Member

    Telling a person with MCS that there is "only a little fragrance" is like telling someone in a wheel chair that "there are only a few steps."
  4. Shalala

    Shalala New Member

    The basic "Hurry up" to a crippled person.

    Have you been to the DR? (duhhhhhhhh)

    You're just trying to get attention.
  5. Slayadragon

    Slayadragon New Member

    "Your problem is that you're isolating yourself."

    "You're too much of a perfectionist. If you wouldn't worry so much about doing everything so perfectly, you'd have lots more energy."

    "If you think you can or you think you can't do a thing.....you're right."
    [And various other "motivational" quotes.]

    "You should have a baby. You'd find the energy to take care of it, and then you wouldn't be as focused on how you're feeling."

    "You're too young to be so sick."

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  6. StephieBee

    StephieBee New Member

    You are too young to have all of these probelems.
  7. pat460

    pat460 New Member

    I don't feel well either sometimes but,
    you can't just sit down and give up. You have to keep pushing yourself.

    If you got a good nights sleep, you would feel better!(duh)

    I think you're just under too much stress.

  8. Mini4Me

    Mini4Me New Member

    Yes, we're all getting older, so we all have more aches and pains (I'm 56).

    Have you tried accupuncture?

    You're too thin. Have you tried protein shakes?

    You need to drink green tea.

    You need to do a body cleanse.

    You must be allergic to gluten...dairy...sugar..., etc. (Actually, I feel more like I'm just allergic to food of any kind).

    From a doc who was the one to put me on all my meds: All those meds are making you sick! (What about the fact that I was sick before I was put on all those meds?)

    You exercize too much, that's just making you sick.

    Have you tried exercize?

    This is crazy making, isn't it?????!!!!!!
  9. Shalala

    Shalala New Member

    I really think people just don't know what to say to us obviously ... or how to treat us. I don't think they mean things the way they come out. I wear a neck collar at work. Sometimes I fasten it around my purse strap. One day on the elevator this woman says ... why do you have neck collar hanging on your purse? I have never seen this woman before and I thought ... gosh that is bad manners and a really dumb ? I have people walk up to me (when I am working) gasping "what happened?" etc. The neck collar really helps me stay straighter (does that make sense?). The funny thing is I walk with a cane and have been wearing the collar for 4 years and some of these people "just now noticed" ... lol.
  10. Slayadragon

    Slayadragon New Member

    "The fact that you are on all these supplements and drugs means that you're not well." (duh)

    (I think this Chinese doctor is really good and that his herbs are achieving my goal of strengthening my body so that I can tolerate the antiviral I'm taking, but still.......)

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  11. achingbytch

    achingbytch New Member

    in my current state of "warrior on the verge of a breakdown" i read this 3x as Universal Idiots. When the movie JackAss2 came out, I said to self, my life story's on screen before I could pen it myself...i read text that either says something else altogether, i dont 'see' text that's right under my eyes in front of me or what i do see, i dont interpret correctly. i fight with my bosses over semantics because i misread what's on the page. I get paid to write, edit and proof. I'd say that's comin to an end, wouldnt you?
    That said, my all time fav universal idiocy which is spoken by those universal idiots surrounding us daily is:
    I say, sqwew yew. We are not only what we eat, but we've lived and experienced. If anyone has read Carl Jung, you'll recall we're not just a result of what we, as individuals, experienced, but within each of us there exists a composite of the experiences of mankind. Jung believed this is what explains deja vu, mythology of peoples/cultures, myths that recur throughout mankinds documented history. I agree one should try not to WALLOW in the past, particularly if its miserable, but for those of us who have had especially traumatic lives, it ain't always easy to play let's pretend the world is a nice place...
  12. Shalala

    Shalala New Member

    Yeah ... good ole advil ... lol
  13. Clay2

    Clay2 New Member

    I know someone with chronic fatigue and they finally just bit the bullet and went back to work and now they feel much better.
  14. AmazAunt

    AmazAunt New Member

    "You need more sleep" (Well, sure, but no matter whether i sleep constantly or not at all, I'm still sick)

    "You sleep too much. Don't take naps and your body will adjust." Okaaay....

    And my personal favorite, reaction to my inability to manage day-to-day:

    "YOU'VE JUST GOT TO GET ORGANIZED." (oh boy! Maybe my doctor(s) can prescribe some file folders and a calendar!)

    This entire thread -- everybody's contributions -- literal example of people adding insult to injury!
  15. Shalala

    Shalala New Member

    "you need to take a HAPPY PILL" said in a mean/hateful way
  16. suzannekart

    suzannekart New Member

    "I don't want to hear it" and turned around and walked away. This was when I tried to tell her how I was feeling. This hurt more than all the other things people have said to me. She said it about everything from my sexual abuse to my brothers threats to kill me.
    or "haven't you done anything yet today" no matter how I felt.
  17. Shalala

    Shalala New Member

    Yes Suzanne ... it really hurts when your own family (esp a parent) says something like that or treats you like garbage. I am sorry you were treated that way. My Dad makes the FACE OF DISGUST ... lol.

    Said by older sister (just before I had to have my hip totally rebuilt at age 14) "she's just trying to get attention"

    Said by a healthy 23 year old during a fire drill going down 4 flights of stairs (which in a big office building is closer to 8 flights) "... you can walk down this" ... yes I could at age 23 and I could walk back up!!!
  18. Daisys

    Daisys Member

    "Analyze yourself and come up with an honest answer to this: what exactly are you getting out of being sick?"
  19. Shalala

    Shalala New Member

    You just want to say ANALYZE THIS PAL (bleeeeeeeep).

    Why would any of us "CHOOSE" this disease? Why would any of us choose to act sick when we could be out having fun and enjoying life and picking on sick people (like they do) ... get real you IDIOTS.

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