Unnecessary Surgeries in the U.S.

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    As of late, I often wonder if my replacement was truly necessary...I didn't get a 2nd opinion etc....so with all the misery I'm left with, I wonder this now. IN all these surgeries listed hip and knee replacements are two of some unnecessary ones.

    Talking to my acupuncturist today and we got on the MD subject and he is old enough to remember the MD's that made house calls, I sure do and then he went on with the history of the doctors and pharma post 1960......and how Profit Driven it all is today...keep the stockholders happy...sad but true.... I like progress but things are out of control as I see it. Doctors forming corporations, etc. ugh....

    Anway, here is one site, and there are others on this same subject:

    Jul 10, 2013 ... If your doctor recommends any of these unnecessary surgeries, please be sure to
    get a second opinion.
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    Since my replacement I've been involved with some replacement groups....good to hear other's stories, so I don't feel so alone.

    Just recently joined a group from the UK, most members are in Europe but there are some members in the U.S. also....we're a smaller number.

    MOST talk about their issues, some are good with their surgeries, but many have a lot of problems....of course, I've shared my story.

    What I notice on this group is the young people doing replacements, so so much young ones...I was 72 at my surgery, my neighbor had one a few months before me, she was 82..

    My mind was of the thinking, it was for older folks, replacements were mostly older aging people.

    So what I'm thinking, since the UK has social medicine and surgery...more opt for these "fixes" at younger ages....as some even talk about how free health care is.....

    Replacements cost a lot of money and one thinks long and hard before doing them especially if no insurance....I had copays for my deal and I have Medicare for us over 65....

    Anyway, interesting thoughts.

    And yes, I know younger people get major replacement work, but maybe some do it more since it's "free".....
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    Jamin, doctors here won't do replacement surgery on younger people unless it is absolutely necessary. My brother-in-law is 51, needs a new knee, and has been waiting for years to get it done. Several surgeons told him he had to wait until he was 60. They are now finally doing the surgery in November because he can barely work anymore because his knee keeps giving out, and on top of that, because he can't walk properly because of the knee, it is causing hip problems that he shouldn't have.

    Our health care is NOT free. We pay taxes - much higher than in the US. Our taxes cover the cost of our health care. The same goes for the UK.
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    Oh, I know you pay taxes and that all goes to your health system....some of the folks on the UK board bragg about "free" health care...I kinda call them on it, but I don't want to ruffle too many feathers....there is nothing free, but the SUN and Rain etc....

    Some of these folks are in 30's and 40's getting these replacements due to OA of hips.....I'm sure MANY everywhere are plagued with OA of the hips but replacements come later in lives, that's how it's been anyway. One person who has like interests in holistic healing as I do and is holding off a s long as she can to do hip replacement and she's in her later 70's.....says it's like replacements are in "vogue" these days.....good grief.

    HOPE your bil gets good outcome.... my knee is totally worse since hip replacement.....all these joints are all so connected... my surgery leg came out much shorter after all was said and done and this discrepancy caused more stress on knee and foot/ankle....

    Leg discrepancy is discussed a LOT by most on the boards.
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    I just spoke with a woman, young person 40, who is going thru "H" with her replacement 2 yrs post op now, she had my same surgeon and didn't have good vibes in the beginning, as he said she needed a replacement since she had some hip pain....

    I don't know too many in my life who don't have some hip pain...but to go to the drastic means of replacement. I'm getting mroe and more put off with all these replacements with some "hip pain".....

    She is now dealing with a longer leg surgery side and as she sees it her only resolve MIGHT be to get a revision to shorten the leg.... She's seen two other ortho MD's and one wouldn't comment much and of course, no negative comments on MD, and the other surgeon said he wouldn't have done a replacement....

    So many I see believe the MD's words and go for these and so many so young......at least I was 72 and now I live with horrible consequences....my leg came out shorter.....grrrrrrrrrrrrrr

    I had LOST a alot of Faith in MD's years ago and now even worse. I don't think you'll find one who will admit blame.
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    My mom's hip was bone on bone so she didn't have any other choice but to have the surgery if she wanted any quality of life. I think any time you have "for profit" medicine there is going to be unnecessary procedures performed, especially surgery which is very profitable. Here in Canada surgeons have so little OR time that they don't have the luxury of doing any unnecessary operations. And as the hospitals are the ones who set the OR schedules, the surgeon usually doesn't get much say in when a patient gets their surgery unless it is an emergency.
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    I had crumbled broken bones/cartlidge in my right groin...this is my MAIN reason for doing it... Sounds like too many with hip pain are persuaded to do this......on the UK group so many young people doing these 30's and 40's...I'm thinking your mom was somewhat older...

    I still feel a lot of unnecessary surgeries are done.

    My quality is worse than before.....
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    I am sure about the "for profit" health system in the U.S. It's abused big time, big time....and that goes for surgeries....and replacements...

    As an example, I'm on Medicare, the closest to social medicine and we over 65 still pay monthly for our insurance...I pay $100/mo and there is a minimal yearly deductible.....but all in all it's so good for so many and especially those on fixed senior incomes. But, I'm pretty sure it's also used by the wealthy too as they pay into the "system" all their working years....... so take advantage of the Medicare too..... Medicare is being cleaned up to a degree NOW, but there has been so much fraud reported that is and has been going on.

    Oh, I guess what I was going to say, some docs see bigger $$ signs than others....the surgeon I had billed our medicare system $21,000 for his work....medicare approved and paid him $1,222.....yes, Medicare has a schedule of what they pay for certain things....

    On the other hand my neighbor had a Posterior surgery and her surgeon billed Medicare $5,000 and medicare paid him the same as my surgeon....

    Big difference in charges, Huh....the Anterior replacement also uses an expensive big special operating table....

    I've learned so much thru this all and as I said above, didn't have a great love for MD's before but now even worse...

    I know they save lives and many of our doctors do a lot of free work in the world.....and I don't think anyone is turned away when they to the ER.....

    Bottom line, keep as healthy on your own and avoid surgeries at all costs.....only when really really needed. jam
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    TL, wondering about this....do your MD's in Canada and the UK for that matter and the rest of Europe, all get paid by the govt? I believe in China they are all govt paid doctors....I saw a series on the China system on TV and they all are govt paid....I think. Perhaps there are exceptions but I don't know.