unscented carpet cleaners?

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  1. AuntTammie

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    Does anyone know of any unscented carpet cleaners that are good for pet related stuff? My cat throws up fairly often (not sure why, but he doesn't act sick otherwise, and hair ball formulas actually make him throw up more), and the fragrance in the normal cleaners is driving me (and my MCS) nuts. I am getting pretty desperate for a solution.
  2. Pansygirl

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    I checked my pet related carpet cleaners and they all have a scent.

    I did a quick google search and it came up with at least one product called Green ?
    that is environmentally friendly and it says unscented.

    I know most grocery stores these days sell these types of products and/or possiblly the
    pet stores.

    I go through alot of pet cleaners for our carpets as I have 2 dogs .

    Hopefully someone else will have a better answer.

    take care, Susan

  3. TigerLilea

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    My cat does the same thing all the time. I don't bother putting carpet cleaner in the machine. I just use plain warm water and it takes out the stain without any problems. Ocassionally I find I need to brush over the stain with a scrub brush, depending on the brand of cat food being barfed up.

    If you want to get any smells out of your carpet (except for Cat pee) try mixing some vinegar in with the water. Also for stains you can try mixing vinegar and baking soda, spot cleaning the stain, and then going over it with your carpet cleaner.

    In case you aren't aware of this, never try cleaning up cat pee with water. Blot up as much as possible with an old towel or paper towel, and then use Urine Erase crystals to remove the odour. It is guaranteed to remove urine odour, even if the odour has been there for 30 years. I've had to use this several times, and it really does work. I've never found anything else that does, and according to a vet I was talking to, the crystals in Urine Erase is the only thing that is known to work.
  4. 3gs

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    I had to lol as I was just threatning my kitty with eviction!!!!!!!! She has turned into the barfing queen.

    pour a little perioxde on it and blot up. this is great for blood too.
    test carpet first
    now to solve the cat hair bomb(other than shaving them!). Off of counters altho local news tested that new can that puffs air at them and it worked!
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  5. AuntTammie

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    thanks for all the suggestions....I will definitely have to try them
  6. AuntTammie

    AuntTammie New Member

    thanks for all the suggestions....I will definitely have to try them
  7. Bluebottle

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    A stream cleaner might be the answer, they are very good at cleaning carpets and removing smells.
  8. agcgmom

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    search for Nok-Out. This is an all natural-nontoxic cleaner/odor eliminator. I have used it and it works but full strength, it discolored the towels I used it on and my daughter, who has pets, said it faded a corner of her carpet even though they said it shouldn't. It can be used diluted up to 50% and still remain effective.
  9. andreake

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    I have had excellent luck with "pet stuff" with Oxyclean. No fragrance, and although chemically sensitive, have never experienced bad effect.

    Good luck!