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    Man, this one was scary! I'm usually kinda of unsteady, especially wqhen i first wake up.

    But, I had been awake for several hours, and went to the bathroom. Went to sit down, and got so dizzy, I started falling down forwards. I caught myself before I went down. Landed on my hands. But the scary part is that I just missed the bathtub. I would have probably cracked my head open.

    My other half wasn't home, and that scared me. I didn't miss my resting place for the behind, my legs just gave out.

    What is next with this DD? I'm not dealing with today very well today.

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    That is scary, Lynn! I have a lot of difficulty with getting dizzy and passing out, and there have been several times that I have hit my head on the bathtub. Fortunately, I can usually feel it coming, so I am able to get down to my knees before I actually pass out, so its not as far to go and I have not hurt myself seriously as of yet. I worry about the day that I do hurt myself seriously, since I am also home by myself during the day. The doctors don't seem very concerned about it though, but maybe they will be when the day comes that I do crack my head open.