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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Tammy_6, Oct 16, 2009.

  1. Tammy_6

    Tammy_6 New Member

    Hi everyone, I am new to this board. I am looking for insight on symptoms of FM. I know the standard that are posted, but I am looking for more spacific. I have been sick since Febuary and the Doctors have not found anything out of wack. My biggest symptom is body aches in my chest, back, neck and throat. It ranges from deep pain to feeling like a bruise to shooting pain, you name it. The pain can change in intensity from day to day and from where it is. I am seeing an internal Medicine Dr. now and I am gettin a radioactive bone scan next weeek and a pulmonary (lung) work up tomorrow. We have not talked about the possability of this being FM, But I am beginning to wonder, because all other tests have been normal....And I have had a ton! I sleep great, dead to the world for about 6 or 7 hours, but wake up exhausted. Two weird symptoms I have is an over active urge to yawn all the time, and not being able to and feeling like I cannot get a deep breath into my lungs, but this also comes and goes. Seriously feel at times that I am losing it, but I know I am not, I know that this is real and there is something wrong that the Doctors are not detecting. Any spacific information about your journy to finding that you do have FM and what symptoms and tests you had run would be really helpful. Thank you so much in advance for responding. Tammy
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    nice name ; ) I am too wiped to try to respond to your question now, but I wanted to welcome you to the boards, and in doing so, bump this up so that maybe someone else will answer....and to tell you I am sorry you are feeling so bad
  3. Tammy_6

    Tammy_6 New Member

    Thanks Tammie, Your right, great name :) Thank you for responding, and I am so sorry that your are that exahusted, but I can completely understand and relate. Some days, I seriously think that I am not going to wake up, that this night will be my last...So please get feeling better and I will do the same. Thank you again for trying to help out, so that this post does not get lost in the shuffle. Tammy
  4. wendysj

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    Hi Tammy,

    Welcome to the boards! I know people will respond to try to help you. There have been so many comments going on about a new virus they may/may not cause CFS, so your post may get to the 2nd page before you know it. Reply to yourself if that happens and it will "bump" it back to the top.

    You didn't fill out the "about me" so we may have lots of questions for you. Here are a few.

    1. How did you get sick? Big flu, mono, car accident?
    2. Are you running a low grade fever?
    3. The body aches, do they feel like a SEVER fatigue or more pain?
    4. Does any activity leave you winded? Making a sandwich, walking stairs, laundry?

    These things will help us think about this with a better picture.

    I have CFS and FM. CFS was diagnosed by Mayo Clinic in 05 (approximately). I had a low grade fever, swollen glands, SEVERE fatigue, sleep was unrefreshing, tingling in fingers, sore throats, etc.

    FM was diagnosed last year... I still have a low grade fever, PAIN in arms/legs, PAIN in joints, tingling hands/feet, my face hurts, eye lids swell, etc.

    I hope you are successful in finding the correct diagnosis soon. The people here will do all they can to help.

  5. jasminetee

    jasminetee Member

    I want to complement Wendy. That's a great list to ask people. Thanks for coming up with it. Can I use it too if you haven't posted yet? Those questions should be made into a Stickie here at ProHealth.

    I'm going to wait until Tammy answers them before I give my opinion.

    Btw, Wendy and others here, do you feel winded after exertion? And if so, do the rest of you have CFS, FMS or both?

    I am more winded now than ever before. I wasn't winded when I only had CFS and it was mild but became easily winded after I sprained my back and developed severe FMS. My windedness has become much, much worse during and ever since my trial with Valcyte.


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  6. AuntTammie

    AuntTammie New Member

    You're welcome, and thanks for your response to me, too
  7. wendysj

    wendysj New Member

    Hi Teejkay,

    Thanks for the complement. You're more than welcome to use anything I write... We're all here for the same purpose - to help others and ourselves.

    If I have the severe fatigue days, yes, I'm winded with exertion. Feels like running a marathon to walk up stairs or do the laundry. It's not all the time though, thank God. I do remember having it only when I had CFS. But it was always only during the time of extreme fatigue.

    I hope you have an up-turn soon. We all need a few "good" days in between the bad.

  8. hensue

    hensue New Member

    Now I do not sleep well at all unless I have medication and then sometime I still do not sleep.
    So we are all different on this board with different symptoms. How old are you if you do not mind us asking? I do not have fever my temp is usually under 98.6 way under. If I do anything out of the ordinary like clean a room and vacum or two rooms. Who knows no rhyme or reason I will not hurt then but in about 12 to 18 hours i will hurt really bad. Everyone can tell in my voice as they say I am having a flare. My throat feels sore my head hurts my body aches all over and my voice is tired.

    I just thought of something this yawning thing, I cannot remember did you google it or have I just watched to much of House? I have read that is a symptom of something.

    I pray there is nothing seriously wrong but I know you want some relief.
    Basically in my case they ruled everything out and started helping me deal with pain.
    By pacing myself that was back then now I am just tired all the time.

    Hopefully you have sympathetic docs and looks like they are trying to rule everything out so that is good.
    Please let us know what you find out and I do hope you get some relief are they giving you anything?
    Take care
  9. daboysone

    daboysone New Member

    Hi Tammy, I also had the problem with yawning and not feeling like I could take a deep breath...some say yawning is a symptom of not enough oxygen. I am not sure if that is true or not. For me the not being able to take a deep breath and the feeling of not getting enough air led me to the yawning problem. Mine was diagnosed as a symptom of anxiety and my anxiety medicine took care of that...tho I still have it from time to time with panic attacks.

    Not sure if this will help any. Take care and welcome! Gentle hugs! M
  10. Tammy_6

    Tammy_6 New Member

    Thank you everyone for your replies. Wendy, I went and filled out my Bio, Did not see that when I joined. Thanks for directing me. I do not know what proceeded me feeling this way. Very High stress and anxiety right before. I had a lot on my plate. I do not run fevers, in fact am very low, around 97, the worse I feel, the lower that drops, or my thermometers is on the wack...:) You asked about my pain, I think it is both, somtimes fatigue, like weak muscles, other times pain, mostly pain and preasure. There really is not any rhyme or reason to it, and yes, when I am feeling bad I am so short of breath and rapid heart beat. I also deal with the spaciness, Have had this off and on for, well clear back in high school, but more often in the last 13 years, attributed it to anxiety, but at my worst this year I had it for about a three month stretch. Along with body tremors, nausia, weight loss, vibrating feeling in my head, that was at my worst. Now it is the exahustion, body aches and shortness of breath (little bit spacy). Oh, and I am 45. I think that answers everything. Thank you so much for replying everyone. You have been very supportive.
    And yes I was in a car accident when I was 27, Drunk driver rear ended me at a stop light, he was going about 70 mph, I was stopped....Some spine and neck injuries. Thanks again. Tammy
  11. sydneysider

    sydneysider Member

    I would advise you to get a copy of any blood tests, and check things for yourself. The 'reference range' that is given on tests does not necessarily represent a healthy range.

    When complaining to my doc recently, I found out that my ferritin level (iron storage) was below par. Although the referrence range is around 15 to 200, a little research showed me that a healthy level is around 70 to 90, perhaps up to 105. My level was 38. Through my many years of complaining to doctors about fatigue, nobody ever mentioned that my ferritn levels were not optimal. It made me mad, as I can easily buy iron pills, if only I'd known.

    This is just one example of how doctors can miss something.

    Good luck to you. I hope you get to the bottom of your health problems. One of the ways to pick FM or CFS is the cognitive (thinking) problems. If you don't get those, then it may be something else.

  12. jasminetee

    jasminetee Member

    Thanks for filling out your Bio, that really helps. You sound to me like you have a good chance of having Fibro. The thing about getting a diagnosis like Fibro is that then you usually get denied insurances of different kinds, like Disability ins. or Long Term Care or Life ins. If you can work, you might want to hold off getting a diagnosis and just look up diets and supplements etc... that work well for Fibro as those usually work well for other illnesses too. Or just ask us.

    If you feel you are needing a diagnosis I would suggest Googling for local support groups for Fibro in your area and emailing them to ask for doctors who give the Tender-point Exam. If a doctor knows how to give that exam which takes about 5 min. then s/he will also be able to tell you if you have Fibro or not.

    I also wanted to add that given your age it's highly likely that you are in perimeno which can also cause 34 symptoms which are also similar to FMS. I have that problem right now and it's exacerbated my FMS too. You may want to check out the Message Board at Power Surge and see what others our age are going through. Most women sail through this time period but not some of us unlucky ones.

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  13. Tammy_6

    Tammy_6 New Member

    Yes, I have had the thyroid checked. It is kind of like what was said, they rule everything else out, heart, cancer, lungs, lupus, Epstine Bar, Rumitiod arthritis...etc.... My lung study did come back as minimal damage, hence the shortness of breath, and a CT scan showed some undetectable noduals in my lungs, to small to biopsy. This may also cause all the muscle pain due to them working overtime to assist the lungs. I don't know, so frustrating. I know you all have gone through the same things and frustrations, So I really do appreciate the insight and support. Carved a pumkin tonight :) Fun, but can you believe I am exhausted and my muscles in my back are burning! Crazy! Thanks all. Tammy
  14. Svette_Palme

    Svette_Palme New Member

    I know you didn't ask for this kind of help, silly me... but I just have to tell you about what I found to relax those muscles that hurt so bad after using your hands "out front of the body" like carving a pumpkin. It works like magic for me. I get those pains from sitting and typing, but not with a laptop in my recliner... like I have now :)

    A yoga position, actually:
    Standing up, relax, let hands drop, feel gravity pull them down, then lean back slightly so your "core muscles" - abs - are working;
    Then put your hands behind your back;
    Then gently move then up the back, your thumbs pointing up at your shoulder blades;
    [you can lock your fingers, or hold hands, or wrists, or just let them touch, whatever you like]

    - DON'T STRAIN AT IT TOO HARD, but do go to the end of your range [the more stretched your get, the better it works, let that process happen slowly over weeks] I can get my thumbs up to my shoulder blades... I am no yoga pro.

    Breathe deep into your belly, feel the shoulders stretching backwards. Do it for several minutes, just relax, it is just a few minutes but it seems like a long time to do nothing much...

    I hope this works, and I hope you find your diagnosis. These mid-back pains sure are familiar to me, and I have Fibromyalgia.

  15. Tammy_6

    Tammy_6 New Member

    Svette, Thanks, I actually may be starting a yoga class tomorrow. I am nervous and unsure if I have the stamina to do it, but I just thought I would try and take it slow, if I cant do some of the moves, so be it. I am pretty dizzy all the time, so those inverted poses might be too much of a challenge. I am at work now, and did what you said, it does relieve the tension between the shoulder blades, but cannot move very far up my back. I will keep it up. Thank you. Tammy
  16. AuntTammie

    AuntTammie New Member

    wow, I thought I had found and tried nearly every possible stretch, but this one is enough of a variation that it seems to work differently from any others....and it does feel good, so thanks for posting! : )

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