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    Hi, I am new to this board and I am not sure I even have FM yet. The doctors think I have Raynuard's and I am being testing for other diseases right now. I am not looking for a diagnois but just to run my symptoms by people who would know if I have some of the symptoms and if I should even both mentioning it to my doctor. I have read the symptons but they are not detailed so I thought I would come here.

    I am female, 41 and I have been suffering with aches and pains for 5 years or so but nothing disabling just something that I have learned to live with. I have terrible pain in my neck, shoulders and the lower portion of my head and lower portion of my back. I have pain in my knees and thighs when walking up stairs. I have pain when lefting my arms over my head and my arms can not be lifted over my head for long. I seem to sleep fine but do sometimes wake up feeling unrested. I have periodic bouts of irritable bowel and irritable bladder. I have numbness is my arms, hands, legs and feet. I usually wake up with the tingling sensation in my arms and hands. I usually wake up very stiff in my back, legs and feet, I feel like my muscles are tight and cramped and it takes a few minutes walking around to loosen everything to a semi comfortable state. I am anxious, moody and have periodic headaches which can be horribe around the time of my period. When I read about the fibro fog I thought that it would explain alot, I have trouble concentrating, speaking and loosing my train of thought in mid converstaion. I have no energy and feel tired alot.

    Sometimes I have worse days than others and I would explain my symptoms as ranging from mildly discomforting to extremely discomforting at times. It can also hurt when someone bumps into me or grabs me and I can get muscles spasms in my legs and other parts of my body.

    Also what kind of doctor should I see? Who would diagnois and treat FM?

    Thanks for any input you can give me.....Philly

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    It sound as if you may be at the correct spot!! :)

    I'm not so good at much more than learning currently myself.

    This is a Great Site, with MANY GREAT people. I'm sure you'll have many questions addressed.

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    ... but do allow your doctor to run all the tests, because you never know. And be honest with him. You may feel like a hypochondriac listing all the symptoms, but it's necessary for him to hear them all (because it's the combo that points to Fibromyalgia).