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    I was layed off from my job. Lack of work. Bills are piling up. I'm a single dad and out everyday looking for a job. My fiance left me and went on a vacation we planned for over a year with her ex. I am the type that tries so hard to do things myself until I simply crash. Well I have. I am empty and feel very little. I can't say anything because I still have my son but I am feeling now he would be better without me. Everyone would. I have had no one to talk to. Although I have thought about suicide, I don't think I could actually do it. I wish a lot I would just go in my sleep.

    Im aware there are people who have worse problems than I have and endured but each person has his limits and I feel I have reached mine. I always thought I was strong but seems not the case.
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    Welcome to the board. Sorry to hear things are so tough.

    We also have a depression board. You might want to visit it. I am not sure if you
    have the illness depression of if you are depressed because of your situation. There
    are numbers for hot lines to call when necessary.

    I remember when I was in school we were told there would never be another Great
    Depression because the govt. had regulations to prevent it. My sister's been outta
    work for more than a year. Now and then she gets a temp job. Would that be a
    possibility for you? How old is your son? Would you need someone to care for him?

    My sister and her disabled husband get some free groceries from a food bank twice
    a month. They also get meds cheap from a clinic affiliated w/ the Red Cross. If you
    visit the Depression board ask Twocatdoctors to post her info. about low cost/free

    You might also want to visit the Chit chat board to discuss non med topics like kids,
    pets, music, movies, etc. I seldom leave the house. The board is my social life.

    Anyone who can keep looking for a job in the current state of affairs seems strong to
    me. So does the fact that you came here. You are doing what you can. No individual
    can change the huge, impersonal economic and political forces that swirl around us.

    Do you spend time with your son? Don't know his age, but you can do a lot of things
    together that don't cost much. Not only watch TV, but discuss it. Play cards;
    make up stories. Jigsaw puzzles cheap from the thrift store. Make candy at home. Hide
    and seek at the park. Hide the thimble at home. Hang man. No costly electronic
    equipment needed.

    Good luck