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    None of the avenues of treatment I have pursued for allergies (both inhalant and food) have been successful for me..I went through the allergy shot route and that made my allergies worse, finally, found out that it was due to having other autoimmune diseases according to an allergy specialist..Antihistamines don't seem to make much of a difference, especially in spring/summer when I have to stay in filtered air to prevent migraines..my allergies trigger my migraines..sometimes, my face and eyes develop red patches from being outside.. Are any of you happy with your treatments for allergies? I would be open to alternative medicine, at this point, too. One time a naturopath told me that German medicine works for allergies. AMELIA
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    Just boosting for those that do!
    Love, Selma
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    quercitin and a strong dose of Armour thyroid.

    Like you, I have auto-immune problems (I have lupus) and my eosinophils were too high. This combination of quercitin and armour has brought them back into the normal range.

    Quercitin is a natural antihistamine and even though you said (synthetic) antihistamines don't work for you, I would suggest you try this. You need to take about 500 mgs 2-3 times per day (look for one that has bromelain in it, as they work together). Also, your thyroid could be too low, as allergic responses are often related to this condition. Even if you are already on a "proper dose" that dose might in fact be too low. Hypothyroidism is all too often undertreated, if not completely untreated.

    Hope you get some relief,
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    Hi Annette- I will definitely try the Quercitin.. Every year my physician requires that I take a thyroid test to see if I'm on the right dosage..it's been the same for years, but this is the synthetic thyroid, Synthroid. At one time I asked for the natural thyroid, but the conventional docs said can't be sure that I was on the correct dosage. I recently heard, again, that the natural thyroid, like Armour was more effective in treating the problem, but they make a real big deal at this clinic about the strength level. Do you know if the strength level is consistent? My hypothyroidism is due to Hashimoto's Disease. AMELIA
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    I also have Hashimoto's and can't seem to make much of a dent in reducing antibodies :(

    That line that Armour is not standardized is a crock of sh*t I think is perpetrated by people uneducated about it. I would NEVER go back to synthroid, especially knowing I don't convert T4 to T3 adequately (synthroid contains only T4, whereas Armour has T3 as well). I am so low in T3, that I also take a separte T3 pill (cytomel). My former drs. didn't test my T3, and that is the energy hormone. Its no wonder I was so darn fatigued all the time.

    I'm afraid that even if you got your dr. to run all the tests necessary to get an accurate view of your low thyroid, you would still be in the same boat. This is because the value of the test lies only in the interpreter's ability to interpret the results. In other words, if you got your dr. to run the exact same tests as my dr. (who is a CFS/FM specialist) and you had the exact same values as me, its likely you would be put on a lower dose of medicine than I am on.

    The easy answer is to find another dr., even if its JUST to get a stronger strength and type of medicine. The more challenging answer is to educate yourself, then educate your dr. You can start by visiting a few websites, such as Mary Shomon's thyroid side, and Dr. Lowe's thyroid site, as well as reading some good thyroid books like "Thyroid Power," by Dr.s Shames.

    I knew my dr. wasn't up to being educated, and I didn't want to argue what I believed to be true, so I just found another dr. While I have to pay for these visits, as insurance doesn't cover them, it has been worth every cent. I have a life again, that I didn't have before, when insurance WAS paying for my dr. visits. Thankfully, the visits are fewer and farther between, due to my many improvements.

    Hope this helps, and good luck to you,
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    *I have tried several brands of quercitin and have been most impressed with Solgar's. You can order it online, usually for 25-40% off, with little or no s/h. I currently take one, two times a day, because my multivitamin also contains quercitin, but if I were you I would take 2, 2-3 times a day.

    *Here is a list of all the thyroid tests my dr. does on me, every 2.5 months (there are others she could do, but this seems to work for me because she gives me the strength of meds that I need to NOT be fatigued---I can tell when we reduce the dose):
    T3, free
    T4, free
    T3, reverse
    Thyroglobulin antibodies
    Thyroid peroxidase antibodies
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    a great deal.. I didn't know that allergies had anything to do with low thyroid function..that's the area I left up to the physician..quite a bit of reading to do now..I was going to read Mary Shomon's book, Living Well with Autoimmune Disease..Thanks for the extra details..Are you going to a Osteopathic physician or naturopath rather than the conventional for the Armour? I didn't know if there is just a bias against because of their training..Do you order the Solgar from ProHealth? I've never ordered from them, but wondered if people are satisfied. Just found out should be taking coral calcium..is it really more bio-viable and promotes alkalinity? I have gone to a osteopath and a naturopath, but this was about 12-15 years ago, and the treatments they promoted didn't seem to help that much.. so I went back to the conventional docs.. Jelly indicated that none of these supplements/treatments would work, until, I treated the hypercoagulation/mycoplasma possible problems I may have, so I really had decided to start there...well, it just looks like I have a lot of research to do...Thanks for your help.. AMELIA[This Message was Edited on 02/03/2003]
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    I haven't yet read Mary Shomon's new book, but the book I recommended is one she heralded for weeks before it was published, even posting on her website a conversation she had with the authors. Its pretty concise and if I remember correctly, has some information to present to your dr.

    And yes, I researched the HELL out of this! lol I think it is key in all autoimmune diseases. Too little thyroid encourages yeast overgrowth (all too common in those with faulty immune systems), can produce pain (FM) and reduce energy levels (CFS), can cause constipation (IBS), and can cause depression. While low thyroid isn't the only cause of the things listed, its often an overlooked culprit.

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    And that is the reason my dr. didn't want me spending a lot of money on allergy tests until she had gotten my thyroid regulated, regulated according to her criteria. If I still had problems that couldn't be controlled, she would then suggest the testing. At this point I can eat pretty much anything I want, and put on my skin anything I choose, and not have hives, itching, peeling eyelids, etc.

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    I have a wonderful allergist who works with traditional and alternative methods to help one figure out
    how to control their allergies. For me the food, pollen and mold shots I take weekly, along with Clarinex
    and Flonase keep my allergies under control 11 months out of the year. December is always a problem for me.
    There is another option my doctor uses which involves food restrictions and a different type of shots. It has to'
    build up in your system but I know people who rave about the results. I THINK the name of it is something like Enviromental Desesiting Method?? I'm sure he would be happy to talk with you about this. I'm not sure if we can mention a particular doctor's name on this board. If interested, please e-mail me at jimhall@swbell.net.
    Good luck.