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    they want objective evidence what can i give them for fibro should i take functially capacity test? i also gave them my sleep disorder plmd is that objective enough? they are awful
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    BE careful of the functional capacity exam! It's what caused me to be denied on my first try for LTD. The problem is that just because we can occasionally stand, sit, crawl, and put pegs into a peg board during the course of a couple of hours... this doesn't mean we can work a full-time job. During my test, I had to rest every 15 minutes or so & lie down because I was so lightheaded. I couldn't stand without leaning on something, and I was lying down for about 30% of the hour & a half that I was there. The next day was about the same. I thought for sure that she could see why I wasn't able to go to work. This is beside the fact that I completely crashed when I got home in a lot of pain & couldn't get out of bed for a couple of days after.

    The results were written that I could balance, had good range of motion, and I could sit & walk enough to work an 8 hour day (even though the test was less than 2 hours each day)! It took 4 doctors & a letter from my husband to dispute the findings of this physical therapist, who obviously didn't pay attention to my current abilities.

    I have to say that the test that helped me get approved was the neuro-psych exam. It was able to show the memory loss, cognitive problems, headaches & anxiety that the illness causes. After spending a couple of hours with the neuropsychologist it was obvious to him that I couldn't even handle more than a few questions at once, nevermind trying to handle my job at this time.

    So, what I'm saying is that unless you are completely unable to move or hold anything in your hand, the FCE could hurt your claim.

    Good luck!!!
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    I have this insurance and nothing you do is going to please them I finally got my denial letter 1/20/03 after being told on 12/31/02 I was denial by my caseworker even if I was having surgery on 1/14/03. I have an appointment with a lawyer to help with my appeal letter