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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by chui, Oct 4, 2006.

  1. chui

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    Hi. I was lucky to recieve Unum LTD in March '05. They sent me info saying they want me to do vocational rehab-there is no way I could attend training or hold any type of work. Do I go along with this so they don't say I'm not following their advice. Or do I have my Dr write a letter saying it is impossible for me to do this. Or do i just tell unum - no I don't want vocational rehab. I am also being reviewed to see if I'm still disabled. I don't want to do nothing wrong(you know how the company is)Has anyone had this experience or know what to do.
    Thanks so much for you help. Sherry
  2. kirschbaum26

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    I cannot help with answers, but I am interested as well. I have UNUM Provident and they are "conditionally" approving my LTD based on my RA.

  3. mariee

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    UNUM did not have my best interest...they tried to dump me fr. the beginning. I was so sick I didnt know what was going on.
    I would contact your doc and let him/her know what UNUM is requesting.
    Get some legal help too. I didn't and lost my benefits...w. UNUM even though I qualified for SSDI.
    Good luck.
  4. jake123

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    and yes, I am paying for LTD from them and I just feel like everyone is having trouble with them. I probably will too if I ever have to quit.
  5. chui

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    bumping up
  6. KelB

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    Firstly, if they are paying you LTD (or you think they might pay you) then if you refuse to cooperate with them, they'll deny your claim on the grounds that you're not doing everything you can to help yourself.

    Secondly, be very careful about what they advise. I saw a Unum Occupational Therapist after I'd started a course at a local Chronic Fatigue Unit. The Unum Occ Therapist didn't have a clue about the coping strategies the hospital were teaching me and outright contradicted them on a couple of points that proved critical to my recovery (taking regular rests and not pushing my limits).

    Luckily I was back at work by then, so I told Unum to take a hike. But if I'd stayed off work, their "advice" (which I would have been obliged to follow), could have made me even more ill.

    Please see your doctor as soon as possible and get him to write a letter.

    Unfortunately, if you want benefits from Unum, you may have to dance to their tune to some extent.

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