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  1. chopindog

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    I was approved for LTD through unumprovident after about a 5 month fight. In the mean time I lost my home and my car and everything else. Even though i lost everything,after having no money for 5 months I was just so relieved to finally have something.
    I have not had very much trouble with them since, I have had the LTD for 9 months now. They have reviewed my case 3 times since then, but I have continued to be approved. I have two questions. First, they told me that I had to apply for SSDI, (wich I have) They also say that if I get the SSDI, that I have to pay Unum back for all of the months I will get back pay for. Then after that Unum will only pay the difference of the unum money minus the SSDI. Is this just the way it goes?They even have a lawyer who is helping me with my SSDI claim, are they tricking me? Secondly, they said that at 2 years I will lose my LTD because my illness is self described. If I don't have any tests that show my disability then as far as they are concerned, at two years I am no longer disabled. I was just so happy to be recieving some income that I never questioned these things. But today I came across a post talking about how shady they are and i went back and read other posts. Now I am wondering if they are just tricking me. Please reply if you have any info or suggestions!!! Joy

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  2. suzetal

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    Its a different Ins.co They all do the same you have to pay them back whatever your SSD benefits will be.

    In my case they say I am mentally disabled and will only pay me for 2yrs .I field an appeal by myself and lost.

    I won MySSD have not told them yet.All my reports say I have FM & CFS that is a physical disability. I won my SSD disability on FM first and depression secondary.

    I hied a law firm and have field a civil suit against them .Because it is physical I have the proof that I'M NOT NUTS.The law firm I hired say I will win.That means they will have to pay me for another 11yrs.I will have to pay the law firm 40% of what I get .I do not care I just want to get back at them for putting me through hell.

    I am going public when I win my case.I already have a news channel that will cover my story .These Ins. Co. take advantage of us.I paid for the INS. so I could have income coming in.

    Well thats all I can tell you.There all alike.

    Good Luck
  3. mariee

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    UNUM is under investigation in many states.
    Just search UNUM on the internet, and you will read a lot of stories/suits just like yours.
    I got sicker when I tried to fight them, so I let it go.
    Now I am part of a state wide class action...don't know what the status is since I had surgery recently.
    Get yourself a lawyer, if you can....
    Best wishes...I wish I had a more positive response for you.
  4. skymage

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    Unum provident was my LTD insurance too. They didn't approve me but kept paying me???? They too claimed that since I won my SSD I would have to pay them back. That is BULL.
    James Sokolove runs commericals all the time here in Vegas about Unum Provident. They referred me to a local group. I read that Unum provident is so scammy they were fined a few million dollars by the state of california for their antics. I gave up on trying to get my monthly checks turned back on because of the stress of having to keep proving I was sick. But I got a good settlement and didn't have to pay them back one cent. And yes they will lie and trick you and constantly send you paperwork to PROVE you are still sick. And a sick person just doesn't need that stress. The laywers won't charge you either unless they win. And they won't even take your case unless they think they can win. The lawyer I had said they never lost against Unum. Don't know if that's true but they won for me.

    Hope this helps. Good luck.

  5. chopindog

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    So, i am still confused as to if they have a right to take my SSDI money, also do you think I should get rid of the lawyer they are paying for to help get ssdi?
    Thanks for all replies, Joy

  6. suzetal

    suzetal New Member

    If they are I would keep him/her.

    Also do you have a full copy of the policy your employer has.Was it from your job?

    Mine was and I never saw a policy when I started paying by weekly for my share of the premiums.

    If you don't have a copy get one.I would also get a copy of all the records they have on you.You are entitled to one free copy of everything.This is what I did.I also got a copy of all the phone conversations.

    I am filing the civil suit . I only send my attorney copy's.I have copy's of all my medical records also.

    Every time I go for blood work or anything else I have a copy sent to each of my doctors ,plus have them send me one.

    Almost all of the LTD policies have you pay back what you get for SSD.

    They will cut back what they send you.

    Right now I get 1582.40 from mine.When I get the 698.00 from SSD they will deduct that from what they pay me.

    So the INS. CO> will than pay me $883.40 and SSD will give me $698.00 .The total of the two is( so they say ) is 60% of my salary .If you do get back settlement from SSD like I am .It goes back to NOV. 4th 2003.I owe them what I'm getting from SSD from that date to now.

    I told them that I was going to bank it till civil suit was over.They said I could not do it and they have means of getting it.

    My attorney is going to make it part of my settlement.

    I hope this helps.

  7. chopindog

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    Sue, Thanks for the info. I will have to contact my old employee to get that information! I will also have them send me a copy of all of my file so far, or do you think I should wait a while? I mean to start advocating for coverage for longer than 2 yrs? Since I have not even had the coverage for a year yet?
    Thanks to everyone for the info! I am trying, but overall I am the biggest push over god put on this earth. Sometimes I need help and encouragement from others for me to fight for myself. Although if I am fighting for others I will fight untill I get what they need. Joy
  8. suzetal

    suzetal New Member

    Get it all now.

    And once you get it all from them then you start asking for copy every time you have a test or see your doctor.

    Its very important to keep the records,It will give you something to fall back on.

  9. poodlemommy

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    hi JOy. Everything they said is true and is what all insurance companys do. The 2 year thing though is something you can fight. I was approved for 2 years after a 9 month fight. Then at 2 years they cut me off. I got a lawyer. I had 2 doctors who proved I was permanently disabled. That is the clause, They say 2 years you cant do you job then you prove after that you cant do any job. If ssdi approves you as totally disabled like they did with me then how can they say you can work. YOu need a lawyer for this though. It took me 1 1/2 years after being cut off to win. I didnt get reinstated but I did get a cash buy out from them. It was over 1/2 of what they would have paid me anyways. So I cant complain and now I dont have to deal with those bast.... any more. So dont give up at the two year mark. You nothing left to lose. Get a lawyer. He wont charge you anything until you win. Then he will take 15%. It was worth it.
    hugs poodlemum
  10. poodlemommy

    poodlemommy New Member

    hi jOy. I forgot to add. dont pay them back a single penny. I was told I had to pay them back and legally you do but you can use it as a bargaining tool at the 2 year mark. My lawyer told me not to give them anything. When we went to mediation my lawyer got it in my deal that I didnt owe them anything so I saved over $30,000 there. Dont let them bully you. fight them. They are one of the worst companys too. Get a lawyer though. you will need one.
    hugs, poodlemum
  11. suzetal

    suzetal New Member

    May I ask who your lawfirm was?

    I have Kantor and Kantor.They said the same thing to bank it and we will use it as part of my settlement.

    I have not told the LTD ins. co. that I won my SSD case.It is also retro to Nov. 4 th 2003.

  12. poodlemommy

    poodlemommy New Member

    It is McLeish Orlando in Toronto Ontario. Great law firm. My lawyer was so nice. HE always got back to me, was very kind and supportive. He even got my doctor on board to come to court and testify if we needed to go that far. My doctor said she has never seen a lawyer work so hard for someone and was really impressed. He did my law suit for my car accident and my LTD claim. HE got paid well too so he also benefited greatly from our relationship. He earned every penny though. I hope all goes well for you. Whatever you do, dont give up. Thats what most people do and the insurance companys bank on it. You will win, just be patient and strong. Dont you give them a single penny. You wont have when you win. It will be part of your settlement.
    hugs poodlemum
  13. TXFMmom

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    I have UNUM and they turned me down and wouldn't give me a copy of my plan and did everything they could do to me, eleven years ago.

    They forced me to apply for SSDI, as I just felt it was hopeless, and didn't do anything about it.

    However, the lawsuit against UNUM gave me an idea. I am consulting an attorney and he feels that I may well have a case against UNUM to get back my money, as he doesn't feel that they had a right TO THREATEN TO TAKE MY BENEFITS, UNLESS I APPLIED.

    It is called coersion and it is illegal.


    I was a medical professional, as the disease and the problems it caused increased, I was no longer eligible for license renewal, because of the meds and the sleep lab, so I had to report it to the Board and lost my license.

    Later, UNUM called me. They always called when what they were doing was shady, instead of putting it in writing. they requested that I do a "trial return to work." I told the person, who was an RN, that I couldn't do that, as I had surrendered my license when the renewal came up, becaus they ask specific health and medication questions and when I answered them, it left me ineligible for relicensing.


  14. orachel

    orachel New Member

    Took me 4 mos to get my short term...after that I'm filing lt in dec, and can qualify for LT in early January (yeah...that'll happen that quickly!)

    All I can tell you is that yes...they do pay the difference between ssi and your benefit amount.

    And yes...they are the crookedest company I've ever run across. They've been highly sanctioned in 2 states, most recently california for illegal business practices...turning down claims with full merit. And last I heard, they were ujnder active investigation in 48 states. They will lie steal and cheat as much as humanly possible.

    I've personally been blatantly lied to about 3 times already. It is their job to try to tear you down emotionally until you just give up...period.

    I'm interested in what you mean about your illness being self described. I cannot imagine that you were able to get LT benefits from the stinkers without medical info to back you up. when you get a chance to answer this, would you page me to the board? Thanks so much.

    My advice is DEFINITELY hire an attorney. Many many are willing to work on a contingency basis, simply because unum is so backhanded, if you fight with an attorney they almost always have to pay. And if they're talking about cutting off your benefits hire one NOW.

    I just did. I'm just not going through the trauma i did to get the short term..no way.

    As far as your interest being "self described", I'm very interested in that. Its my understanding that they would be very very hard pressed to cut off your disability benefits for something like FM after 2 years because the federal government now considers these conditions disabling, permanantly in some cases. Again, looking forward to speaking with you, but I do tend to lose posts, so if you culd page me with the info I'd be greatful!


    Ps...I learned very quick to either tape my conversations with them, or take incredibly detailed notes with who I spoke with, time and date and content of the call. Be careful with them!!!!
  15. orachel

    orachel New Member

    The article in La times just recently that detailed the millions UNUM was filed for denying claims in california sited a case in which a BRAIN surgeon with advanced parkinsons disease was turned down for disability benefits.

    When I was speaking to Dan Vott, the director of claims in my area (after them jerking me around for over 3 mos, I threatened legal action and finally got a boss on the phone), I asked mr Vott if he needed brain surgery, just how comfortable would he be being operated on by a surgeon with advanced parkinsons. He was very quiet. I got the check for all of my back short term disability less than a week later! LOL
  16. obrnlc

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    hi joy--the "mooning" emblem is for unum, not you, lol! I have dealt with them for 3 years now, and can testify to every trick they have up their slimy sleeves!! The "self-described limiting diagnosis" is a new concept alot of companies are adding to their policies for illnesses such as ours, but unless you are a very recent employee, should not affect you, however people filing in the future will have that to deal with, the snakes!! I also have been told all back pay would go back to them and am interested in hearing any details on how some of you have avoided this--i understand the concept of "not making a profit over your standard salary", but if anyone gets it back, shouldn't it be social security, who is in a big financial jam as it is? Unum and others collect BIG TIME premium payments from employers, why should social security have to go further in a hole to pay them? I don't get it, but it is something the government should look into!!
    I was denied after 6 months(UNUM), but won the appeal, but am constantly "under review" and live in big fear of losing this income--check the web site daily to make sure that my claim is still "open"! I am past my 2 year mark now, so i am constantly paranoid about this. I also have the "genex" lawyer, bought and paid for by unum, and i think if they were going to cut you off after 2 years anyway, they would not go to this expense. I hear very little (in fact--NOTHING unless i call!) from the lawyer, but i expect a hearing after losing my first application (no lawyer) within 2-3 months, they say. the company (genex) denies that they will drop me if unum does, but what alot of crap to deal with! Anyway, the lawyer is on the unum payroll, so they will definitely know when i win the case, but i still think if i have to reimburse ANYONE, it should be social security rather than wealthy unum! well, hope this has helped, and good luck! lets keep in touch, as we are both in the same boat with the lawyer! have a great day--L
  17. 1sweetie

    1sweetie New Member

    What happened to each of you? I posted recently about Unum and I've heard from a couple of people but I'm interested in hearing what happened to you guys. I'm seeing an attorney soon and I could use the help.
  18. TXFMmom

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    Unum is my longterm D through my former employer.




    ADditionally, they will try all kinds of stunts.


    Once you have that kind of stuff, they HAVE TO LEAVE YOU ALONE.

    Contact your state board of insurance and find out what your rights are and get them on Unum's back.

    Once they are after them, UNUM WILL BACK OFF.
  19. chopindog

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    Here some LTD info I talked about in your new post
  20. mb2foru

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    Under federal law NO ONE can take your SSDI back pay except the IRS and they are limited to 15% of your monthly SSDI per month. The federal code states that the private LTD is a separate issue from SSDI and does not have anything to do with SSDI as it is insurance and premiums were paid for it as private insurance against your pay.
    42 USC 407 is the federal code that applies and you can google it and read how it says exactly what I said.<br><br>[<i>This Message was Edited on 06/01/2010</i>]