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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by pastorwife, Apr 27, 2006.

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    Hallelujah!! Last June, I posted about UNUM being caught in their tactics of denying/terminating legitimate claims. My claim was terminated prematurely (7 months early) because they said I was no longer disabled (like some miracle must have happened!).

    My claim was for major chronic depression, not FMS (wasn't diagnosed with FMS at the time). Anyways, the Hallelujah is for the 2 checks I got 2 weeks ago. One for the 7 months they didn't pay me and the other-- and get this-- INTEREST! THe time frame was 12/00 to 7/01. The interest check will cover the taxes due.

    I had hired a lawyer back in Jan 2001 because I knew they made the wrong decision on my case. He said that because I could smile, I didn't look depressed and would never win against UNUM's corporate lawyers. So much for his help.

    THe only reason that UNUM reviewed my case was because of a court order for their unethical practices.

    May everyone here be as fortunate.
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    Hi Pastorwife,
    I don't know where you live. Good for you to get a lawyer. i was so sick when UNUM discontinued my benefits, I let it go. Had to. I did file here in CA when there was a class action lawsuit. Don't know what happened w. it, since I have moved, and had surgery when filing took place.
    Congrats on your win, and thanks for catching my attention on this one.
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    hi pastorwife--good for you for fighting back! I hate those scum, and I hate the fact that they cause me to hate! They are so unethical and corrupt, I'm glad to see someone got what they were owed, maybe you can get caught up with all of the things you had to let go (like bill paying!! for 7 months! How did you get your court order? have a great day--L
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    I was in PA at the time of the claim and now in NY.

    About the lawyer, he was of NO help. He's the one that told me to give up because I didn't look depressed. Sorry if that was confusing. I got a different lawyer for my SSDI claim and he was wonderful -- and won that case.

    UNUM was required to review claims during a specific time frame. I think it was for 2 years in which my denial fell. You might want to check into it again. But, I think if your claim was during that time period you'd have received multiple letters from the courts and UNUM. Did you move to a new address that they might not have?

    Good luck. I hope you don't give up trying!
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    Can you give me any specific information on the court case they given the court order re unethical practices? I also am about to enter their battlezone!! Thanks and Congratulations!!
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    A letter came in the mail from a Federal court explaining that they were ordering the review of some of UNUM/Provident's claims. I didn't even have to do anything, except fill out a form listing my docs, etc. UNUM sent me updates during the past 9 months until I finally got the $.

    When I look back, it took 5 years to get what I was owed. That's a long time.

    And, yes, I am using the money for all those things that got put off. When my daughter's car broke down, I couldn't help her pay the bill. When my son moved to FL to go to school, I couldn't give him any spending money. When I knew they need $, my reply was "if I had the money, I'd help you out." The day I got the $, I called each of them and told them I now had the money and to expect a check in the mail ($1,000 for each). Now my daughter is looking at getting a different car which she desperately needs.

    I'm looking into getting a memory foam mattress pad, paid off a credit card and put a large chunk into a savings account. I had to open a savings account as I never had anything to put in it. Oh, and I may get a new chair for the living room as mine is so worn it makes my body ache.

    About "hate" -- this process with insurance companies is enough to make anyone angry. And, the problems only make our conditions worse.
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    I can't find the letter from the court, but did find the initial letter from UNUM. Here's some of what it says:

    "As part of a multistate settlement with insurance regulators and the United States Department of Labor, ... (lists several insurance company names that I think are all UNUM's)... have agreed to implement a Claim Reassessment Process, under which your long term disability claim ... has been determined to be eligible." A copy of the Regulatory Settlement Agreement is available on the website of UnumProvident Corporation.

    Basically, they were either denying claims or cutting them short so they didn't have to pay out money. You'd think they would have learned their lesson by now.

    I also think it helped me that I was approved for SSDI a few days before my Unum limit was reached (24 months for mental illness or self reported illness). I think that documentation proved that I had not recovered from my disability.

    Hope this info helps you.