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    Hello. I posted this on the disability/benefits board but thought I might be able to get more replies if I posted on individual boards:

    Does anyone here have any experience with this company? I've done a search and have found lots of other posts which I am in the process of reading, but lots of the ones I've seen so far are from 2005, 2006, etc. As I said, I haven't finished reading ALL of them, but just wondered if there was any more recent information.

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    Was covered by UNUM for 14 years on Long Term Disability for fibromyalgia. My specialist initially got me covered under degenerative disc disease and had to prove it with an MRI, which she sent back twice to get it read properly. She knew there was something not right in my spine and she ws right. She insists fibro is caused by degenerative disc disease...I had to fight for over a year with UNUM, but substantiating the claim is imperative. At that time, there was no way they would cover "fibromyalgia". It had to be listed under something else. So, we listed the symptoms: full body pain, inability to function at working level, inability to perform daily tasks as before, headaches, IBS, depression, anxiety, etc. etc. etc. They tried to cut me off once, but I fought it with more substantiation and got it back. Imperative to document and have a Dr. willing to fill in the forms. Staying ON the insurance required yearly updates by my specialist on my condition and forms filled in by myself detailing my condition. I never lied...always told them EXACTLY what I felt and the meds I was taking, and the limits of my activity. 14 years later, UNUM offered me a settlement, which was quite unexpected. You play their game, do it right and you will get and stay covered. Most people don't want to do the work initially because we are so sick. I say, stick with it, get stuborn and realize it is the rest of your life you are looking at. You need the coverage! Good luck and hope this helps. Also, I know few people who were offered a settlement without fighting for it. I think I must have done it right.