Unusual advise from new doctor

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by jkd7058, Aug 29, 2003.

  1. jkd7058

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    The oddest thing, he told to go without my bra as much as possible and NEVER wear an underwire. He pressed on a coupld of myofacial points which are directly under the normal bra line and about sent me through the roof. He explained that a bra, especially a tight fitting one or an underwire, constantly rubs these points and that triggers pain, which triggers pain in other myofacial trigger points.

    So I guess I'm back to my hippie days when we let it all hang out:) I'll try anything to get out of pain.
  2. keeponsmiling

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    That has got to be the strangest advice I've ever heard! LOL! But hey... if it works, go for it, girl! :p

  3. klutzo

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    I was told by an alternative practitioner that underwires prevent the lymph glands from removing toxins from the breast area and increase your risk of cancer.
    I hardly ever wear a regular bra , since my costo-chondritis hurts so much I have to wear sports bras. I only wear a "real" bra for special occassions, and then it has to be an underwire cause I am a D cup.
    Let us know if it helps your pain.
  4. shipsing

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    I haven't worn a bra for 10 year's and it really did help the pain for me. It also let's me breath easier as where your bra usually hit's you in the back is also the vertibrea that affect's breathing and heart rate. When my heart kick's up into "double time" now I just lay on the floor and stretch out, totally relax and do a lamaz cleansing breath, that nudge's the vertibrea back into place and my heart rate goe's right back to normal, I stay there a couple minute's after that, cause if you getup too quick it'll go right back to double time.
    Growing up with a DO, you do learn that some thing's are skeletal (sp) lol Obviouslly not spelling!!(grin)
  5. jadibeler

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    36 years ago. It was "in fashion" then, but that's not why I did it. They were just too uncomfortable. I can't stand to have anything constricting around my middle above the waist. Also, even though I'm only a lowly B, the bra straps would kill my shoulders. I think I still have one for special occasions but not a clue as to wear it is.

  6. wildzootv

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    lol......boy that doc must see alot of juggies!!! I dont wear one around the house but darn it the doorbell always rings!!
  7. RhainyC

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    I wish I could go without at work, because although I have found a wonderful Full FIgure NON-Underwire bra I wear...I hate the bloody things!!!

    For those who need to wear one, but are larger figured, and need the support...Please check into the Old Fashion Playtex 18 Hour brand of bras. They are very comfortable overall, even though there is NOTHING sexy or flattering about them. They give good support for D+cups and are comfortable enough I can wear mine all day at work, and not have added pain.

    As with all clothing especially Bras....YMMV :)
    (Your Mileage May Vary)

    Happy 18 hour user ;)
  8. Pindooca

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    It's something I think many of us do unconsciously. I know that the minute I'm in the door for the night that bra is history!

    And yes, underwire really does dig into some tender spots!
  9. Shirl

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    Like AcheyBreaky said, I do not have big 'un's', but still wear a stapless bra with underwires, BUT unless I am going out, it spends a lot of time on the back of my computer chair!
    If I have company, go for the mail (which is 300ft from the house on the road), I will put my shoes on, and my bra, then when I get back indoors, off it comes.

    I do have a little three pounder dog (Penny), who, if she can reach it will drag it all around the house, so sometimes I have to find the dog to find the 'around house bra':)

    I have tried all kinds, but find the strapless one the most confortable for the time I have it on.
    Plus I can just 'reach under' my shirt and snap it instead of having one with straps that I need to take my clothes off to get on/off.

    It will cause my ribs and chest to hurt if I have it on for a long period of time, so I agree with your doctor 100%!

    Shalom, Shirl
  10. Notonline

    Notonline New Member

    Mine are all dying from dry-rot in the drawer...been considering putting them in a box in the back of the closet...haven't worn one in years and I could use the drawer space, although I will put one on when going out somewhere...and it usually ends up getting removed in a rest room and stuffed in my purse. LOL Thankfully I love loose fitting clothes so it's not really noticable.

    But, nothing spells embarassment like almost pulling a bra of your purse when your digging for your wallet at the gas station with the 18 yr. old cashier watching. YIKES!!!!

  11. Betsy2

    Betsy2 New Member

    My family practioner told me to get a posture bra for my back problems. However, I still have problems under the bra line in front and especially when my breasts swell from my period. It does help my back some but I hate the fit.
  12. Raindrops

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    I was told the same thing by one of my doctors nine years ago when I was dx with FM. Back in the 70's that would not have been a problem but with my age today (57) and C size I just don't feel comfortable going without one when I am out. Like others have said though I have found some Non Sexy bras through the catalog that are not bad. Of course they are the wonderful Full Figured ones and snap in the front. I just can't reach in the back anymore and this type is hard to find in the store. It has no underwire but gives nice shape and support. I gave up on the sexy look and my wonderful husband agrees. At home I usually wear those leisure bras, that I also find in the catalog, made of nylon so your clothes don't stick to them. They give you some cover up for those times when the family comes over or the door bell rings, etc. So for the most part at home I am braless and whenever I am out I put on the FF bras. I have noticed less pain around the breast area and that is a help. LOL Raindrops
  13. SPR30

    SPR30 New Member

    Yes, I think many of us have found that we are much more comfortable without those dang devices of mammary torture. However, I just have a hard time letting myself loose in public.
    I have been wearing a bra since I was 9. I squeeze into a D cup and hate it. I only wear one when I leave the house, and it sure hurts, not to mention feels like punishment!
    I am relatively firm and guess I could go without one, but I feel self-concious enough that I don't. Imagine if this were the age of corsets, ugh!!!
  14. sofy

    sofy New Member

    Extreme pain under my rt breast was one of my first annoying signs of trouble. Had to give up wearing a bra most of the time cuz I just couldnt stand it. The left side causes no problem. Found that a one piece bathing suit type pany and bra thing was best. Somehow the equal pulling would keep the underwire from riding high enough to molest the exact trouble spot. I only wear this if going out and wanting to look particularly good. When I was working I bought stretchy undershirts that kept my 34B from showing too much movement but gave no cosmetic lift.

    One night while laying in bed starting mashing around looking for a reason for the pain and found a tender spot and pressed the hell out of it. There was a definate burning stinging sensation like something leaving the area where I was pressing. I now do this if I am going to go out and want to wear a bra and it makes it a little more comfortable for the few hrs bra event.

    The best help has been aging and who cares attitude.
  15. baybe

    baybe New Member

    I never had anything to put in a bra before, then lo and behold menopause and everytime I turned around I was bumping into them. Just when I didn't really care if I had them or not. The stretchy T-shirts or the ones you can buy at Wal-Mart with the built in cup have made my life much easier. While I'm at it, since I've put on weight the tops of my legs touch and my tummy needs support so I now buy my luxurious undergarments at Wal-Mart also, I get the light weight sports shorts. I might not be a poster girl, but I'm alot more comfortable and that means something to me these days.
  16. Seagull

    Seagull New Member

    I absolutely will not wear one, I don't care where I am going or who is coming over. The resulting pain is just not worth it for me. Fortunately, I am not "blessed" in that part of my anatomy, being only a B cup. :) Instead, I have a collection of soft camisoles -- some with built in shelf-type bras, but most without. The ones with the shelf bras are a size larger than I wear so they do not feel constricting in any way. I keep the fabrics in either nylon or pure cotton knit. This solves the problem for me of having any "show" under my clothes.

  17. sarah1864

    sarah1864 New Member

    I recently found I am having a hard time reaching around back to hook it. So, i am in search of a front closing, no-underwire bra. I can find one or the other, but not with both criteria. Besides, try finding a non-underwire semi attractive bra now-adays! nearly impossible!

    I also do Living History, and wear a very heavily boned corset on the weekends when I participate. If you have a good one, if does help with the posture problems, achy backs, holds in the abs, and no straps digging into you. But there are also other pains it produces. Luckily I can take mine off after 2 days. Our fore-mothers couldn't, or else they would be shunned. It also produced a lot of health problems for them, but that is a whole other story! Thank you ladies, for all the support! (no pun intended!)
  18. pearls

    pearls New Member

    If you have myofascial pain, there are potentially a number of trigger points right where those accursed things wrap around you. I haven't had a particular problem in that area, but I still practically throw them off as soon as I get home. Then I wear muumuus. I love 'em! My problem has been my waistline, so I wear a lot of empire style dresses to avoid any tightness in the area of my stomach.

    I've read that bras were once frowned upon (perhaps aroung 1900?) as too risque since they make a woman more shapely. I remember the bras in the "staid" old 1950's. Jeez, they made those things stick straight out like pointy-bottomed ice-cream cones! One of the "looks" was to wear thin cashmere sweaters over them to enhance the look. Sexy, you know. That cashmere sweater would be worn above a tight skirt with a kick-pleat in the back. This all looked great with those hose with seams going down the back of the leg into stiletto heals. But, what torture!

    Nevertheless, back in the 50's, wearing a bra, girdle, garter-belt and back-seamed nylon hose with high heels when you went out was a requirement. We had to make sure the seams were straight. However, the best thing for comfort I ever did was to get rid of the girdle. Why did we wear them?!

  19. Annette2

    Annette2 New Member

    I had a kick reading these posts. I am also a "take it all off" person when I get home! I can't go without when I go out - to work, to dinner, etc. - but as soon as I get in the door, off it comes! My home outfit is ridiculous - these purple elastic-waist capris - loose fitting - and a big baggy bright blue t-shirt with "Pink Floyd" in huge, bright pink letters! My husband knows he ain't gonna see "sexy" on me - "comfy" is my password! My sister has her comfy home outfit too and we giggle about them. I'd like to be able to find camisoles but so far haven't found any that fit me. And, speaking of those pointy 50's type bras - when my sister and I were little, we'd take our mother's bras - one of us took a white one and the other took a black one - and we'd put them on our heads and pretend we were kitty cats! Hee hee hee.....

  20. libra55

    libra55 New Member

    You know, about 3 months ago I bought some new bras. (They were on sale at JC Penney.) Lately my fibro pain has increased tremendously, especially in my shoulders and the back of the neck, and upper back. Which is where the trigger points are, right? After reading this post I made the connection. Although I do not wear a bra at home, I do wear one when I go out in public. These damn things are underwire, to boot.

    I think I will go shopping for some good sports bras after reading these posts.