up-date on baby Micheal , and myself ...

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    HELLO my precious , precious FRIENDS ...

    Just a quick up-date on baby Micheal , and myself ...

    Baby Micheal is still in San Francisco's Childrens' Hospital . They closed up his little chest on tues . (a week after the open heart surgery) ! They are trying now to wean him off the respirator . He seems to be quite a little fighter ! He is doing much , much better , but still needs your sweet , loving PRAYERS !

    I seem to be doing some better as well . I have had quite a bout with PAIN ! Between the fibro pain , and the pain of the incision , on top of a newly developed ULCER , I have had quite a time of it ! They just confirmed the ulcer today , and have did tests and given me new medication for it , so hopefully I will be on the road to a speedy recovery from that soon !

    There was a few "complications" with the biopsy . It was so deep that they had to go in prior to the surgery and insert a needle into the mass . Then the surgeon was to dig deep down untill she got to the end of the needle , and that is where the "mass" was suppose to be . Well , they dont know if the needle "slipped" , or what exactly happened , but when they sent the tissue down to be mamogrammed after they removed it , the x-ray showed NO mass , so that means they may NOT have gotten the spot they were after !!!

    The tissue they did get , the pathology report showed NO cancer , however it showed a particular type of "dysplasia" that would have eventually turned to cancer ! It also showed that I am in the highest risk group for developing breast cancer ! Having already had it on the other side , they have decided that ANYTHING that ever shows on a mamogram WILL be operated on in the future , no matter how small it is ! She is also going to give me some other "options" to think about when I see her again on the 25th !

    I had a problem last friday , the night before we were to go to Paducha , Ky to pick up Sam and little Anastasia . I had been experiencing a tremendous amount of PAIN all that day , and when I looked at the incision to change the bandage , there was an area about 4" X 2" of pooled BLOOD ! The ER dr. on call at the Army hospital said it was a "bleeder" that did not get fused off completely , and if it was worse by monday , they would have to go in and put a drainage tube in . Well , come monday , it had started to "re-absorb" itself into my body , and did NOT have to be drained ! So I am "on the mend" now ... LOL !

    I would like to THANK each and every one of you for all your love & prayers ! My heart THANKS you the most for all the precious , precious prayers for little baby MICHAEL ! I knew I had to come here and ask for your help when I found out about this precious baby ... YOU GUYS ARE THE GREATEST !!! I LOVE YOU ALL !!! (((HUGS))) aplenty ! GOD bless you .

    PS ... Sam has already had 1 appt. with her cardiologist here , and has 2 more to go this month . They did an "ECHO" and it showed that the rare membrane (the defect that they say will eventually kill her) , has NOT grown back !!! In fact her Echo looks the same as it did last Nov. and that is very , very GOOD NEWS !!! PRAISE THE LORD !!! She is doing so good ! She is haveing to use the walker and wheel chair more , but that is due to the residual effects of the stroke and coma ! We can deal with that !

    With very , very much love & Total RESPECT . Nonie
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    Praise God, Nonie. You have blessed us with your loving and smiling attitude. Michael will be alright; and never fear. The Holy Father has both of you close to His breast and is loving you with all of His soul. I will continue to pray for both of you. Blessings, Deena
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    You are always in my prayers! I'm happy to hear Michael is making improvement after the surgery. That is also great news on Sam's report. I will also pray that you continue to feel better and get your health problems taken care of and that God will guide the physicians treating you.

    Much love and prayers,
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    You are the first one on my prayer chain at night, may god continue to get all of you stronger in his will. Keep pyaying it works. Aloha Ellie