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  1. poodlemommy

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    thanks to all you who have been supporting me thru my moms illness. We got good news yesterday. The ct scan shows that all the organs around the tumor are clean. So its just a matter of removing the cancerous section of her bowel. The surgery is Oct 12th. They will remove some lymph nodes and check them. So far it looks like she may not require radiation. The surgeon said she will have to see an oncologist after the surgery and based on their findings he will decide if any further treatment is required. The big picture is she will be ok. There is talk of anything being terminal and the cancer is operable. so we are very pleased. Now I just need to look after me as Im going stay with my mom when she gets home from the hospital until she can manage on her own. If you dont hear from me at that time its because she doesnt have a computer. Hugs to all of you.
  2. JLH

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    At least the news is great, because they think they can get it all and she will recover. You know what I mean. Having a tumor is never good news, but recovering from it is.

    We'll be praying for your mother, you, and your family for the Oct 12th surgery.

    Take care of yourself, so you can take care of your mother.

    Hugs and prayers,
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    Hope everything works out well for your mom. I know it must be putting a tremendous amount of stress on you and your mom.

    Surely hope she won't need further radiation or chemo. Good luck on 10/12!

  4. kathleen1437

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    Thanks for update ,finally some good news for you ,hope all goes well on Oct 12th for your mums surgery .
    take care
    hugs kathleen
  5. Rosiebud

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    it must be such a relief for your Mum and you.

    Take care of yourself and your Mum when she gets out of hospital.

    love Rosie
  6. poodlemommy

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    hi gang: just been so busy getting things done around my place before my mom goes for surgery. She goes in Oct 12th so I will pack up my 2 poodles and go spend a few days at her place. She is just down the street from the hospital that way it will be closer to visit. My sister and brother will take an active role in my moms care too so it wont all be on me. So I wont be on line for most of next week and then once my mom gets home I will go back and stay with her. I will keep everyone posted. I really appreciate all of your thoughtful good wishes. Im really surprised im not in a flare. I have actually done really well all sumer. Except for migraines my pain levels have been really good. As some of you may know from reading my posts that I split with my husband in march of this year and since I havent had to worry about him( has addiction troubles) my pain has been very good. just goes to show how stress affects us. So Im praying I get thru my moms surgery and get her cared for with out a flare. Im feeling good and taking care of myself. I am keeping up my tredmill to and that seems to really work at keeping things moving and pain free. hugs. to all of you
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    I am so happy for your mom and for YOU! What a relief after all the time of worry.

    Thanks for the report...my best wishes to you both!