up date on Star Jones if your interested

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  1. carebelle

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    This is what Star Jones is up two.Sounds like a good Radio Talk show.She will even have a Law segment so who knows this may help people with all kinds of legal questions.I just thought I'd let ya all know sence we have talked about the View and when she left

    Atlanta, GA WAMJ-FM (102.5) 10am-1pm
    Baton Rouge, LA WIBR-AM (1300) 9am-12pm
    Beaumont, TX KIKR-AM (1450) 9am-12pm
    Birmingham, AL WPSB-AM (1320) 9am-12pm
    Birmingham, AL WJRD-AM (1150) 9am-12pm
    Boston, MA WILD-AM (1090) 10am-1pm
    Chicago, IL WVON-AM (1450) 7pm-10pm
    Cincinnati, OH WDBZ-AM (1230) 7pm-10pm
    Cleveland, OH WERE-AM (1300) 10am-1pm
    Columbia, SC WGCV-AM (620) 10am-1pm
    Detroit, MI WCHB-AM (1200) 10am-1pm
    Dothan, AL WAGF-AM (1320) 10am-1pm
    Hartford, CT WKND-AM (1230) 10am-1pm
    Little Rock, AK KPZK-AM (1250) 9am-12pm
    Little Rock, AK KPZK-FM (102.5) 9am-12pm
    Little Rock, AK KVLO-FM (101.7) 9am-12pm
    Miami, FL WTPS-AM (1080) 10am-1pm
    Mobile, AL WDLT-AM (660) 10am-1pm
    Philadelphia, PA WHAT-AM (1340) 10pm-1am
    Portland, OR KBMS-AM (1480) 7am-10am (PT)
    Raleigh, NC WAUG-AM (750) 10am-1pm
    Richmond, VA WROU-AM (1240) 10am-1pm
    Savannah, GA WJLG-AM (900) 10am-1pm
    Seattle, WA KZIZ-AM (1560) 8am-10am (PT)
    Tallahassee, FL WHBT-AM (1410) 10am-1pm
    Washington, DC WOL-AM (1450) 10am-1pm

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    Carebelle all off topic conversations have been moved to the chit chat board. You will probably get more responses on that board. This board is for medical issues these days.

    best of health

  3. carebelle

    carebelle New Member

    And don't we have medical questions sometimes that need a legal response ? I thing she will have call ins and that could help someone here.

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