Upated Many Thank You{s}

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    My dearest friends I wanted to thank for being there for me in my time of need and all your support and prayers.

    You are all caring and concerned people and some of the best friends I have ever had life to be there for me and to pray for me. Your are my christian family and I love you dearly. If you ever need a prayer or just want to talk about somthing feel free to contact me I will be there for you!
    I don't go for another check up on my eyes in another six months. Last time I went the eye dr, said everything looked good but I am having a little bit of a problem but hey I can deal with. {minor} I can see and that is what counts.

    The Lord answered your prayers as well as mine on this issue! Praise our loving Lord!
    so I have clean bill of health on my eyes of right now.

    Enough of me how are each of you doing? Let me know if I can help you or you just want to chat!

    In Christian love,