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    Hello all,

    It's been a long time since I posted or even visited this forum. It's been a long road back to health but I can finally say at 50 years old, I'm in almost the best health I've ever been and starting a new career driving a mine truck in Canada's oil sands. 12 hour grueling shifts don't scare me at all. A few years ago I never imagined I'd ever be working again let alone feeling great, sleeping great and starting a new career driving the biggest trucks in the world! Still have a few minor complaints but I don't really think that much about them, comes with the territory. I just wanted to put this out there that there are answers and I hope I can at least share a little knowledge and wisdom acquired from, as you all know, long and seemingly endless hard days of barely living at all.

    I don't want to make this too long so I'll get right into what I think were the essentials for myself. May not work for you but it might for at least some of you.

    1) One of the main causes of my constant fatigue and nausea was allergies to food! Onions, Garlic and Soy as well as almost all raw fruits and veggies. Everything for me is best cooked with the exception of raw romaine lettuce. I eat mostly a meat and potatoes diet! high protein, I don't even do well on beans so it's meat meat meat, and lots of lettuce and a few other cooked veggies.

    2) Getting the right supplements. Most of them I've let go. I've long given up hormone replacement and other costly supplements. I do believe the supplements of today are not what they used to be. The only ones I still take that have made a big impact on my health are (a) nascent iodine - this one is the most important, I found Survival Shield to be the best (b) non GMO natural vitamin C - must be non GMO (c) Apple cider vinegar (d) because I live in the north I take vitamin D in the winter.

    2a) But I have to emphasize, the most important supplement I take and have ever taken is the Nascent Iodine...it's had a big impact. Why iodine? To understand that you have to understand how fluoride and bromide compete with iodine within the body. It's worthwhile doing your own research on this, it's a big topic and has big ramifications for your thyroid gland as well as your entire hormone system. In the USA water fluoridation is common still but what is not generally known is that bromine is everywhere from car fabrics to baked bread and is just as bad and perhaps worse than fluoride. You have to get this out of your diet and get iodine back in. ( A peculiar side effect of taking iodine is that you will sleep better and have richer dreams. I attest to this but have heard it from other friends to who take it as well...make sure you start slow, 1 or 2 drops per day and in the morning. Take too much and you will have trouble falling asleep again, you need to find the sweet spot for you)

    3) no GMO foods - the glyphosates destroy your digestion and are cumulative over time

    4) getting the right herbs...this is probably the toughest and most confusing for people. What works for one person won't work for another. You really have to understand what your "constitution" is to be able to prescribe your own herbs. You can really do yourself a lot of harm by taking something that worked for someone else. I've studied Ayurveda (east indian medicine) for years now and while it's simple when you understand it you can also easily go astray. Find someone who is knowledgeable who can help you. Although I haven't used their services for quite a while, the best place I would recommend is the Ayurvedic Institute in New Mexico.

    That's all for now.
    Wish you well on your journey
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    That's great that you have found what works for you, Peter. Good luck in your new job.

    Canada and the UK banned bromates back in the early 1990s. I'm surprised that the US never did so also.
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    Hi Jamin,

    My previous health issues were CFS along with quite a bit of nausea along with it...you can read my previous posts from years gone by. I used FFC for a while with some success but that was years ago and have since moved on to a simpler and cheaper way of dealing with health. ( I think of FFC as being a bit like using a sledgehammer to open the front door rather than just using a key.)

    As for the Iodine, I use "nascent" iodine. It's not lugols and is in a form that the body prefers. It's basically electrified iodine which allows it to be in and atomic state. Some people call it Atomidine. The problem with vendors to claim to have it or sell it is that what thery're selling isn't really nascent. It's not that easy to make and it's not very stable, particularly when there is water present. I've tried a few brands that claim to be nascent but really didn't notice any difference until I tried the Survival Shield...it's a great product and actually is made in the USA. I can't say enough about it...

    As for dosage, I only take 3 drops of the Survival Shield which is about 1200 mcg's. I find if I take more than that I have too much energy and can't get to sleep at night. But I know some people take 6 to 12 drops. The recommended dosage is 6 drops per day.

    I don't know about you but with this iodine I went through some serious detox but it lasted for only a few days - very tired and with acne, and I was only using 1 drop to start. The acne was probably "bromine acne", since the iodine as you know will displace the stored bromine and bromine makes us very fatigued.

    Hope this helps
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    Yes it's the same iodine as Edgar Cayce recommended but it's in a glycerin base so, there is no water present and won't degrade as fast. The problem with Nascent iodine that is generally for sale is that it's not in a 100% pure alcohol base so I find it hard to believe that it will stay nascent for any length of time. That's why I prefer the brand I use and I also know that it works. Maybe another brand will be good but at this point I've found something that works so i'll stick with it.

    As far as why I use nascent iodine, it's because the results are so much better in terms of energy and the "sense of well being". Also, regular lugol's is not really meant for internal consumption as it will kill intestinal flora but the nascent does not, perhaps because it's absorbed so fast. In fact I have a friend who say's her digestion has improved since taking the nascent iodine. I don't really know why it's so.
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    Congratulations on healing. Thank you for your update and may you continue in good health.

    Love, Mikie
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    Peter, Congradulations on your great health turnaround!! And WOW working!! Amazing!! You are such an inspiration to us all to keep on keepin on. You must be so happy driving those cool trucks espescially when you never thought you would ever work again. I was on the board when you were struggling through it. I'm so happy you made out the other side and came back to tell us!! Thank you! And God Bless!