Update after Mastectomy.....

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  1. fairydust39

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    I went to Morgantown for tests
    on Thurs. and Dr's visit/ Chemo on Fri.
    They didn't do the Chemo b/c my arm has Lymphedema. The Dr said that my CT body scan and my MUGA heart scan came back perfect!! No sign of any cancer! Dr said that, that "Almost Never Happens" with cancer patients. Dr is going to send the Lymph Nodes to California to a special
    lab that can tell exactly what kind of cancer it is. I Will go back on 22nd and will find out! Dr said I may not need to have Chemo ! I am so glad that God is seeing me through all this ordeal. Thank you all for praying for me and I wiil let you all know what's going on. Keep praying that the Ca. test comes back with good results.
    I have turned it over to God and I'm in good hands.
    How wonderful God is ! Praise his Holy name forever.
    Love Shirley

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  2. Nanie46

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    I am so glad that you got good news. I will keep praying for you. God will continue to see you through this.
  3. fairydust39

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    Thanks to all who prayed for me. We all need someone to pray and have faith for us when we are sick.

    I am having trouble with Lymphedema in my left arm and will have therapy for that. I had 10 Lymph nodes removed, and the other nodes must pick up and do the work of the missing nodes. Pray for me that the therapy and the Jobst sleeve will help and the swelling will go down. It can be dangerous but I know God will see me through this too.

    I love you all and don't know what I'd have done without my friends on this board.

    Hugs Shirley
  4. tonakay

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    What wonderful news you have! I'll be sending up a prayer for the tests to come back negative and I'm hoping your arm is a little better today.

    God is GOOD!!
  5. fairydust39

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    Thank You Tonakay,
    There is no (Test)imony without a TEST! When we are given a test God wants us to testify and tell others what God has done for us. That is giving God the glory for all that he's done for us. I know that God has healed me many times in my life and I always give God all the glory! So many people will ask God to help or heal them and then they do not give a testimony to anyone. You can give a testimony anyplace,to your neighbor,friend,church, family, or on this board. We must give Jesus the praise "By his stripes we are healed" Thank you Jesus for the healing !
    Love Shirley
  6. tonakay

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    You are so right about testimony... I don't know where in the world I would be without God in my life!

    Hope all is still well with you.

  7. jole

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    What great news! Just goes to show the power of prayer! Keep us informed...will continue to pray taht all goes well.
  8. tonakay

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    Just cruising through checking for updates. Hope you're doing well.