Update after rheumatologist appointment - next up, Dr Luepnitz

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by justdifferent, Feb 3, 2009.

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    I have the results of a large amount of bloodwork back. My RF is still high at 80, but everything else is fine - HepB, HepC, Lyme Western Blot, C reactive proteins, ANA, SED rate.... I don't have the entire list in front of me, but it's all fine. However, my hand joints are still swollen so I am going for an MRI of my hands. X-rays are fine, but the doctor said an MRI would catch the earliest RA.

    I know I have some sort of arthritis in my hands, but I'm still also convinced I have CFIDS/ME based upon my waltzes with EBV and the fact that I have had exercise intolerance ever since my first bout with mono. I now have three areas I am focusing on:

    * adrenal fatigue (untested)
    * more involved viral studies
    * mitochondrial dysfunction

    If I have labs done for the mito stuff, would it be better to hold off taking supplements until after those are back? I had my Vitamin B checked and it was nice and high, but only because I'd begun sublingual VitB a week or so before.

    I really, really need my strength and energy right now. It's a struggle to keep a job (hundreds laid off / made redundant very recently at my company) and my grade schooler is refusing to go to school. This morning was awful - have you wrestled clothing on a kid and carried her to the car and then into school? I'm dreading tomorrow morning.

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