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  1. Lanie

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    Hi all! I am 1 month post op from Gastric Bypass Surgery and down 28 lbs. The surgery went well but I had a few issues after. Very high fevers and an infection in my incision. I have been rather lucky as far as FMS. It has been relatively normal pain since leaving the hospital. The hospital bed was torturous HELL though. All in all I am healing well.

    Now for the accident update! I had another MRI in a CLOSED MRI machine in March. The 1st MRI was in an open machine as I am claustrophobic. After reading that the open machines are not as sensitive as the closed, I demanded another test in a closed machine.

    After 3 years since my car accident, I finally found out what is wrong with me. It showed up in my new MRI. I have a reversal of the cervical lordosis. In plain english, it means that my cervical spine has no curve anymore, it is perfectly straight. This causes all the muscles in the neck, shoulder, back area to spasm which in turn constricts the nerves causing extreme pain. This is caused by severe whiplash. Because of this injury, I also have post traumatic Fibromyalgia.

    So there it is. After all this time and pain and frustration and tears, I know I am NOT crazy!! Thank God! I left the doctor office and broke into tears of relief.

    It sucks to explain how horrible you feel for years and nobody knows what the hell is wrong so you feel like an idiot complaining.

    Well, thanks for being there for me and caring. It means so much.
    Best wishes,
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    So Glad you insisted on a second mri, it helps so much having ones pain verified, and a name given to your adversary. Hopefully now, this will improve your case care, as a result.

    I am glad your surgery went well. Infection is common, happy that has been cleared up, and you are feeling pretty good.

    Those beds are horrific aren't they...all they need to find that would be less comfortable, would be a bed of nails!

    Best wishes!
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    Hope all continues well for you. dolsgirl
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    I'm so glad you got your MRI and validation of what is causing your FMS.

    Good for you for going through this difficult surgery and good luck to you in your weight loss. Twenty-eight pounds is impressive. You are going to be a classy lassie with a new chassis!

    Love, Mikie
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    For your replies. I am very glad I had the 2nd MRI.

    Let that be a lesson to anyone who has had an OPEN MRI for whatever reason, claustrophobia or whatever...SUCK IT UP, take a sedative and do the closed one. They are much more sensitive and see everything that needs seeing. It was hard! I developed claustrophobia after the car accident and didn't know it until they tried to shove me in the MRI tube. I couldn't do it so I went to an open one.

    Well, the 2nd time I went to the closed one, I listened to music, had a wash cloth over my eyes and had my husband rubbing my feet. I was still a wreck and my heart was pounding SO hard. It was WELL worth it to know I am not crazy, that my complaints are valid.

    About the hospital bed, well, in our case, the doctor DID go and find the worst & most uncomfortable beds. He LOVES them because no one wants to stay in them and that is his goal. They are called Bariatric beds. The patients HATE them, the nurses HATE them. I was walking my mile a day the first day after surgery so he let the nurses put a regular hospital bed in my room a couple days later. THANK GOD! It wasn't great but much better than the bariatric beds.

    Thanks again to all.. I will keep you updated.