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    Thank you friends for your input and support. (Previous thread... RE: using Cymbalta again.)

    I had two spinal injections a week ago for one of my torn discs. I am feeling MUCH BETTER!
    My back is a little stiff still, my leg still feels some nerve pinching and I'm still a bit nauseous from the steroids, BUT my pain is virtually gone. In fact, I have had more energy in the past few days than I have had in years. I have actually accomplished going through boxes of paperwork which have been sitting for 4 years!
    BUT now I need PT to get strong. I drove the car for the first time in 10 days. Just to the store and back, but doing that and shopping in the grocery store made my legs feel tired. I can tell I need PT to get strong. I wonder if my FMS will allow me to?
    I have to say that it's interesting that my legs feel a much different tired than they used to feel. You know... the legs get so tired, so fast, that you have to sit down. The thighs just burn.
    But, after my outing, they didn't feel that way. They felt the kind of tired that I think muscles should feel after a workout...warm. Is that the steroids not only helping my spine, but helping the FMS symptoms in the rest of my body?
    Well, I see the doctor next week and will find out about PT. Has anyone here had torn discs and spinal injections and can you recommend how to exercise/ do PT, for us..the FMS patient?