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    I just need to vent or talk. It's been such a hectic
    past few weeks. Prior to this, I was bedridden for
    9 months.

    My mother, who is extremely anxious, has been
    a bit betther. At least I thought so. Will be going
    to psych next week I presume.

    She took me to the chiropractor today and when
    we came home we went for a little walk. My chiro
    worked on my neck and it felt so good. He said
    I have lots of neck spasms and he worked on
    trigger points, etc. It burned the whole time up
    my neck and he said it was normal. He did the
    towel traction thing and also at the end he
    cracked my neck. It felt so good. It's funny because
    years ago he always used to crack my neck but
    since I have had so many problems besides
    neck I haven't been seeing him for it. I hurt
    myself though and need to see him for neck and back.
    I saw him last week and told him I didn't want him
    to crack my neck. Today, he just did it so quickly
    and gently and it felt so good. I hardly noticed that
    he was doing it. I said something about him sneaking
    it in and he said he knew I wouldn't let him do it so he
    just sort of did it! LOL Hopefully, this will help
    me with my neck somewhat.

    My facial neuralgia and TMJ seem to be acting up
    these past few weeks. I noticed it after I fell into
    the hot tub. I told my chiro I was sure if it was
    being outdoors so much or if he was causing it
    or if it was tension. I think it is probably anxiousness
    and being outside.

    Back to my mother. For the first time today since her
    anxiety she came to the hot tub for a bit. She was
    so nervous and anxious I couldn't stand it. I felt
    so awful. She made me nervous, etc. She was so
    agitated, etc. She didn't like not being at home
    on the couch.

    We are expecting a call from another psych who
    my mother and I discussed would not be the
    right one for her. THe one we are waiting for
    is supposed to be excellent. She has always said
    she can wait. She takes xanax for now.
    Well, today she blurted out that if the 2nd pscyh
    calls to use him because she needs help right
    now. She is really scaring me so much. One minute
    she seems so calm and the next she is so
    irrational. It kills me to see her like this and also
    adds so much stress to my already stress filled
    life. Then 2nd psych is no where near as experienced
    as the first and probably can't even see us for months.
    My hot tub time which was supposed to be my
    relaxation time turned into an anxious time for me.
    I don't know how much more of this I can take.
    I see the lyme specialist on Tuesday. Hope I
    don't fall apart in his office.

    Thanks for letting me vent.
    Life is just getting too unbearable. It's one serious
    problem after the other. There is no joy and only
    pain, pain, pain.

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    I think form what you have said about your mom that she is right, whe needs to see a doc now, no matter which one it is. Perhaps she can start with the #2 guy and then if sh'es not happy with im switch when the other gets an opening.

    It can be so frustrating to find a psychiatrist who is in the right health plan and taking new patients. I went through that with my son two years ago and the match was not good. Now he is with a so-so one in a county clinic, but his therapist is outstanding, so that's what is really the most important for him at this point.

    I know you have mentioned your facial neuralgia before. Do you know whether or not it is trigeminal neuralgia? I ask because one of my good friends has battled with that for a very long time.

    I hope your weekend will bring some time for yourself. It sounds like you really could use it!

  3. Applyn59

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    The 2nd psych has not gotten in touch with us so
    I don't think that is even going to come into play.
    Half the two week wait is already over for the
    1st guy. They don't make appts - they will just
    call when they get to us I guess. I called so many
    places and they all had six week waiting periods,
    etc. I found most everyone I spoke to was extremely
    nice. What a switch from the drs. I go to! If the
    2nd guy calls and my mother doesn't want to wait
    for the first guy, I think I will take it! I wish they could
    do us together. I will be going with her and we
    share a lot of anxiety about each other and the other's health problems, etc. Wondering if that is even a

    I am hoping she feels a bit better tomorrow.
    I know the Paxil withdrawal isn't helping.

    Regarding facial stuff, I was diagnosed with
    Sluder's Syndrome - a rare disorder that causes
    temple and eye pain along with cheek pain
    and tingling. I am seeing a lyme specialist Tues
    for the first time and these symptoms are
    very similar to Lyme. All of the FMS symptoms
    are similar to Lyme. I am hoping that he
    can help me figure some of my problems out.

    Thanks for the help.
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    I'm so glad your chiro helped make your neck feel better, even if it only lasts a day.

    What your mother is going through sounds similar to some of my withdrawal.

    Do you think a massage might help her? Might calm her nerves a little until she can get in to a doctor?

    Maybe a massage therapist who does light touch? Esalen is one example of this.

    I felt so awful some of today, practically snapped the head off my homemaker so fed up and nasty and moody. And then so exhausted and flattened and my pain getting to me. Went to bed. ACtually fell asleep. Then got up close to 11 and had to make dinner...

    my homemaker helped me make a healthy dessert tonight, a type of homemade ice cream with only cream, eggs and a touch of honey. Served with toasted pine nuts. We also made 2 other healthy foods for regular eating. Was extremely stressful working in the kitchen with her, but it's done...