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Discussion in 'Transfer Factor' started by CelticLadee, Mar 10, 2004.

  1. CelticLadee

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    Hi fellow TFer's,

    I just couldn't take it anymore.
    3 capsules was making me way too fatigued and achy so I went back to 2 capsules yesterday and today. I am hoping to regain some ground as I can't get anything done.

    Yesterday I ran a fever of 100.5 and felt like c%#$.
    I felt good when I got up today but am fading fast as the TF starts kicking in again. I may take it at night from now on so I can just sleep it off. The days are too gorgeous to waste laying around all day.

    That is what is going on with me. How about YOU? How are you doing?

  2. spacee

    spacee Member

    That is crummy you had to cut back but I would have too.

    I read in the library that Beta glucan in large amounts (1-2 grams) helps to circumvent the herxs. I looked in my catalogue for this site and they sell it. It is suppose to stimulate macrophages (immune cells). It is on the same page (in this catalogue) as the Transfer Factor Essentials so looks like they put it there for a reason. Another thing to buy......

    As for me, I pinched a nerve in my back on my last stretch in my stretching class. So, it hasn't been such a good week. I have been tired also...not sleeping well. I decided to take my klonopin an hour later and so to sleep at midnight to try to "sleep through". I am sleeping through...straight to 6:30am. 6 1/2 hours just isn't enough. Life is one of constance tinkering, isn't it?

  3. Plantscaper

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    After initially taking it daily, I have slowed to a snail's pace.. so I can get some work done, taking it every other day, now...actually HERXING is letting us know that we may be going too fast...toxins flooding our system...I have had enough bad days...and this is the best part of my monthly cycle, I cannot WASTE THESE DAYS...NOTHING WRONG WITH BACKING OFF SOME, CLD..

  4. susiek

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    Aren't you taking TF Essentials?

    How long have you been taking it and how many capsules daily before you noticed you needed to slow way down? And now you are going to do every other day, right?

    I just ordered TF Essentials as I am going to use it on my immune deficient dog (100 lbs) and also my little Herpes kitten (8 lbs) and of course myself (CFS) and am very worried about having them herx too much.

    I am thinking of giving my kitten 1/4 capsule every other day and me and my dog, 1 capsule every other day. Slow but steady runs the race.

    Thanks for any input Plantscaper. I also think liver support is crucial

  5. Plantscaper

    Plantscaper New Member

    Have you checked with your veternarian on dosing? I would not know how that would compute to animals, although I would think that body weight has something to do with it..
  6. dancingnut

    dancingnut New Member

    I have started TF Essentials and had to go off after just taking 2! Took one Monday night, felt fine yesterday, but today I am weak. My best friend has been taking TF Essentials too, along with Doxy and Bromelain and had to throw in the towel for alittle while cuz she feels real bad. I think she went too fast.

    I am looking at it this way: the TF is strenghtening the immune system, so it is doing its job and we have so many bad guys in us that its going to take awhile, cuz they are deep in our tissues. 6 years ago when I started the anti-yeast diet (which helped me alot), I went through he-- with detoxing and lightheadedness, etc. I felt real bad. But once I got the yeast under control, I felt alot better, no more fibro fog for years now, and I maintain my diet and herbs. Its the only that helped. So I see the TF and Doxy as the same technique--killing off the bad guys, and it just is HARD and time consuming, cuz we have to take it slow, or we will make ourselves too sick to function.

    I am glad to hear Im not alone here in doing this protocol. I think there is promise based on research and what Dr. Sujay has said.

    Love to all in our quest

  7. susiek

    susiek New Member

    Ok, CelticLadee--did YOU try TF Essentials? I know you were trying Immune64?

    Yikes, I am getting kind of scared about putting my animals on it although I know their systems are generally cleaner than ours and respond quicker. Wonder how *I* am going to respond??!!

    I put my dog who has a lot of immune problems on ToeufF TF(Chisolm Labs) made from eggs, usually for Autistic children (gut problems, Candida), and he went down for quite a while, on just half a dosage. I took him off it after awhile and put him on 50% IgG Colostrum but want to try TF Essentials. Vets usually want to put animals on 4 LIfe TF as that is what they are usually aware of but I don't want to use 4 Life (no offense anyone) so have no guidance here. I will just start real slow and monitor. I hope to hear good things about TF Essentials pretty soon !!!!

  8. CelticLadee

    CelticLadee New Member

    Well, when I cut back to 2 capsules a day I did feel a little better. Today I tried taking just 1 capsule and that did the trick. I was able to go outside this morning and weed my front rock garden for an hour.

    Sure I came in after that and crashed but at least I could do something! Plus I don't feel so heavy with fatigue. I just hate that feeling!

    My fever was down to 99 this morning but after I worked outside it shot back up to 100. Guess I was pushing it.

    My muscles are susceptible to getting charlie horses today. So far I've avoided it but have come scary close to the dreaded spasm occurring.

    Spacee - I will explore beta glucan. Thanks for the tip. I am very sorry to hear you pinched a nerve. We don't have enough suffering as it is, huh? Hoping for a speedy recovery for you. Yeh, sleeping is so important and I am waking around 1-3 am. every night and then Cricket wants to get up at 5:30 am. Although I usually go to bed at 9:30 pm. I only get 4-6 hours of sleep before I start tossing and turning. If I could just stay awake in the day time I do sleep better at night.

    Plantscaper - I'm with you. During the best days of my monthly cycle I like to catch up on things too. I just can't afford to be sick and down. Cutting back to 1 capsule for now until things settle down for awhile. A person does get worn out being sick and does need a break too! Our poor bodies are so mistreated by it all. Go easy.
    I must confess when 1 capsule made me feel so good at first I had the stupid notion that 2 or even 3 were going to make me feel even better. HA! I finally woke up from that dream.

    Susiek - I did try TF Essentials but it gave me the worst swollen brain headache. I just couldn't stand it.
    I had my pup on 4 Life TF a few times and it seemed to help her immune system with her swollen tonsils, watery eyes, and bladder infections. Unfortunately when she went off it all those symptoms returned. She had antibiotics and is ok for now. I think unless a TF has antigens specifically for herpes it may not be effective. If it were my cat I think I would try that olive leaf immune support tincture by Animal's Apawthecary called OLE-immune or something like that. Olive leaf extract keep herpes from replicating. Also what about L-Lysine? I take that for herpes and am wondering if pets could take a small amount. I have given my 10 lb. pup 1/4th a cap of Theanine to calm her before riding in the car. Something to think about anyway.

    DancingNut - You are right. No sense going to fast and being sick. It is better to slow down and let our bodies work this all out over time. I am eager to be well again and sometimes rush things. I always pay the price for it. I think I learn that lesson and than I do it again. Maybe at times I become too optomistic for my own good.

    Good to hear from all of you. Hang in there TFers. Your support and suggestions are very helpful and I thank you for them.

  9. susiek

    susiek New Member

    CelticLadee, glad to know you are doing better. Slow but sure probably wins the race I guess! Nice weather we are having here in W. Washington!!

    I got the TF Essentials yesterday. I decided for me and my 100 lb dog to take one capsule every OTHER day. I decided for my 1 year old kitten to take 1/4 capsule every OTHER day. No sense in rushing things. Lucky (dog) and I took it on empty stomach before bed. I didn't notice any reaction in myself, cannot speak for my dog, LOL.

    Gave 1/4 cap to Reilly (1 year old kitten) who has Herpes. He is on a regimen of Lysine, Vit C, Moducare, Feline Immune Support by Standard Process (glandulars) and Colostrum which I want to replace with TF Essentials. I gave him his 1/4 cap about 7:30-8:00 last night and he took a nap and I noticed around 11:00 that night his eye had started getting squinty and watering and a bit of puss coming out of the corners. Coincidence? I don't think so. His herpes is pretty much under acceptable control and the eye thingy is a flare-up. Cats with herpes virus usually have a lot of eye problems. Even just a minor squinty eye. I thought this was very interesting.

    CelticLadee, thanks for the advice about OLE. Interesting thing....I put him on Quantums Super Lysine which has Lysine, OLE, and Astragalus. He herxes big time on that and I finally just gave up after a couple weeks of herxing and put him on plain Lysine. I surely do hope that the TF Essentials doesn't cause him to herx continuously but I kind of expected a little bit. I get kind of scared though cuz what if they go into major herxing and you cannot get them out of it?

    So anyway, I know this is a kitten but thought you'd all like to hear about that reaction. It could be coincidence but I don't think so.

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    I had the following notice in my email dated Mar. 11th:

    There has been a reply to your post: "Update: Cutting back on TF".
    Below I have included the title.
    Please use the link below the title to view your message in thread.

    Title: Hi CLD...
    By: plantscaper"

    But when I came here there isn't a post from you.
    Just so you realize it fell into space or ????


  11. CelticLadee

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    Hoping the best for you and your pets.
    I know how important it is for all of you to be well so you can enjoy the nice weather. Altho, the forecast changes Sunday for the week it will be raining. That will give you time to get better for the next sunspot. lol.

    Sounds like you have got your cat on a good program. You have put a lot of thought into it.

    I'm not surprised that 1 capsule hasn't done anything but as you continue I will be surprised if you don't start having some reactions. Just hope they are the good kind.
    If not feeling like you have the flu should only last 2 weeks so if you do have bad reactions hang in there if ya can. You can always skip a day when needed.

    I wish I could feel as good as I did the first week or two I was taking ImmuneCare 64. I really had energy and had a feeling of well being. Then the flu hit like a truck.

    Thanks. I'm managing on 1 capsule but I have to lay down a couple times a day to make it through. Sure hope this changes soon. Feels like such a waste of time when there is so much I want to do. I know ... I know. We have to think differently....the time I spend laying down is aiding my healing, etc. It's not like I want to take on the world - but it would be nice to do a little more gardening, etc.

    Take care. Your furry friends are counting on you. smile.
    They do keep you going don't they? smiling again.
    I know my love for my puppy Cricket is very deep. No one else can wake me up at 5:00 am. and not get grouched at.

  12. Plantscaper

    Plantscaper New Member

    but, is the process we have to follow, now, is sending it through the moderators? Anyway, never know what can get one thrown off the board, now..so I deleted it..

    I still have not reached an improvement, still treading along with one/every other day, but will probably go to one/day, starting tomorrow, as the herxing has been minimized.

    Hope you will realize some more positive gains, soon.

    Cricket is a cute name..POMS are such beautiful creatures..they always make me smile..although they do seem to be very hyper..my enery level would be hard-pressed to keep up with theirs..I did comtemplate taking one home one time, but the Eskie is the dog I grew with when I was young and I tend to have a loyalty to that breed.

    I was hoping to get better, before I seek out having another dog, as I know they like to "go for a walk" (If I ever said that word, WALK, he was jumping at the bit, at the door, ready for his leash..in fact, if we even looked at the door, you could see him leaping to that image in his mind).That was the biggest deal to my last dog, and he was too HYPER for me.

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  13. CelticLadee

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    Yes, in order to exchange email addresses we would have to go through the moderators. Not that they would kick us out if we posted them but they are protecting us from predators. You post them here and anyone on the internet can get them which could be a pain in the arse.

    Oh yes, Poms are beautiful, adorable and at times do have a lot of energy. But they can be very relaxed and content too especially at home. Mine sleeps with me all of my naps and isn't ready to get up when I do usually. She does finish her nap in the recliner when I get up. When she gets wound up I just throw a ball for her to fetch until she wears down. She does love to go for walks but can be satisfied just going out in her fenced yard. They don't require a lot of exercise so you don't have to walk them everyday. Mine is my shadow and everyone teases me that she can't stand to have me out of her sight. I hate being away from her as well and usually take her with me if possible. The first couple of months when she was a baby were difficult for me as her demands were much greater & I was much sicker at that time.

    I have always had a dog and can't seem to be happy without that connection. I get a lot of satisfaction from being the caregiver and friend to my furry friends. Nothing finer than working in my garden with my furry friend beside me. (Big smile.)

    I am doing so much better using 1 capsule daily. I have been able to garden 2-3 hours the past couple days. Amazing. Don't think I want to up it to 2 capsules unless I start losing the energy. I still don't feel 100% but I'd guess I feel about 60-70% well. There is always something going on letting me know I am still sick. That dizzy feeling with ear and head pressure coming on, or chest pressure and then there is the migrating muscle aches. My temp has been around 99.5 the past couple days which sure beats 100.5. That one degree makes a BIG difference in how well I feel.

    Sure hope you start to feel some good results as I know you are looking for some relief. I think my sudden good results is not the norm. When reading the literature I see the norm takes 3-6 months for results. Also if there are other underlying infections you may not experience results.

    The longer you have CFIDS the more chance there is of having multiple infections I have read in several places. Cause you know the immune system cannot keep the virus, bacteria, yeast, or fungus suppressed. Since I have only been sick for a couple of years and before that I was very healthy it may well be part of the equation.

    In the scheme of things 3-6 months trial isn't too bad of a sacrafice. If I am not feeling almost well by then I may want to go to an infectious disease doc and get tested for lyme and mycoplasma.

    I was bit by a tick when I was in my late 20's. It burrowed very deep and was sucking my blood for about 8 hours and was hugely engorged when removed. If it had lyme I had plenty of exposure. I didn't get the bullseye rash but some say you don't have to.

    Then also I lived around a naval base most of my life and could have been exposed to mycoplasma via the navy population. These things I keep in the back of mind.

    Got to go fry chicken for dinner. For a special treat I fry it in unrefined coconut oil & sprinkle on sea salt ... makes it easy for me to digest without bad reactions.


  14. Plantscaper

    Plantscaper New Member

    Dear CLD,

    I went to visit some POM PUPs when I was looking for a dog, one time, so they may have been just "EXCITED" to see a new person, but were some of the most elated-personality+++ dogs..some Eskies are also very hyper, especially the smaller toy versions. I do enjoy the companionship (when a kid, I gravitated to all animals) of a dog, but when my mother got so sick, I felt extra burden from the needs of our dog. My dog used to follow me around in almost every activity, including gardening..dogs really want to be with their owners.

    Well, it looks as though it will take time to see what I will reap from the TF. Yea, it does seem there are many cofactors in our DDs that can continue to make us ill..but since you have not had these DDs for a long time, it bids well for a true recovery. I have had CFS for a long time and wonder how long it is going to take to retrieve a recovery, but I have seen more improvement in the last year than in twenty years..due to many gains that have been made in knowledge about how to treat our DDs.

    That chicken sounds delicious..may have to try it for myself..Well until we meet again,

    Have a great day,
  15. CelticLadee

    CelticLadee New Member

    Thanks Plantscaper... When your email arrives I will send you a reply.

    Yes, that was it. Poms do tend to be very excited when any new circumstance arrives whether a person, place or thing.
    I remember placing a bag of groceries on the table and leaving it there. Later my pom was barking her head off and in an attack stance. Very comical. Kill the grocery bag! They are creatures of consistency and things outside of the norm upset them. They are not usually calm like a golden lab although I have seen a few exceptions.

    It is marvelous that after being sick for so many years you have gained wellness from the applied knowledge you have acquired. The transfer factor may be a great help to you after the normal allowed time of 6 months. I was quite thrilled when Dr. Brewer reported that one of his patients was able to do a running marathon after being on ImmuneCare 64 a few short years. I won't expect such dramatic results but it does make me feel good that the potential to excel physically may be there someday.

    The chicken turned out delicious. I am going to try baking some cookies with unrefined sugar, unrefined coconut oil, dairy free semi sweet choc. chips, etc. I want to find a dessert that I can eat without having a bad reaction. I buy vegan cookies but they are $1.60 a piece and although I can only eat 1/2 a cookie a day that .80 cents a day adds up. I need the money for more supplements. lol.

    Talk to you soon.