UPDATE: daughters/suicide attempt

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  1. SerenityPheonix

    SerenityPheonix New Member

    dr released her wed afternoon. blood pressure had been stabilized and there are no lasting physical effects from what she did.

    mental health evaluated her and chose to send her home with me due to my background substance abuse counselor) and safety nets being in place such as, pills locked up, counseling waiting for her, psyche dr appt scheduled, etc

    we still have a journey with counseling to unravel why and how to avoid this choice in the future.

    i was checking the boards and saw how many of you had given support and prayers and i thank you all. we are still not out of the woods mentally so keep us in your prayers please.
  2. landra

    landra New Member

    She is lucky to be able to go home to all the resources you have.

    But I will throw in a caution, being a counselor myself with experience in substance abuse. You said "WE still have a journey ...how to avoid this choice in the future." It really is HER journey, and her choices at this point. Help as much as you would tell a family member to help. then get support for yourself to keep some boundaries/limits! So easy to tell others to do that, and so hard to do it ourselves!

    'Nuff said. Meantime I send warm hugs and support to both of you!
  3. hensue

    hensue New Member

    I have a sister that has a daughter that is 17 and she is not bad just going with a guy has no ambition. This girl has straight a's genuis iq and beutiful and i swear i am predjudice but i could back it up with pics. Her self esteem is low this is why she with him. I dont understand why?
    my mother had five of us. She always told me when they were between 16 to 26 they needed to be shipped off. She was just kidding understand. She was judge and you dont abandoned your children under the age of 18. She is having a time with this girl. she is not disrespectful.
    she works goes to school and plays varsity soccer 3 year and she is a junior. Also shadows a physciatrist her mother my sister has and explosive temper she is a school teacher reading intervention. I told her in the state of ga there is not a lot you can do she move in with her boyfriend if wants in this state. It is not illegal when she is 18 she can marry.
    This guy is an everday guy he dropped out of college now on a whim going into marines.
    big mistake telling my neice she could get his education money so what they are planning is marriage.
    My sister has fought and fought and both her kids tell me it is like walking on eggshells in there house. She is having a lot of problems now with son who is almost 14.
    I have told her to leave her alone. Let her do what she wants. She is not doing any illegal
    and the more she makes a big deal out of it the more she pushes her away.
    Her daughter called crying last weekend and believe me she is not a drama queen.
    she said she could not take any more.
    i dont know what is up with kids and i am sorry about your daughter. It just hit a chord because i worry about hers.
    They are into money and living large and expect her to marry within her means if you get my drift. they dont want marry want her to go to school.
    I have told them right now leave her alone she is fine and quit b at her.
    my boys at certain age around 17 and 18 they paid for their vehicles i just let them go and make their own mistakes.
    You can bring them up in a christian environment and teach them. You have more or else shown them the way.
    So now just be there for them. Just wanted to get feedback and sorry this should chit chat i realize. I know it is not as severe as your problem with your daughter. Why is though the
    mother and father dont think they have a problem.
    Hell they make me nervous. There expectations are beyond belief.
    so sorry
    on a lighter note i a have a friend who they finally sent her son to jail for a year it wasnt like jail jail. It was for substance abuse and suicide drinking and drugs. He has been clean for 2 years now. So what they had to do was tough love and guy was 29.
  4. campbeck97

    campbeck97 New Member

    Hi, was so glad to see your update on your daughter and happy she has improved and able to return home with you. I will continue to lift you both up in prayer! God Bless
  5. theycallmeLois

    theycallmeLois New Member

    I hope things are going well for the two of you. Sorry I keep missing you in the chat. Hope you are taking care of yourself during this rough time.

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