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    Oh my, I'm in a bind this year. I have a dental appt the day before Thanksgiving. I don't know if the tooth will be pulled (it's a back molar). Or prepped for a crown. Or what?

    I also need anesthesia. This will be the first time that I will have nitrous oxide (laughing gas). I don't know how I'll react to it.

    Kevin wants a traditional T-giving. We always have one. I guess I have to do most of my cooking / baking on Monday and Tuesday.

    This involves:

    **Baking 2 loaves no-salt bread for Kevin's stuffing (he can't have too much salt in his diet).

    **Baking 1 pumpkin pie, store-bought crust, making and baking pumkin filling with Splenda (Kevin's preferred sweetener - he's type 2 diabetic).

    **TURKEY-- it's 10 pounds. We cook it on top of the stove, in a covered roasting pan. Celery, onions, fresh herbs, garlic powder, giblets, and water. We put the lid on the pan, and STEAM. That's how we get the tons of "broth" for making gravy, during Thanksgiving and throughout the year. Broth can be frozen. And I can put the turkey parts in the oven, basted with butter to brown, yum!

    **Then we make homemade stuffing (TWO KINDS) on Thursday morning. Kevin uses the homemade bread. I use gluten-free store bought bread. Again, fresh washed chopped herbs (sage, chives, thyme). That involves toasting bread cubes in the oven on baking sheets. Then chopping the herbs, adding in the eggs and butter, etc.

    **Next is green beans. Fresh green beans, cleaned and steamed. One slice of fried bacon for flavor.

    **Last would be mashed potatoes. They are best, fresh. While the potatoes are boiling, Kevin makes his homemade gravy.

    **I like yams/sweet potatoes. I always get one, boil, peel, and re-heat with a bit of butter.

    Granni, you've been asking what everyone's cooking!! :)

    My question is -- will I be able to cook???

    I hope so. I hope I'll be able to cook Mon/Tues ----- and have Kevin's help on Thurs, if I'm not feeling well.

    Anyone have any suggestions on how to handle this better???? I wish we could just call in for a dinner to be delivered, but Kevin couldn't handle the salt intake.


    What are y'all cooking?? Or are you going out?

    Love, Diane
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    Hi, Diane. I LOVE nitrous!!!! I know people can have bad reactions to it, but I've never known anyone who did. I think it's pretty safe.

    You can always ask them to turn it low at first since you've never had it before.

    I've had teeth pulled before and also crown preps, and I think you should be okay. If you have the tooth pulled, you'll likely be on some kind of mild pain killer for a couple of days and might have some eating restrictions. I'd call your clinic and ask what to expect for after care in both scenarios.

    I don't really remember, but you might have a restriction with eating really hot foods and liquids for a few days if the tooth is pulled.

    I don't think I felt bad the next day after either procedure, but it does take awhile to recover from a pulled tooth.

    DH and I are making a turkey roulade stuffed with wild rice, chard, gruyere, pancetta, and fresh herbs. I'll also make a simple sweet potato soup and some kind of green bean dish with roasted mushrooms.

    DH doesn't like sweets, and I stay away for them for the most part. But on Thanksgiving and Christmas I do allow myself a piece of pie. I'll buy a piece of gluten-free pumpkin although I'm tempted by pecan pie.

    Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. In my opinion, it beats the pants off Christmas.

    I'm not religious, so what I appreciate about Thanksgiving is that it's all about being with friends and loved ones and sharing a great meal. Thanksgiving is secular and doesn't exclude people of different beliefs.

    Hope it works out well for you!
    (Can you take Advil? You could ask if the pain from a pulled tooth could be controlled with Advil so you wouldn't have any groggy effects.)
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    Hi JK----

    Thanks for your reply!

    Thanks for your opinion on Nitrous. Really appreciate it.

    Last year (earlier this year??) I had major dental work. I needed to be put under. I had to meet with the anesthesiologist, dental office, dentist, etc. The first time we all met, all was OK. We signed papers for financing (we paid it off, before the HIGH interest kicked in!).

    The second time was the "first" procedure, the temp crowns, anesthesia, etc. I was still OK. I was "under" for 6 hours! I was wanting to get out of the chair and use the restroom. They said to wait, someone would accompany me (my hubby).

    The third time, I was disappointed. I needed to have more general anesthesia. And the permanent crowns were put in place. Etc., whatever else they did. It took less time than the second procedure, but I felt worse. I was dizzy, woozy, needed to use the restroom, could barely stand. And the dental assts helped me out of the chair, sat me in a wheelchair, and out to the elevator.

    It was like -- we did it. You're finished. We have your financing papers in place. Duh. I was soooo disappointed.

    Since then, I've done more research. MORE DENTAL OFFICES cater to white knuckle patients, with sedation. I found an office close to where I live, less than a mile. They use nitrous --- unless you have a consult with the doc first, to talk about "valium-type" sedatives. Or want to use an anesthesiologist.

    So I opted for the nitrous. My tooth has broken down to the gum-line. It needs to be "fixed", before the filling falls out. I so hope the nitrous agrees with me. And I can take percocet (I cut the pills in quarters -- sensitive to codeine).

    MAY I HAVE SOME OF YOUR TURKEY???That sounds delicious!!!!I too agree about T-giving being better than Christmas! :)

    Last time, I got no instructions from the dental office. This time, I hope I will. I guess we'll see.

    If I have to eat room-temp food, that's ok. If I have to drink through a straw, that's ok too. If I have to eat MY T-giving dinner a week late, well ... I'll certainly be hungry for it! LOL

    Thank you for your reply! I'll let y'all know how the dental appt/procedure went.

    Enjoy your Thanksgiving, JK.

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    Hello. Testing. 1, 2, III.

    Hi Diane, Tried to post here earlier. My post disappeared, and I got
    a pop up saying I was not allowed to post. The electronic gremlins
    at work again.

    Anyway looks like you guys are all prepared to do a lotta cooking.

    Bon appetit.

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    Hi, y'all!

    And Happy Thanksgiving, a day early. :)

    I have most of my cooking and baking done already. Pumpkin pie is baked. Turkey is cooked. Lots of broth for gravy. Green beans are done. My yams are cooked. Bread is baked.

    Tomorrow will be making the homemade stuffing. And mashed potatoes. Kevin bought a small sliced ham, which he eats in small portions on account of the sodium. Kevin is quite unique! LOL I never met a person, except for him, who loves homemade turkey gravy w/taters, but will not eat the turkey itself. :)

    I made it through my dental appt this morning. Just as I thought, I needed a crown (but not a root canal). The dentist said that pulling the tooth would be a mistake. So all that prep work for the temp crown was done this morning (permanent crown will be ready on or about Dec 14). I got through it all without the nitrous. Just three small jabs of novocaine.

    Since the novocaine wore off, I'm in some pain -- more than I thought I'd be, for one tooth being worked on. But the dentist said that it's a large molar. I've taken an aspirin and 3/4 of a percocet. I may try some warm salt water rinse, maybe some anbesol, if the pain doesn't go down soon. But -- I'm OK. Thank you for all your good wishes for me.

    Your meals sound delicious. And Rock, that pic looks just like our feast. :)

    Anyways, I'm running out of steam. Back to the couch and the blankie. Y'all have a great holiday! Talk to y'all soon.

    Hugs, Diane
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    Diane, I'm glad your tooth is doing ok for now! Have a great Thanksgiving. GB