update- doing better (CFS)- and supp ideas

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by bigmama2, Oct 27, 2010.

  1. bigmama2

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    hi all, it's been a long time since i've posted. well, a few months. i have been thru some really strange times (don't ask) but lately my CFS is better. just wanted to share the things that 'MIGHT" have helped.

    -i switched from regular tablet multivitamins to a gel vitamin. (Carlson's Multi Gel) i really like it.
    - found a product that is a spray on skin (transdermal) magnesium. it is called ancient minerals or something. but other companies make it as well. i couldnt take the oral (pill) magnesium because it would aggrivate my irr bowel (diarreah). and they say that magnesium is so important for cfs and fm patients.
    - co-q-10 in a special form called Ubiquinol.
    - l-carnitine

    i never thought i would make it to this level of more mild cfs. it has been mild for a whole month or so. (!!!) of course i dont know if it will last, but i will let you guys know.

    best wishes to you all,

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  2. mbofov

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    That is really good news! thanks for letting us know. Those are all good things you are doing. One more thing you might try is d-ribose. This is the fuel the cells use to produce ATP for energy. It's best to take in small doses (e.g., 1/2 tsp.) 4 or 5 times a day as it has a short half life.

    I have a question about your spray on magnesium - does it sting? I have some magnesium oil I got from swanson's and it stings a bit so I really haven't used it much. I don't know if all products are like this. I know I could use more magnesium, so if your product is better, I may switch.

    Take care -

  3. bigmama2

    bigmama2 New Member

    thanks guys.

    yes i should add the dribose. good idea.

    the mag spray did sting the first few times i used it, and it will still sting if i have any small cuts etc. i have no idea if Ancient Minerals is any better than swanson's brand or any other brand. i am just glad that some companies make transdermal magnesium sprays!!!! i spray it on my inside of wrists and top of hands- places that are close to blood vessels to try to help it get absorbed better.

    my vit d level has gone up from a super low of 14 to a still too low of 29. but its getting there! i think i will go sit out in the sun for a bit right now!

  4. mbofov

    mbofov Active Member

    for the info. I'll try what I have on my wrists and hands and see what happens.

  5. greatgran

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    So happy to hear you have improved so much.. Maybe there is hope for all of us ..

    I have tried most of the supplements, have for years but no drastic improvement. The ribrose didn't work for me .. I have a whole bottle of that and MSM would love to sent you.. lol..

    Stay well,
  6. bigmama2

    bigmama2 New Member


    by the way, i am not sure why i am better, it could be related to the supplements, or it could be just the natural course of my cfs, or it could be something else. it is a mystery. i wish i knew the truth! i would love to help others, so i am just passing along what is going on with me, at least to offer hope. i was so ill for so long. still ill, but much less so now.

    the magnesium spray is something most people have not tried. maybe it would help a bit. i don't know. maybe try the inexpensive one first. also another way to get magnesium thru the skin is to take a bath with epsom salts. they are cheap - a few bucks- avail at any drugstore. my mom has tried this bath a few times and she said it is veeery relaxing. (as in do it before bedtime!)

    good luck to all, and at least they are working on xmrv, maybe that will benefit us eventually???

  7. therron

    therron New Member

    That's wonderful! I'm glad you're having a break from more severe symptoms. I like your tips about transdermal magnesium. I don't get diarreah, even when upping my dose, but I believe it is because I'm not able to absorb supplements properly. I think I'll try the spray. On the other hand, I'm overreactive to many supplements, especially CoQ10, even in Ubiquinol form. I'd like to try it at a super reduced dose, but it's a gel tab, and I'm not sure if this is ok.

    Happy healing. Continue the fight!

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