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    I haven't posted for a while. I'd tried a new dr and didn't follow through with him -- office very unprofessional. BUT he did send me for a sleep study
    AND that lead to a dr that has been very helpful. The sleep study showed no breathing problems which was a relief. THE sleep dr however did adjust my meds...
    120mg Cymbalta a day... I haven't felt so clear headed in years. ALSO, added neurontin... I haven't taken that for a while and now I have so much less pain in the pressure point area above my knees, and in my shoulders, and back. I still have PAIN from my bulging disc that limits me a lot. BUT, I will live with that one. ALSO, he gave me LOTS of ideas about my sleep hygene which had been very poor. I am sleeping better (not the best but better)
    I still suffer from CFS and have to limit myself.
    I'm also avoiding caffine and sugar as much as possible. (DID pretty good through Christmas :)
    I also added a new picture to my profile my newest great niece with her Aunt Con (I have 16 nephews and nieces and 20 great nephews and nieces and 2 on the way so wonderfully blessed)
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    I have a sister named Connie, so the name is a good one!
    I hope your new adjustment of meds helps and that you have a great New Year's! We plan to go to our pastor's house (a family celebration) and be home by 9:00...not a wild evening, but it should be nice! Take care... Terri
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    Glad to hear you're feeling better ... it always brings a smile to my face to hear that about anyone here, because we all know the flip side. Hooray for finding a doctor you like (you lucky thing, lol!), too.

    Your newest family member is precious!!!!! Congrats, GREAT Aunt!

    Happy New Year to you!!