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    Hi everybody,
    I went for my appointment today at the hospital to see the ME specialist he asked me how i was and i told him i had been signed of work with high blood pressure and stress, i told him my memory is getting very bad and i'm worried one day i might forget were i live or who i am and its really worrying me as all my symptoms seem to be getting much worse.
    He said i am up to the highest dose on the amitriptyline tablets 100mg so he cannot help me any more so he is sending me to another DR i can't remember his name, he'll send me a letter with an appointment he is specialist who deals with cognetive therapy some thing to do with the brain and memory i think, i just wondered if any one else has hed cognetive therapy and what you do, does it hurt and does it help.has any one got any information about it at all.
    kind regards Loopyloo xx
    Loopyloo xx
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    This is not a drug or physical therapy so it won't harm you in that respect.

    It is a form of psychotherapy which is theoretically designed to help you cope better.

    It's a therapy that's been promoted as a treatment in the UK. It has certainly helped some but it seems to depend upon the patient's level of illness, whether they have problems that make them suitable for this approach, and most importantly the therapist.

    Basically, I far as I can ascertain, you address the difficulties you are having and find positive ways of dealing with them.

    Some people only realised they had got stuck in an activity/crash cycle after undergoing this therapy. It's designed to maximise your level of activity.

    It appears to be the mainstay treatment of Professor Findlay and his team at the ME centre in Essex, England.

    If you do decide to give this a try it is absolutely essential the therapist firstly acknowledges CFS as a real illness and secondly has a good understanding of it's ramifications.


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    is amitryptiline all your specialist gives you?
    Did he not suggest that you take vitamin B complex, vitamin C and E, vitamin B12, co-enzyme Q10 and possibly some other things?
    I don't know your financial situation, but maybe you need a different ME specialist?
    Did you have tests for EBV, HHV6, Chlamydia pneumonensis, mycoplasma? Have you had a test for parasites and bacterial infections of your intestines? Did you have a full lymphocyte count (CD3, CD4, CD8, NK cells and B cells)? Tests for mercury or other heavy metal toxicity (lead, fluoride)? Tests for celiac disease, lyme disease, food allergies?
    Does your specialist belong to those UK specialists who think it's all 'in your head'? if yes, then look for someone else.
    cognitive behavioural therapy will teach you how to cope with being ill, but it will not address any possible underlying causes.
    all the best,