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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by steve69h, Dec 24, 2005.

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    Hey everyone First let me say happy winter solstice and Mery chrismas. 2nd I have been seeing a new set of Dr's I'm now seeing the ID Dr's at University Hospital here in Denver. They are really great and the Dr Im seeing for my HIV is also very well educated on Fibro also. Also the Cancer Dr Has been working with Fibro pt's for the last 15yrs and my Shrink is very familar with Fibro also. So I hit the jackpot and they are very agressive with me to get things under control. My HIV stat were recently tested and there were very bad my Viral load was over 126,000 and T Cells were 250 (very Bad numbers for both ) My Dr she changed my Meds and retested and as of last week My T Cells are 520 and my Viral load is down to 200-400.(yea) My K.S.Cancer seams to be holding steady and the broncitus and asthma are doing ok with the new meds also. I recently started muscle relaxers for the spasums in my back and leggs and the pain thru out so far so good. My Bipolar is doing good also they increased my dose of Depakote so I'm feeling more human now then I have in a long time. Well trying to keep this short and really have missed being around the sight got new online service finally so I'll be able to be here more often. Take care everyone and Happy Holidays and let us hope this next year brings a little less pain for each and everyone of us . Steve in Colorado
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    The counts really did improve! That's wonderfull news! You have a lot on your plate with all the diagnoses that you have Steve.

    My son has bipolar disorder and is not taking any medications right now. He overdosed twice during his two suicide attempts, and his liver is not good. The first time he was 21 and the second, 26. He's now 31. He's afraid to take any medication. I've tried to tell him that the newer medication is much better, but he's hard to convince.

    It's so difficult to have a balance of meds and health with so much going on. Not only does disease throw everything off, but meds can as well.

    It'll be good to see you on more often and to get to know you better.

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    I am glad your lab results are better now. You are so fortunate to have such excellent doctors who seem to really know how to take care of you.

    Also, God bless you for your positive uplifting attitude in the face of your challenges. I read your bio and see you broke up with your partner of 11 years.

    I have a very dear friend who was sort of dumped by his partner and now is in a terrible tailspin. I have known him for over 20 years and feel so bad because no one can reach him. He also dropped out of site from friends.

    I pray to hear from him one day and would like to help if possible. Oh well, I can only hope one day he calls.

    Every single day is a battle to keep a life in spite of fibro. When I read your post it made me feel very good and I am so glad you are back with us again.

    Happy holidays to your also!!!!
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