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    Let me begin by saying THANK-YOU to all who have taken the time to reply to my posting and sharing your stories.
    This is an AWESOME SITE...
    OK, here's the latest as of 7/24/08 (my second visit to the Podiatrist-sp?)
    He said my left foot was really bad and my right one wasn't looking much better.
    He fitted me with a foot insert then placed a round heavy piece of foam in the middle of the insert. He then cut out a semi-circle and placed it in back of my shoe. While he was doing that, his nurse was removing the padding & support from my new (one year old pair of reebock's). The old padding needed to be removed for the new insert.
    Long story short, I wore them out of the office and was glad to get home to remove what use to be the most comfortable pair of shoes I could wear. I've tried to wear them three times since and they are very uncomfortable.
    Now, these small white lumps around the back of my foot, coming up the ankle have appeared and he said they look like small nodules (forgot the name of them, it's the kind of lumps you get when it's not cancer) mylenoma???
    He was very kind when he said it could have developed due to so much inflamation & my weight. (I've lost 7 pounds since my last visit. (HUMMMM)) I'm sure he will order an MRI at my next visit.
    Yes, I do have one small spurr, but he said it shouldn't cause the bad pain,lumps or the big toe problem. Since I've had 3 cervical surgeries with spurrs, I know how bad spurrs can be.
    Also the veins on the side & bottoms of both feet are very dark and at night it looks like I've been bruised really bad.
    He didn't suggest a shot in the feet at this visit and I really don't know what to expect when I tell him the insert is to uncomfortable and not helping the pain, at my next visit in two weeks.

    If you remember in my first post, I told how I didn't approach my family doctor with this problem, because it seems like everyone who goes there has some type of arthritis. So instead I chose to go the specialist first.
    Sure enough, yesterday I had an appt. with my family doctor, brought him the x-ray report and all he said was,
    "You have a spurr & arthrities."
    Didn't even offer me any type of anti-inflamatory. So it always pays to get a second opinion. He acted like it was NOTHING... I was really upset with him, plus he didn't take the time to even look at my feet. You would think after waiting one hour & 1/2 to see him, I deserved more than 4 minutes in the room with him.

    The x-ray report read that both big toes were seperating from the other ones.
    I ask him what the best shoes to wear and his nurse suggested Easy Spirit but he wears crocks and so do I.
    They feel better than any shoe I've ever wore for now. He said not to buy the off brand. They don't have the support needed.
    I guess that's it for now. He did tell me not to go barefoot, nor wear sandles or flip flops.
    We have wood floors and a concrete basement floor. I just slip on my Crocks when it's time to walk. I hope I've provided you with the info needed and ask that you please continue to keep me in your prayers.
    Some days my feet hurt worse than others. He truly beleive that the Fibro has alot to do with this foot problem.
    Until then:
    God Bless,

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    First, that is the most unprofessional podiatrist therapy I've heard of. Did he suggest permanent orthotics? Please don't; they can be very difficult to wear for people with FM.

    Next, painful feet is so very common in people with FM, it is truly a burden upon us.

    Considering our feet bear our weight when we are even able to stand, you need help!

    I suggest a foot bath machine, which could help the circulation, pain meds which truly help (maybe even an aspirin when all else fails), and possibly OsteoBi-Flex, which helps my osteoarthritis enormously. Also, Omega-3s help my inflammation so much.

    This is such a pain...pun intended! Hope you find help you need. I'd also make your doctor LOOK at your feet!

    Maybe an osteopath is needed.


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