update fyi...on scalp parasites and flagyl use

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    So far, and I took the 1st dose of 3 per day 500mg ea on Thurs eve approx 7pm.

    The parasites in m scalp are still alive & thriving and absolutely no side effects or any difference at all from taking the flagyl.

    Waiting for the die-off to start as then I willl know the med has gotten to them but no change yet.

    I did something maybe *****risky, toxic, dangerous or stupid or all of the above last night out of desperation ********* I am trying to get this action going, the die off or anything to start happening, so I literally took my fingertips and massaged the scalp area where they are clustered and there is one huge area, I would say a 4 inch circle raised & soft where most of them are, or at least it is the worst spot. If I run my fingernail across the top of the bump it feels like a bunch of needles poking thru my scalp. Doc in ER said that is their heads just above skin to breathe, their bodies grow spikes to hold on and hold in like a porcupine....well, I just started pressing & massaging on that whole area hoping to (gross coming up, sorry) hoping to squish them to death and kill them off that way. Yes, I did think all of a sudden I will have this huge pool of extreme toxins all in one spot inside my scalp and what can happen from that? Is it too toxic all at once for my body to dispose of or deal with? I can tell if they are dead or alive as after I used the RID shampoo after first Doc visit at ER they felt dead in that area as when I would touch or press on that spot it had no feeling. No tiny needle like spikes hurting. Those little spikes are so tiny but oh man, is is so very painful, it is all I can stand to just disturb them as they then start moving & wiggling and those spikes just have such a strong sharp needle pain....so, right now, they are still alive. I must have managed to kill off some as I just kept rubbing & pressing as hard as I could and it did not do the trick though so going to do that again here in a few minutes, just try to massage & keep squishing. The scalp has openings worst case scenario I get an incredible gross bunch of dead ick oozing our but I do not care. I am obviously desperate to get this show on the road. Kill these things & get them out of me. Not expelling any the other way yet since starting flagyl.

    I am scheduled to go on a trip, a 5 day stay up in the mtns on Wallawa Lake & have a romantic get away with my Stewart, the love of my life I met beginning of last yr after enduring an incredibly abusive & ugly & lonely, unhappy marriage for 8 yrs. The moment we went thru a trauma with my ex's heart/pacemaker malfunction and 24 hrs of adrenaline caused in me an 'adrenal storm' which brought on fibro, I all of a sudden had no value as I lost my $$$ career I was no longer of any value and was just a burden.

    So.....I want these parasites over & done as the cabin on the lake where Stewart (fiance) and I go, it is our 'heaven on earth' spot and I don't wanna still be dealing with these little critters in my head.

    Will report in any change.

    I did email Dr Dakos, he is either going to think I am a raving lunatic or typical fibro sufferer desperate for hope, help,change, improvement.

    Take care,
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    So sorry that you are dealing with that!

    It will be interesting to see if the Flagyl is effective.

    I have read alot of message board threads about parasites on lymenet.org, and from what I read, it sounds like it can take a long time to eradicate some parasites.

    There are people on lymenet.org's Medical Questions Board with the screen names GiGi and glm1111 who are especially knowledgeable about parasites and had first hand experience with them.

    I remember reading posts that said it took them many months to eradicate intestinal parasites.

    Good luck, I hope this medication works for you!