Update -good news but need prayer for health

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    My husband got a call from unemployment and they are going to restart his claim. Not sure yet on when the check will get here or for how much . He still has to contact the apartment management as we are late on rent and now have to pay a late fee of 75.oo .

    The other thing is our health is not good. I had started a RA drug called arava and had some bad side effects . I'm off the drug now. But my chest is really sore when breathing or lying down ,numbness and pain in neck ,lower back(spine) ,knees ,right side of face,feet and hands,throat. With increasing swelling in joints,dizziness when standing. The stomach pain that I had is not as bad . Not all of this is from the drug ,some is from the RA and the other stuff is from something that is wrong with my cns . I haven't seen a neurologist yet because I don't have a primary care doctor. I do have an appointment with one on the 28th but he doesn't take same day appointment with new patient because he has an really busy office. He takes medi-cal ins. and he the only doctor in our area that does. If thinking get so bad that I can't take it anymore I'll go to the ER . But it's going to have to get really bad or life threatening for me to do that. I going to hate hospitals. =)
    My husband is also is a considerable amount of pain with his ankle. He's take up to 4 to 8 vicodin a day and its still not helping much with the pain ,plus he take an prescription anti inflammatory for the swelling but his ankle is still huge. The doctors did tell him that it would take up to 6 months for the swelling to go down after his surgery but he is really anxious to find a job and work again. With all the elevating it and pills you'd think that it would be getting better? But its been since 5/8 and it's still looks ugly swollen. And the doctors say that they can't do anymore for him. It hurts to see him in so much pain.
    But at least we'll have the unemployment for a little while longer . We well lose the food stamps and the medi-cal ins. as of next month. So I'll be with out health insurance again. =(
    It terrible that the government feels that a family of 3 can live off of 935.00 a month. You can only get food stamps if your income is 1000 a month or least. Crazy huh? It's a good thing that God's rules aren't the same as mans . God provides for everyone who asks. =)

    We'll got to go for now but I'll keep you all in my prayers and all get you a praise report real soon!

    Love you all,=)

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    Oh, you've been going through so much! I so admire your faith and trust in God.

    I'm so sorry that you're going through all those nasty side-effects of the med. you were on.

    So thankful that God is so much larger than we can imagine - that he never grows weary like we do. That he is working in our lives through all these sufferings!

    Praying for your husband's ankle, and for your health needs. All of your needs in every area.

    You chose a good user-name - Jesus shines in you and through you in the midst of all these troubles. It's very beautiful.

    Will keep you in my prayers,
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    I am so glad things are started to turn around. I will keep praying and I pray the food situation is relieved by God's provision for you and your family . I also pray that you and your husband will soon get the right meds and/or treatments that you need to feel better soon.