UPDATE: GOOD NEWS! I need advice....I'm really scared!

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  1. kjade

    kjade New Member

    As some of you already know, I just recently got over pneumonia. I was pretty sick for about 3 weeks with pneumonia and pleurisy; I was hospitalized for 3 days. It has been about 2 months since it started, and I am finally starting to feel a little better.

    My Dr. wanted me to have a chest x-ray done to make sure everything is cleared up, which I did. I went in a few days ago, and he didn’t have the report so I had to wait while he contacted the place. He came back in the room, and said he needed to talk to me about the results, which scared me a little. He was in a big hurry it seemed – it was Saturday, and they were ready to go home. He kind of mentioned matter-of-factly that I have a scar on my lung; probably caused by the pneumonia. I didn’t think much of it; I just asked if it was something to worry about, and he really didn’t seem too concerned.

    Well yesterday his office called me and said he was finally able to look at the x-ray and got the full report. He wants me to have a cat scan done ASAP because there is a nodule on my lung that he wants to look at more closely. I am scheduled for the cat scan in 2 days.

    I started to look up “lung nodules” online, and I got really scared. From what I have read, the “nodule” could be lung cancer, OR it could simply be benign, and they will just have to watch it to make sure it doesn’t grow. I read that most of these nodules are found when a person has an x-ray for something else, and that these nodules generally don’t cause any other symptoms. Of course I googled lung cancer, and I do NOT have any of the symptoms of that, other than chronic bronchitis and lung infections. And most recently the pneumonia. I am short of breath, but that is still from the pneumonia; but that has really improved a lot since I was sick.

    I am so worried about this…..it is making me sick. Has anyone ever had or heard of someone who had these nodules on their lungs, and they turned out fine? I did read that 40% of them are cancerous. Please help me to calm down..

    *******I wrote an update at the bottom of the thread if anyone is interested*******[This Message was Edited on 03/12/2010]
  2. mysticbrit

    mysticbrit New Member

    Also lots of support. I have nothing in the way of knowledge about this situation but I will pray that your tests are all negative.

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  3. Asatrump

    Asatrump New Member

    I would be scared too. But I would do as much research as possible, especially if they say surgery. I don't know it is an option, but I suggest looking up cyber knife as a possible alternative???? prayers for you.
  4. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Oh, I can imagine how afraid you must be. Sometimes too the more you know the more afraid you get. I had something similar to me happen with the possibility of breast cancer. Luckily, it was decided I had nothing to worry about after going to a specialist and having a breast sonogram and specilty mammogram (I forget what they called it). Turned out to be nothing. However I went through weeks of worry, etc. etc. At least you will have the cat scan in two days and will know something. Of course then you might have to have a biopsy. Not sure what they can specifically tell from the scan.

    I do not know that much about people having lung lesions or growths which may or may not be cancerous. However, I do know of some people who went it for scans when told something was seen on the x-ray just to make sure.

    Most of them turned out to be nothing at all or benign.

    TRY not too worry so much about it . It will just make you feel worse. I know that is hard and I know from experience about thinking about it and worry !! If you do not have any of the symptoms, I would say there is a good chance is not cancerous IF they do find something. However,I would say there would be an excellent chance if they did find something it would be in the very EARLY stages, which would be good.

    Lots of LOVE and HUGS,

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  5. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Aargh, this new thing coming up. But try to stay calm. Lots of people have fibroids in
    their breasts and cysts in the abdomen and they turn out to be benign.

    I had a thickening of the skin above my right breast a long time ago and frightened
    just like you. Especially when i got a blood test done for abnormal cells. But it turned
    out to be nothing and its back to normal no thickening nothing but a scare obviously
    at the time.

    Try to do some breathing exercises to calm yourself down and visualise that its nothing.

    Obviously when the cat scan comes out you will be able to relax more.

    Meanwhile prayers going out for you.

    God Bless
  6. HeavenlyRN

    HeavenlyRN New Member

    ....I know exactly what you are going through. I was in the hospital in February for increasing back and flank pain. Turns out I have a a bunch of cysts on my kidneys. But there is one on my left kidney that is called a "complex cyst" and it has to come out.

    I will be having a partial nephrectomy (part of my kidney will be removed) on April 8th. We won't know until the biopsy if it is cancerous or not.

    I'm not sure what words of wisdom I can impart to you. The waiting is horrible, I know. And sometimes, ignorance is bliss. I wish I hadn't "googled" so much information!

    The next time you see your doctor, or talk to him on the phone, don't let him go until you have all of your questions answered. And start making a list now of the questions and concerns that you have.

    Keep us updated and good luck.
  7. lgp

    lgp Well-Known Member

    I know you are very frightened; the waiting is the worst part. Try and stay calm and focused and just ask the doctor to call you immediately with the results. Uusually, the radiologist will agreeably do a 'verbal' with the doctor.

    Several years ago I had a nodule in my neck and my primary sent me for a neck scan and to an oncologist--I was scared out of my wits. The nodule turned out to be no more than a fluid filled sac. I made my best friend come with me for the neck scan. They did not want to let her in with me, and then she told them she was my 'life partner,' so they let her in and she talked them into giving me the results right there--she is very personably pushy. And they did....

    I know you are going to have a sleepless night or two before the CAT scan. Please know that all of us here will be thinking of you. And please post as soon as you know anything..we are here waiting.

  8. victoria

    victoria New Member

    So sorry, I agree sometimes it's the waiting and worrying that's the hardest part. I can't add anything else other than what others have said, I've also had some scares that turned out to not be scary after all. Considering what you've gone thru with the pneumonia, it seems reasonable that it's likely what's caused this, but they're just making doubly sure. And that's a good thing, in the end.

    I'll be thinking about you too, prayers/thoughts going your way all the way from south of the border... You have so much going on in your life right now, this extra stress isn't helpful I know.

    take care of yourself first and foremost.
    all the best,

  9. kjade

    kjade New Member

    Thank you so much everyone - your support, prayers, and kindness mean so much to me. Other than all of you guys, only my DH knows about this. I really didn't want to tell anyone else at the moment.

    I am still terrified, but oddly enough, in a way, I am not. I can't explain it. I guess it may be because I have spent the majority of my adult life going to Drs, getting tested for this or that, (I have had testing done on virtually every part of my body in my lifetime....I feel like I have had every test done that there is). And every time, EVERY time, I was told it was nothing. Or it was negative. And that I was ok. I was told my was too anxious; I was called a Hypochondriac, told I was obsessive-compulsive; that I was depressed; that I was trying to get attention; that I had major mental issues because I was so obsessed with my health, and so on and so on.

    It wasn't until 3 years ago that I was finally sent to a Rheumatologist, and he diagnosed Fibromyalgia. I was relieved in a way, because I finally knew what was wrong with me; but at the same time I was very, VERY angry. Angry that I had spent so many years of needless suffering and worrying. Angry that I had been "labeled" things that weren't even true. And angry that no one had believed me. Over the past 3-4 years, I have worried less about my health, and more about other things (family, money, work, ect....). It just seemed that every time another problem or symptom came up, it was just brushed off as Fibromyalgia or my allergies. Most recently, I had a X-ray and a MRI of my hip because I have this severe intense pain a lot there. It started during my last pregnancy. Tests showed NOTHING once again. Drs said it must just be Fibro or bursitis, and just gave me injections that didn't work. That has been very frustrating, to say the least, but at least I knew it was nothing serious. In fact, I expected the tests to show nothing...since that is what they have always shown.

    This is different; you can't blame this one on Fibromyalgia. So the fear that this could be real and serious is what is making me so scared. But like I said, at the same time, I am not too concerned about it. However, I have started thinking way too far into the future...I have started to imagine the worst, and that is what I don't want to think about. What if? What if? I don't even want to say what I have been really thinking....it is too depressing.

    I spoke with the nurse today because I wanted to schedule an appt ASAP after the test. She said it could just be the scarring from pneumonia, or it could be cancer. She told me to try and not worry, and that they would call me Friday as SOON as they get the results. If the results are not good, would the Dr tell me over the phone? Or would they tell me I MUST come in to talk to him? If that happens I will probably freak out, because I wouldn't be able to see him until next week!!

    Anyway, thank you everyone again for replying. Hearing your stories of having your scares turn out to be nothing was very comforting. I will definitely let you all know what I find out. Thank you for caring!! :)
  10. kjade

    kjade New Member

    I had so much blood work when I was in the hospital. It seemed like they were constantly sticking me and taking more and more blood. I also had x-rays and a cat scan. When I arrived at the ER, and they took blood, the Dr said there was something that came back that didn't look right, so they were afraid I could have a blood clot in the lung. That is why they did the cat scan. The cat scan obviously showed the pneumonia, but nothing else that they mentioned. I have the report from the CT scan, but I don't understand what a lot of it means. There is one part that says "Cortically based lesion in the midpole left kidney which appears to contain some fat; correlate with angiomyolipoma". And another part that says "extensive consolidation in the interior left upper lobe and lingula and a few patchy peripheral opacities in the bilateral upper lobes and left lower lobe. Correlate with infectious infiltrates". And "No evidence of pulmonary embolism". Again, not sure what any of that means but I am guessing it has to do with the pneumonia.??

    I would think that if something was really wrong, they would have found it while I was in the hospital, right? I mean, wouldn't my blood work have shown something abnormal? I assume they check for everything when you are hospitalized, am I right? If someone has cancer, doesn't their white or red cell count come back abnormal?

    I just keep thinking that it must be ok or else they would have found it there. I don't get how your lung can get a "scar" though. Is it like a scar you get on your skin? And how does it get there? I am just curious how all of this occurs.
  11. lgp

    lgp Well-Known Member

    My FIL has had pneumonia several times and years ago he had malaria while he was a prisoner of war. The malaria weakend his lungs, doctors believe, leaving him susceptible to pneumonia.
    He has a great deal of scarring on his lungs as the result of the pneumonia. My sister also has a scar on her lung from a bout of pneumonia when she was seven years old, and she's 52 now.

    Lung scarring can be from many things, particularly pneumonia, and not necessarily cancer.

  12. spacee

    spacee Member

    what an ordeal to be going through. You and Heavenly.

    I will just relate one thing my son had (not like either of yours but still freaked me out). Ct showed lesion with extensive remodeling of his sinus. Turned out he had laid some sod in our yard, was allergic to the mold in the sod. The allergy made his nose run, he put his hand to his nose and sniffed the mold into his sinus.

    There the mold grew and remodeled his sinus for him. Did have to be surgically removed.

    Just saying there are some weird things that go on with people's organs that aren't cancer.

    Praying for both of you.

  13. kjade

    kjade New Member

    I FINALLY got the call from the Dr today. I had the cat scan yesterday. I have been a nervous wreck waiting and waiting for what seemed like weeks.
    So I went to work today and waited all day for him to call me. They said if I didn't hear from them by 1:00 to call so I waited (patiently) until 2:00. She said he was with a patient and would have to call me back later. :[

    Well he called right away and said it was good news. That the questionable spot they saw was scarred tissue from the pneumonia, and that it was "healing nicely". It also said that my lungs were much, much better than they were since my first scan when I was hospitalized. He just wants me to get another scan in 6 months to make sure it is all cleared up.

    Thank God.....I am just so grateful. This has been so scary and stressful, and has put my body into a major flare. My chest muscles have been so tight, that it really hurts to even try to stretch my chest or to even touch the muscles.

    You know what is really weird? I understand how the mind effects the body. I get all of that. Naturally when we are stressed or upset, our body reacts with symptoms. (I know mine does!!) But all week, my chest hurt so bad (esp on the left side, which is where the pneumonia was). I kept getting really sharp pains in my chest/lung area. Now that I have heard that everything is ok, miraculously that pain has gone away. How does the brain know to send pain signals to the area that I am scared about??!!

    Anyway, thank you all so much for your prayers and your support. It really helped and I am ever so grateful for you all. Your stories and your words were very calming at a time that I needed it. I am so ready to really try to get myself healthier now. I am so sick of this pneumonia already and the havoc it has caused. I want to be myself again (well at least as good as I can be with Fibro. :/
  14. Pippi1313

    Pippi1313 New Member

    I've had p-monia a gajillion times (roughly) & it does leave scars on the lungs.
    I always let new docs & hospital docs know about that, so they don't get all freaked by the x-rays.
    (Amazingly, I have no breathing problems! Just a susceptibility to p-monia.)

    I'm SOOOOOO glad you're OK!!!!!

    What you said about being labeled a hypochondriac (or attention seeker) REALLY hit home for me.

    It's so inhumane when we know there's something wrong, but some doctor decides it's "all in her head".
    I say "her" head, cuz this happens routinely to women, more so than men.

    A few years ago, I was in terrible agony from an intestinal blockage (it nearly killed me).
    The first (sorry excuse of a) doc decided it was all in my head.
    His "diagnosis" went into my file, hence, every doc after that began with the assumption that it was all in my head, & didn't look for any other cause.
    I wound up in the hospital seeking help.
    Imagine my horror when they drugged me & I came to locked in the psych ward!!!!!!
    They said they had "proven" there was nothing wrong with me, & I wouldn't be released until I "admitted" I was faking the whole "illness"!!!
    I refused to admit any such thing, of course, & they had to let me out after 3 or 4 days. (3 or 4 days with NO medical care whatsoever.)

    Several days later, as I was literally dying, my family took me to another hospital. (I was barely conscious & couldn't stop them. They physically carried me into the ER.)

    Thank God, a doc there decided to do his own tests & found the blockage, which was caused by scar tissue from an old surgery. (A very common condition which any med student shoulda caught.)
    He saved my life, with no time to spare. In fact, he was amazed I had survived as long as I did.

    A year later, a distant MALE relative came down with the exact same symptoms.
    HIM they took at his word, did a few simple tests, found an intestinal blockage, & had him fixed up & back at home within a week.

    I had suffered agony & inhuman indignities for MONTHS before I got real medical help.

    So, I DO know your anger at the situation!!!!!

    We must never let them get away with this stuff!
    We know when we're sick.

    We can't make them do their jobs, but we hafta keep trying to live.

    I'm so sorry you had to go thru that it's-all-in-your-head stuff.
    I know how infuriating it is. I know it made me very bitter & very enraged for a very long time.
    Because of this (prolonged) experience, I'll never trust a doctor.
    Even though I have a good doc now, I can't help wondering what evil thing he'll do when he turns against me.
    Yes, I know that's extreme thinking, & not all docs are gonna try so hard to actively kill me. But the experience leaves a permanent mark on us.


    I'm glad you're OK!!!!!

  15. victoria

    victoria New Member

    I'm sure you feel like this is almost like a 'new beginning', one more worry out of the way. Sometimes these scares can help us put 'stuff' into perspective, if there's anything positive to be gotten from them.

    Pip, were you not able to sue those doctors??? That's insane what they did to you, they should be locked up!

    all the best,

  16. lgp

    lgp Well-Known Member

    All I can say is .....YAY!! HOORAY!! YOU TRULY MADE MY DAY!! And I am not kidding. Good news like this puts everything into perspective, and to not sweat the small stuff, right?

    I am so happy for you, your family, and your friends. Your good news is a gift for everybody. And yes, it is amazing how the mind can affect the body. Two years ago, when my friend's son died suddenly of menengitis, the news alone sent me into an immediate 'burn' which I had never experienced before, and the subsequent fibro pain was severe. The notion of the mind/body pain link was frightening. As fibro sufferers, we need to become adept at 'keeping the bad stuff at bay'; in perspective so to speak, to try and prevent the pain (and fear) from taking over. I have to admit, I am getting better at it, but it does not always work.

    Once again, I am so very happy for you. Thanks so much for sharing your good news and giving us all here an oh so happy end to the day.


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  17. kjade

    kjade New Member

    Thank you all for reading and commenting. This really has been a rough road, let me tell you! I wanted 2010 to be a new start, and I had so many things planned (resolutions) - then I got hit with pneumonia and it all changed. You were all so right when you said it is a long road to recovery. I have never felt so weak and exhausted in my life. This has been awful, but thankfully, I am healing.

    Pippi, that is a TERRIBLE story! I cannot believe that happened to you! Did you sue them? I am so sorry that happened to you.
  18. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    That is wonderful . I am so glad that you got such wonderful news.

    Pip - What a nightmare sweetie. So glad they finally found out the problem.

    Gotta run, DH needs the pouter again.

  19. Pippi1313

    Pippi1313 New Member

    When they did that to me, after I got out, Mom & I did go see a lawyer.

    Then I got another shock.

    The lawyer was very sympatheic & kind, but said we deserved to know the truth.

    I had my medical records with me, & he said we had enough evidence to prove malpractice beyond ANY doubt.
    Then he dropped a bomb on us.
    He said he couldn't take the case, & neither would any other attorney.

    That's because I'm on disability.

    He said the disabled, elderly, poor, unemployed & a few other categories of people "aren't worth anything".
    He explained that "damages" in the legal system ONLY mean "how much money did the injury cost the victim?".

    Since I'm on disability (didn't miss work), & my insurance covered the medical expenses, I wasn't financially damaged.

    Even if a jury was furious about what happened to me, & awarded me a crapzillion dollars, a judge would nullify that settlement - calling it "unreasonable".

    What little bit of a settlement a judge would allow, would be next to nothing. The lawyers' cut of the money wouldn't even buy a nice dinner. Hence, no lawyer will waste their time with it.

    He went on to tell Mom that if the doctors had succeeded in killing me, she couldn't even sue for wrongful death - for the same reason.

    To the judicial system, we are only worth our income - or our potential future income.

    He gave the following example:

    If two 7-year-old children die as a result of wrongful death, & one is an A student, & the other is a C student, the A student is worth more money.
    The "logic" is that an A student has a higher lifetime earning potential than a C student.

    With malpractice & wrongful death, it's all about how much the victim is (was) "worth".

    I know I'll get replies telling me I'm wrong. I understand that reaction.
    It's the reason I NEVER tell people about this. Even in person, people have gotten FURIOUS with ME for saying this.
    Even though I got this same info from 3 different attorneys, when I've passed the info to others, they rage & call me a liar.

    But, I DO understand that reaction!!!

    It changed my view of the world & my perception of myself & my own worth as a human being! It was devestating!!!

    We have all been raised to believe in the value of life, & that we're all equal under the law. We've been taught we don't have a social-class system in America.
    ...And technically, we don't have a class system.
    But in reality, we do.

    I don't wanna believe it either!!!!!

    The lawyer went even further. He told Mom to NEVER leave me unattended in a hospital! He said the hospital docs & staff are VERY aware of who can be neglected or abused, with no consequences to them!

    Legal experts may tell you I'm wrong. Technically, they're correct. Our laws don't technically apply only to the wealthy (or potentially wealthy). But the reality is what it is.
    We are only worth our income.
    We are powerless to change this, precisely because it IS the UNwritten law of the judicial system...

  20. victoria

    victoria New Member

    So sorry that's the way it ended up, but I can believe that after reading what the lawyer said. Tho I think 'punitive' amount should be awarded at the very least, keeps people like that in line. I read recently the most recent scams states are doing to get federal $$ is preying on disabled minors, removing them from their homes so they get their SSI money. I wrote about it on that thread on the main board about that boy in NC who was disabled by NC yet was removed by 'child protective services'.

    Most if not all gov'ts & courts have put a value on a person's life. I read somewhere that Britian puts a value of about $22,000/person in their health system. The same will eventually be true in the US I think.

    But, also I remember being extremely upset that the settlements to those killed in the 9/11 WTC attack were based on their financial "value" ... never mind the fact that those who made a lot of money are more likely to have life insurance and more assets. So if one had been a cafeteria worker or such, their family got very little.

    That was my wake-up call that we are not all "equal" at all in this or any country...

    I would agree everyone needs a patient advocate, too, especially if we are in dire straits.

    (Sorry for hijacking your thread a bit, kjade!)

    all the best,

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