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    After everything I have it seems like I have enough stuff wrong with me.........now I'm a non insulin dependent diabetic. Of course I figured I might be, I have danced around it for many years and my dad has it and so does my mom's father. I just didn't want anything else to have happen. Need..a lot of TLC and prayers. Huggies Deana.
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    Dear Deana,

    I am sorry that you have another health issue to deal with. I can relate to having what seems like more on my plate than I can handle as I have BP 2, GAD, PTSD and FM.

    Some days I feel like I am losing my mind and other days I hurt so much that I can barely move.

    Just wanted you to know that I can relate to how you feel and that I am here if you want to talk.

    Gentle Hugs,

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    I am going through the same thing. My mom has it and so did my great aunt, and my great-grandfather.

    I was able to reverse my sugars down to an acceptable range by loosing weight, eating a diabetic diet, which you can find on the web. I use the glycemic index to know which foods I can eat and how much of them.

    Also need to do the dreaded and seemingly impossible exercise. I drag my behind around the block a few times, very slowly, but I move as much as possible on any given day. Some days not but I don't punish myself for those days I can't.

    I also use Cinnulin (or find a different brand at a health food store) which is from the cinnamon plant but is not just the cinnamon from the cupboard. It is cheap and keeps one's blood sugar more level so it doesn't spike or go too low.

    I have been able to reduce my A1c to an acceptable level but I will always have to watch this. But better to catch it now and deal with it than to have to take medication or lose a leg to diabetes as my MIL did.

    Take care. It is a depressing and scary thing to add to the agenda but it can be managed. My mom has managed hers very well and has not had to take meds and she is almost 80 years young!

    Take care,

    PS: I know this is not easy and it is one more DD added to the batch. I SOOOO miss my carbs, sugar. But I do not want to go through what my MIL did with loosing her leg and then her life to gangrene because she refused to take care of her condition.

    I will keep you in my prayers, as we already have enough on our plate without more getting added![This Message was Edited on 08/01/2008]
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    I’m a retired RN, and know what to do to try and keep from being a diabetic. I always followed a diabetic diet, watched my glycemic index, mainly because it’s a good diet and hubby is diabetic controlled by diet. I also exercise at least 3x a week, and use supplements, chromium picolinate, cinnamon, which are supposed to help lower my blood sugar. I had also lost 10 lbs. However, my fasting lab sugars were not where I or the doctor wanted them to be. I even monitored my blood sugars at home on an accucheck monitor for a month and it would not go below 150 even without eating for like 12 hours. I ate exactly what my hubby did for a few days and his blood sugar would be like 88 and mine 250. This told my body was not using insulin right, or not making enough or possible quit making it or my cells couldn’t use it.

    So I called my doctor, went over things with her on the phone and she ordered an A1C. (The most accurate lab test for diabetic.) It was high and two days later I was in her office working out the best plan for me because I am now a non-insulin dependant diabetic.

    Sometimes we can do everything we can to watch things and it still happens anyways. So now I am praying for strength to cope with this.

    For those who don’t know the symptoms here they are:
    Tired all the time Always thirsty Need to urinate often.
    Blurry vision Always hungry Sudden weight loss
    Sexual problems Wounds that won’t heal Vaginal infections
    Numb or tingly hands and feet.

    Thanks heavens mine is controlled by medication and diet; it has been normal 70-120 for over a month now. Huggies Deana

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