*update* HELP in figuring out lower right abdomen pain

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by piebear, Aug 8, 2006.

  1. piebear

    piebear New Member

    --So I made the appointment for the laparoscopy but can't get in to do it until Sept 7!!
    So what would everyone suggest I do in the meantime? A CT or some other method that would possibily see what is going on?

    Also the pain keeps coming and going. Went away yesterday for a time, then came back again. Plus it got aggravated after my jog today. I had to stop due to the pain. But there have been many times where jogging never bothered it. Huh??
    The pain is still in that one spot though which seems to really bother my hip which disables me sometimes.

    And the spotting I'm not sure on either because I've been taking an antibiotic for my Rosacea for a month or so. Maybe that is causing the spotting? But the spotting usually happens after my jogs or when I pee. Its not in my pee though. I am sooo confused!!--

    I was wondering if anyone could help me figure out some pain I've been having.

    About 3 weeks ago I started having some pain in my lower right abdomen area right around where my right ovary is. The majority of the pain is in that one area but it does tend to radiate some into my groin, my leg, deep into my hip and even up my side and lower back making walking difficult. And that spot is VERY tender to the touch.

    Also last month I began to have a little spotting between my periods too. So far this is only the second month for that to happen and its not all the time. Seemed to start mainly after my jogs. And its not much spotting. But its something I've never had a problem with before. I'm on ortho and have been for years.

    I saw my gynecologist and he did an ultrasound. By that time the pain had started to go away. It only lasted a week or so. And nothing showed up on the ultrasound. He suspected a cyst but nothing showed up. So I just left it at that.

    Just last week I saw my doctor again to discuss the ultrasound as a formality and do a pap and he felt around in that area again and it hurt bad! And after that its been hurting again. And since the exam I've had a little spotting again. My period ended last week.

    When I have the pain I feel fatigued, nauseous and generally ill as well.
    But I imagine like before it will go away until the next time someone touches it!

    My doctor says to rule anything out in his area I should do a laparoscopy.
    I hesitate because aren't there numerous things that could cause the pain? He didn't seem to think it was fibro and seemed pretty confident.

    Also no problems peeing or crapping. I do seem to be bloated a little. No fever or chills or anything either. My appetite does seem to be poor when I'm having the pain but that could be just from the pain.

    I don't know what to do. So any ideas would be appreciated!
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  2. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    sometimes hormone therapy may helps some....i have had the ovarian cysts..and the surgeries...to boot..

    have you discussed hormone therapy..birth control pills...

    laparoscopy found mine...and one time didn't turn up on ultrasound...then he got in there and found one the size of a grapefruit..so he drained,,,,then i was back in there

    surgery again...ovarian wedge resection....then i had to go back four months later...the adhesions grew and twisted my ovary grew to pelvic bone and attached to uterus...ouch..

    but i am fine now..

    go get it checked out...

  3. charlenef

    charlenef New Member

    this could be cmp pain i have a tigger point there .try and find the spot put one hand over the other and rub in circles about 10x a couple times a day and see what happen. what about your apendix? my husband had a problem for awhile before his went just a thought good luck charlene
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  4. gwheezy41

    gwheezy41 New Member

    Hi I had pain like that, it turned out to be fibroid tumors on my ovaries, they were taken off, the bad thing is I think have grown back. Had partial hysterectomy back in April because of fibroid tumor, but doctor had told me I should keep ovaries so I would not have to take any other meds, well fibroids started showing up on ovaries and yes it hurts. Have doc check for them! Virginia
  5. piebear

    piebear New Member

    Thanks so much for all your input everyone!

    Some questions on the laparascopy- would they see if there was anything wrong with my appendix or colon in that area do you know? Or is only my reproductive stuff.

    Its been hard trying to decide what to do cause its scary to do something like this even though I read its quite a simple procedure.
    I guess I feel pressured some to do something now too cause in a two months I won't have free health care (navy)anymore so I need to get as much done while I can.

    Otherwise I might wait it out and see what happens. Cause the pain "appeared" to go away until the doctor probed. Now its hurting again. But I don't doubt it will subside after some days of rest. Doesn't mean the problem is resolved though.

    And yea it did occur to me it might be a muscle or something related. But that doesn't explain the spotting. Which seemed to act up some after he probed.

    But believe me I'm worried about doing all these tests and nothing coming up. Meanwhile its extremely stressful going through all this. But its hard not knowing anything too of course! Guess I got some praying to do!

  6. piebear

    piebear New Member

    Thanks again for input everyone.
    I guess I'm going to go ahead and do the laparoscopy. What can I lose right? Wish me luck! And if anyone has any tips as far as the laparoscopy is concerned feel free to share!
  7. penpardee

    penpardee New Member

    Laparoscopy is a pretty routine surgical procedure. A small incision with quick recovery time. Yes, it is possible to see other abdominal organs during the procedure. I know when I had my laparoscopy I signed a consent to remove my ovary if the surgeon felt it necessary, thus preventing additional surgery. Also...ovarian cysts are not uncommon, they can come and go without rupture...your appendix can have "episodes" also.
  8. Thistledown

    Thistledown New Member

    The can take a little tour around your abdomen while they're in there and check it all. I had a tubal sterilization by lap and the doc told me all the things she was looking at!
  9. carebelle

    carebelle New Member

    have the laparoscope asap this could be a cyst or even cancer.What ever get the test soon do not let it get worse.
    It could also be a tubal preg.Do not mess with this Timeing is what keeps you healthy so find out asap.
  10. rosemarie

    rosemarie Member

    I had it for years off and on. I had retrograde menstratation which is instead of having a normal period I bled in to my abdomen from my tubes and it hurt like heck. I had to have a laprscope to find out what was causing the intence pain I was in.

    Another time they found 2 cysts that had ruptured and one again I had blood in my abdomen and needed it removed.

    YOUr could have lots of female problems and not really know about it,.

    Some one asked about your appendix, I had mine out when I had my hyester done. And it was about to rupture. The best test for appendix is to have some on reach really high up and have you jump to grab their hand and if it is you r appendix you will know as the pain will be so bad taht you can't stand it, OR have someone drive over every bump they can find and hit them in the car. It too cause's pain.

    I had four lapersocopies done is 3 years so I understand how you feel. And for some strange reason sometime there is no real reason for your pelvic pain. , Sop go for the laperscopy

    Good luck and best wishes.
  11. zoemurr

    zoemurr New Member

    That can radiate down your leg and to your back. I went to the ER it was so bad I was sure my appendix was going to burst. (Of course they had no idea and did nothing..)

    That wouldn't explain your bleeding though. I had CTscan, colonoscopy, and an ultrasound and they found nothing.

    I finally got relief at the chiro. She could follow the path of the muscles and explain to me where the tention was and showed me the "routes" that they take. I went a few times a week, but now I only go when it's bad. She has an electric thing called a percussor that massages the area and it hurts while she's doing it, but I feel better later that day.

    Good luck.. definitely rule everything out, but it could be a very angry muscle.
  12. piebear

    piebear New Member

  13. sandyblue

    sandyblue New Member

    Three things come to mind that I have suffered from all three at one time or another in my life.
    One thing is endometreosis, (scar tissueing of the tubes and ovaries). I suffered for many years from it until 1991 when I had to have a complete hysterectomy. I was only 28 at the time! They say that it was really bad but it didnt come up on the Laproscopic tests and the ultrasounds because it was on the inside of my tubes. I also had benign tumors, one of which was the size of a baseball that had attached itself to my intestines. That also didnt show up on the ultrasounds.
    Next, I've had problems for many years with Irritable Bowel Syndrom because of all the doggone meds they have me on. IBS can be very painful and it comes and goes and will be worse when you move around (like you had mentioned about your walking or jogging, I think). You can tell IBS in that you go back and forth between diarhea and then constipation, but usually it is mostly constipation.
    Last of all, and I hope this one isnt the case and that is Kidney stones. I have found out during my own personal research over the past year since I started getting them that medications, expecially some pain meds can cause you to get them. My last stone I passed last month was the size of a cherry. They say it was the equivalent of a cherry passing through a straw or as painful as labor. I've not had labor before since I never could have children but if labor is that bad, I think I would have never wanted a natural birth, tehehe.
    Good luck with your search for the truth & I hope this may help. Please let me know how it works out and you will be in my prayers, if that is okay with you.
    Take care and God bless.
  14. tandy

    tandy New Member

    cute name~ :)

    What your desribing could be so many gyno related things. But from the sounds of it I'd say possibly ovarian cysts, or endometriosis.

    My endo causes me this exact pain,exact location.
    into the groin and down the leg,...wraps around my hip and low back.
    I've found that some cysts will not show on an ultrasound,...but they are there when they look inside via scope.
    and don't buy the ole, " well,..its a small cyst so I doubt its causing any pain"
    yes they can and do. I've had small numerous cysts rupture and get this same pain as you with spotting.
    I think most of my cysts are acually from the endo.
    I'd go ahead with the lap if it were me.
    The surgery is'nt that bad. You will have incisional pain and soreness for about 3 days.
    (my first time it took me about 5 days to feel able to work or even run around) even then I think I tired easily. (whats new?? LOL)
    Just be sure they give you something for pain to have at home.
    Best of Luck~
    let us know ok.
  15. darude

    darude New Member

    Isn't it NUTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have started with this. I was feeling better up until MAY and then my stomach stopped working also. Xrays showed full up with Stool but I DON't have constipation!!!!!!!! I wonder what that is hiding. Went to ER last month as could not get up as my abdomen was in so much pain. They said it was muscular and to do with my back also!!!!!! So now more back tests are scheduled. I had to cancel brain MRI because my stomach was so bad I couldn't take contrast. Gave me morphine at the hospital and I vomitted for hours. One doc did say tho that hormones control stomach and intestines so problem COULD be there. Geez nuf to drive you crazy.
  16. Beadlady

    Beadlady Member

    that may help give clues to your dr.

    Read up on appendix issues, cysts and endomertrisos (sp)

    My appendix had ruptured when I was 15 & I almost didn't make it because of all the poisen.

    About 10 years later I was having lots of pain in about the same area, many trips to the ER, various drs. Finally they did ultra sound at ER--the 3rd hospital I had been to and found a cyst on my right ovary and referred me to the BEST GYN clinic--. That dr. got my insurance company to approve Lap surgery the very next day. The cyst was adhesions (scar tissue) all through my system--they ended up removing a ovary & a tube and lots of adhesions removed from abdomial walls. This dr. is sure this was all related to my ruptured appendix. 18 mths later--more of the same stuff-adhesions & the dr. was amazed at how much scar tissue had come back in the short time frame. more surgery--where I tried to get dr. to do hysterectomy but she wouldn't (Darn)

    I did end up having full hysterectomy about 3 years later because of endometris.

    ****request the place where surgery is taking place, to put you on their cancellation list****

    I did the pain diary and that is one of the things that made them listen to me. I did like a graph of how I felt during the day & how much pain, what I ate, when my periods were.
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  17. piebear

    piebear New Member

    Wow! So many good tips. I sure appreciate it, thanks everyone!

    Yea I'm going call them back tomorrow and see if I can speed up the process on the surgery cause the pain got a bit worse today. Thinking about taking some serious painkillers, motrin isn't touching it very well.

    Not sure if its just aggravated from moving around today or what. If I sit long enough or lay down I'm a lot better.
    Who knows maybe it is an angry muscle, but I have to rule other things out first of course. Guess I won't be working out for awhile again. Sigh.

    What kind of pain comes and goes like this at any time? Do gynological things do that?
    Its so hard to pinpoint a pattern to the pain. I am keeping a journal of sorts to help figure this out though.

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  18. sandyblue

    sandyblue New Member

    A kidney stone will come and go like you've described. As for the gyno stuff, yes, endometriosis also comes and goes.
    Good luck and you'll be in my prayers.

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