Update: Heparin, ABX, transfer factor

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    Husband and I started transfer factor blend 100 by Advanced Medical labs. Expensive: 1 bottle of 30 costs 159.95 and both my husband and i are on it now...1 a day..husband started levaquin for c. pneumonia and i'll start shortly.

    also on heparin for hypercoagulation...and lumbrokinase to clean up the fibrin. Am on cipro for mycos even though we didn't get a positive pcr test back (husbands 2nd test came back positive last week for c. pneumonie) and will probably go back to the cipro after the 2 weeks on the levaquin per the doc at MD labs. Don't know how long on the transfer factor 100 yet. I did my 3rd pcr test today to see if something will finally show up and we both did a hhv6 test last week. Hopefully the tests will be back shortly.

    Husband refused to stick himself with heparin any longer, but I am worse shape than he is with symptoms and will continue for as long as needed. Daughters still on heparin troche's (made by a compounding pharmacy in CA) which are like gooey jello but heparin and they melt between gum and cheek which is supposed to be better than the oral because absorbed better. The girls are on these because dr. berg at hemex said they were younger and would not have hypercoagulation as bad as my husband and myself therefore they did not need the injections. We have been on heparin since about the 3rd week of june and cipro since end of march and now transfer factor about 1 week for my husband and 1 day for me. Oh, Dr. Berg thinks that due to the #'s on our tests (we never saw the reports yet) that he thinks we have hhv6.

    So, as far a progress. Husband says he feels better every day, but still feels something wrong.
    Me, I feel worse and have more pains and it has moved to both feet now and yesterday had trouble lifting my left arm or holding anything. I have many neurological symptoms my husband doesn't have. We'll see how much gets better from the transfer factor and the levaquin....i'm getting pretty pessimistic with all this, but i've got to keep plugging away.

    just a post to keep you updated...sorry it is kinda sloppy and not in much order....

    thanks and take care.

    crissy & family