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  1. MamaDove

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    I am looking for some responses to hopefully relieve my worry for a moment...

    Lemme explain what is going on~

    I live in Maine...My godfather lives on Long Island in NY. He has always been healthy until Friday when he developed "flu-like" symptoms...Tired (more like exhausted), leg pains, abdominal cramps and I guess he was going to the bathroom frequently from what little he related to me...For him to be on the couch til today was a good sign that something had its hold on him...

    2 things that had me concerned were that he said "Everyone around here is sick, it's the damn weather" (Hot, humid, stormy, sticky,etc...we have had the same and I don't know anyone that has the 'flu') and more importantly, he found a dead blue jay at his Mom's a few blocks over...When I asked how he picked it up, he wouldn't answer me (sign that his manliness thought he could pick it up with his hands). Then I said "You should report that ya know"...He didn't...My worry began last Wednesday that if he were to get sick noone would know about the possibility of contracting something from that bird...

    Now comes my worst fear...He just called me from home as the EMT's were wheeling him out on a stretcher...I asked to speak to the EMT and she told me that he was being taken to the local hospital due to his ABDOMINAL PAIN since Friday afternoon...I hang up in shock...My husband yells "tell them about the dead blue jay"...So here I go looking online for the hospital contact to call someone...

    Finally, I get the desk in the Emergency Room and with all of my experience with docs and hospitals, esp. in NY, I knew what to expect...I was explaining to the woman and he was then being wheeled in...She says "he will call you when he is settled in"...Then I got ugly!!! I said "I am calling to tell the person in charge of my Godfathers care that he was in contact with a dead blue jay"...You won't believe what she says next...get ready...She says "You don't think he would have told us that?"...My response was "I KNEW he wouldn't have, that is why I am calling you"...She starts relaying this info to the nurse tending to him and it got awfully quiet, then I hear her ask Tommy "Your godchild tells us you were in contact with a dead blue jay last week, is that true?"...He sounds surprised by the question and then realizes that is the reason I called them...He must have remembered our conversation and realized that I WAS WORRIED about the friggin' blue jay!

    Sooooooooooooooo, knowledgeable friends, does anyone know of other FLUs out there...Is mid-July a common time for a so-called FLU? Could this be WNV, Bird Flu or something along those lines??? His Mom's neighbor was sick witht he same symptoms for 2 weeks...Didn't go to the doctor, wasn't diagnosed and he now feels better (so he say)...He is in his 80's...

    I know the wet weather in the New York area along with the extreme heat has kept most people from even going outside. So many things are running through my head right now...I knew something was going to happen to him, I had a gut feeling and I am never wrong when I feel like this...I feel so helpless because I no longer drive and could not possibly get there to help any...His Mom is 86 and right now is at a party in Boston, she will come home to my voice on her answering machine telling her (as calmly as I could) that her son was brought to the hospital...She didn't want to go when she heard he was sick on Friday, but he told her she had to go...He never married and has no children so they only have eachother...They do have a large extended family and I am hoping they come together to help his Mom...

    Oh God, my mind is racing with all the WHAT-IFs and I am not there to help in any way...We are very close and call each other every other day...He is the only one I talk to on the phone...I don't use up that energy on anyone else PLUS he is used to my foggy head and my memory problems and I am the only one who gets him to laugh...I am afraid for him...

    I know this was long and to be honest I don't even know what I just typed, it just kinda went from my useless brain to my non-functioning hands but I knew I had to ask for help here...I would get some well-needed advice or just a 'hello' would even help...

    Thanking everyone in advance for responding and thank you if you were just able to get through reading it...

    Luv to all~Alicia
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  2. joanng

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    I live across the river in NJ and work full-time (just meaning I'm out and about) and I was with my sister-in-law yesterday (she's from Long Island). Flu never came up. I don't know of anyone who has it.....she and I usually compare notes of who is sick, what's going around (her kids pick up everything). Don't know if that helps or not but just thought I would share.
  3. Lolalee

    Lolalee New Member

    You sound so concerned and so frustrated. I know the feeling. My sister's son (20 years old) passed away a year ago and I was unable to travel to be by her side (we are very close) or to be with our small close family during such a tragic time. Sometimes we want to do so much but we can do nothing because of limitations forced on us by these illnesses that we live with.

    Try not to let your mind run away with "what if and if only". Worry and stress will do you much harm. Maybe it is the flu and not related to the bird. I pray that your godfather receives the care that he needs in the hospital and that he recovers quickly.

    In the meantime, I pray that you will be blessed with peace and know that everything always seems to work out, even if it's not the way we would want it.


  4. fmfriend

    fmfriend Member

    you can read my post I just posted. I forgot to mention with all the other painful things happening in my body is intestinal.My intestines are in major pain. Just a thought for you or ..them ...the Drs to check into.

    I was unable to eat 4 days then had a protien drink and vitamins then went another 5 days without eating.I am so sick. I hope this isnt what he has because it is torture.

    But just thought I would mention it just so they could test mabey.

    I'll hope for the best for him ad you too.
  5. MamaDove

    MamaDove New Member

    I just hung up the phone with his Mom...She JUST walked in from a trip to Massachusetts for the day to find out from a neighbor that her only son is in the hospital...She was so upset...I worry because she is 86, lives alone and he is the one she depends on...

    I am going to call the hospital now to see what I can find out...

    Thank you again for reading this and your kind words...I will be back on again in the morning...I need to try and relax a bit, stress is not good for us, esp. this kind of worry...

    Peaceful days ahead~Alicia
  6. rockyjs

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    I've had West Nile, and it doesn't sound like the type of symptoms you'd get from that. The health department requests that people report dead birds, but you can't get it from contact, only from a mosquito that bit an infected bird and then you.

    It sounds a lot more like food poisoning or a rotavirus. Hopefully he'll get well soon!

  7. KMD90603

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    I'm not sure what it is that your godfather is sick with, however, I know there is some kind of virus going around. My mother was having some friends over on saturday, and she ended up getting very sick out of the blue. She said she had horrible stomach pain, fever, nausea and vomiting, and diarrhea. My dad ended up taking her to the ER because he figured she was probably dehydrated. They gave her fluids and said her bloodwork showed some kind of virus. We live in Pennsylvania, and the ER doc said there is some stomach virus that's been going around. Sounds like what your Godfather may have gotten.

    Hope this helps. Gentle healing hugs to you and your Godfather.

  8. lenasvn

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    I usually call schools, my own doc.office, etcv. to ask what bugs are going in the area. There are viruses of all sorts and shapes going on in the summertime. I wouldn't worry too much. We're just pulling thru a nasty flu attack here in E. Washington (sore throat, high fever, extreme fatigue, children and eldery may vomit and get dehydrated). It's rot- month this month, lots of spoiled foods.
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  9. MamaDove

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    I called his Mom this morning, she was again walking out the door to got to the hospital...

    He was put in the CC UNIT and they were still EVALUATING him...

    His Mom told me he LOOKS FINE but his abdomen is really swollen, that's why they rushed him to the hospital yesterday...

    His bloodwork is all fine BUT they saw 'something' on the CT Scan...Doc says it could be nothing, it could be something...Sounds knowledgeable to me (sarcasm)

    I now wait again to see what his Mom will tell me when she comes back home...Again she is 87, doesn't understand what people are saying and I know my Godfather, if its something bad, he will try to keep her from knowing all the details.

    She called this morning only to be told they couldn't tell her anything, she would have to come in...

    I sit here and wait meantime in a flair from HE**...

    PS. He originally thought it WAS food poisoning from the last thing he ate, Geno's frozen pizza...The doc had a friend get the box out of his trash...My bro-in-law was thought to have been poisoned by something and after a bout of diarrhea, cramping,etc. he died from a massive stroke. I never did seem to get the 'facts' on that either...Geez, seems the more we know and experience, the less we can help someone else from the same fate...

    I sit and wait very impatiently...Will update when I can~Alicia
  10. MamaDove

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    His Mom just came back from visiting him...They operated on him at 6am this morning...


    He is now in CCU being watched like a hawk by a cardiologist and a pulmonologist...Due to the infection in his abdomen and the fact he is a HEAVY smoker, they are 'very concerned'...

    Of course I am having a more difficult time now because the initial bloodwork showed nothing (meaning no high WBC to show infection) meaning the appendix was still intact, correct???

    The CT scan didn't show absolute evidence of the ruptured appendix cause they would have had the proof to operate, correct?

    I dunno what happened at 6 am to warrant emergency surgery without telling anyone what was happening...

    My heart is very full though...He was JUST wheeled in his room when my Aunt got there...He was still sedated BUT he barely opened his eyes...His Mom knew he wanted to say something but the nurses said there is no way he could talk now...He motioned with his eyes to his Mom that he needed to tell her something...They got him a pad and pencil and he wrote "CALL ALICIA", closed his eyes and was back out...

    The nurses all came running, saw the note and thought ALICIA was his wife...My Aunt said "NO, that's his Godchild"

    He best be all better in a timely manner or they will have me to deal with...tehe

    I am having my own problems, something new, numbness on right side from pelvic/hip area down to my right three toes.


    Thank you all for your support and thank you Wake for sharing the story about your son...It's so hard to know what's right to do and when you can't rely on the doctors and hospitals, esp. after what we have all gone through, it makes it all the more difficult...

    I will let you know what happens next...

    Peaceful days ahead~Alicia

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