Update - My visit to Nutritionist & Upcoming appt. with Sleep Dr.

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  1. Annette2

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    I saw my Nutritionist this morning. I told him how bad I have been feeling - pain, not sleeping well, fatigue. He suggested that I go for a total detoxification program. He said that if I try to treat each symptom of FMS, I might feel a bit better, but that the symptoms would eventually come back. If I detox I'll get all that crap out of my body. I'm going to give it a try. Nothing else has seemed to work so why not this? Has anyone here done a detox protocol? He's going to mail me the package and then I'll e-mail him questions and my progress.

    Last night I took 300 mg. of Neurontin and decided to take Norflex, my muscle relaxer. I felt a bit better this morning when I woke up, but then started to feel so-so as the day wore on. I know I'm in some kind of flare-up. Seems like a chronic fatigue thing. Later in the afternoon at work I got a phone call from the Sleep Center. I had left a message yesterday with my Family Doctor telling him how bad I've been feeling and how I'm not sleeping. I guess he called the Sleep Center and referred me over there. I have an appointment on August 15th. This will be a preliminary appointment just to talk to the doctor. They're sending me a questionnaire to fill out and take with me. Has anyone here had a sleep study? What should I tell this doctor? Should I make up a list of how I've been sleeping (or not sleeping) and how I've been feeling? Since my appointment is in a few weeks I'm afraid I'll forget about how bad I'm feeling right and forget to tell him.

    So, please, anyone, what do you think about the Detox and about the appt. with the sleep doctor?

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    from Paul M. to annette: you didn't say what the detox program is i'm hardly anyone to give advise as sick as i am with 5 yrs. of CFIDS but i do know i've tried coffee enemas all kinds of diets and just gotten worse,

    i've know this much from cheney although he's not been able to help,

    our P 450 cytocrome system is impaired ie the liver is centrally strained, i have trouble tolerating because of stomach problems gut ecology low HCL i think etc etc. food allergies numerous tolerating whey protein (immunplus etc)
    but the importance of reduced glutathhiane is crucial,
    a friend just sent me article on it, very long

    i have trouble fittign it in on empty stomach and it hurts my stomach, sometimes or most of time, but it is crucial,

    SO what detox is he talkign about , juicing, i've done that and i was juicing so much my body was retaining arsenic from veggies possible the insect. used, i don't know and i get sores in mouth tongue lips,

    I hope it works let us know,

    I learned something that might help for sleep i may try in ins. will cover, in addition to klon. neurtoin and low dose dox, i was reading dale guyer md treatment of compounded tyrtopan (need script) 5 htp l25 mg and 2.5 mg. melaltonin,

    read the interview with immune support and dale guyer i forgot how i found it, e mail me and ill copy and pasteit from word,

    let me know what detox your dr. is talking about,

    God bless good luck paulstory@iolky.com

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    I have a sleep study appointment in 2 weeks. I've already met with the doctor. The questionaire asks a TON of questions, so you won't have to make up your own list. They will ask things like how many times you wake in the night etc. It's hard to tell sometimes - I seem to be awake all night, constantly thinking and dreaming, a lot of mini-wakenings. They will ask you to rate your sleep and daily wellness on various conditions, such as pain and fatigue. A lot of people suffer from sleep apnea - and considering our condition, this could really be interrupting our healing and making us even sicker. I hope your study goes well and they can figure out the best way to get you some decent sleep!


  4. Annette2

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    I don't know what type of detox it is. It is not enemas, can tell you that! It's a package of herbs, supplements and I think something to drink. He's sending it out this week. I'll let you know.

  5. PatPalmer

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    I will be very interseted to hear of your progress.
    Detoxing first makes so much sense to me because toxin build-up is partly the cause of this DD.

    I shall be starting studies in Sept to become a Nutritional Therapist, so I am very keen to hear from you.

    Wishing you all the best and thanks again.

    Love Pat.
  6. averilpam

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    I think detoxing is important, though I've never done a thorough detox. Just remember that when you start to release the toxins you will likely feel worse before feeling any better. (ie herx type effect, headaches, fluey feelings etc) Maybe you won't but it's possible.

    good luck with the sleep centre
    Pam xx