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    Hey everybody, P.G. (short for princessguenevere) here. It has been several days now since the trip to the hospital and the post on H2O2 therapy. Thank you to everyone who posted me back. Lots of interesting info and opinions to say the least. I do think it is safe to say I will most definitely not have any more of those treatments. The one thing I could say during all of it, was that I would never look at a "typical flare up" the same way again. I did ok too for a few days, getting all kinds of sleep and trying to recoup. That was up until yesterday (thursday). I have been up for almost 24hrs now. Nothing is helping. Had all my meds, two baths, walking, etc. I am so tired. Not just from sleep, but from it all. I am tired of new treatments failing, I am tired of the constant everyday pain, I am tired of meds, I am tired of life. I heard an inside joke once from another "fibromite" that went like this "You have fibromyalgia... the good news is it won't kill you.... the bad news is it wont kill you." Morbid? Yes.... but ever so true for me. I thought I would stop having the feeling that I was done with life once I got out of that episode from the treatment, but I still feel that way. I am so scared that feeling won't go away, but I don't know what else to feel or do........... I am so sorry for this post but I don't know where else to go.