UPDATE ... No LOST till Feb. 2009?????

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by 4everkid, Nov 7, 2007.

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    They wouldn't dare!

    Found this on tvguide.com:

    Question: What does the strike mean for Lost? Any idea how many episodes they finished pre-strike? Is it still scheduled to air some time in February? — Mike

    Ausiello: Why do I suddenly feel as if I'm talking to myself, Mike? Why do I also suddenly feel like I'm not going to like what I have to say? At least I know the answer to that second part — it's because I don't like what I have to say. If the strike extends into the new year and beyond, there is a chance ABC may opt to delay the new season until the fall. Or worse yet, February 2009. Another scenario has the network simply airing the eight episodes already in the can this February as originally planned — something Team Darlton would not be in favor of. Says Lost cocreator Carlton Cuse, "Damon [Lindelof] and my concern about running the [eight] episodes we will have made is that it will feel a little like reading half a Harry Potter novel, then having to put it down. There is a mini-cliff-hanger at the end of Episode 8, but it's like the end of an exciting book chapter; it's not the end of the novel. Damon and I didn't write [the ending of Episode 8] differently [with the looming strike in mind]. We wrote it to be the ending of Episode 8." In any case, he concedes that the decision to hold or air the episodes isn't ultimately theirs. "It's really [ABC honcho Steve MacPherson's] call," Cuse notes, adding, "No one was happy with the six-episode run last season."

    In my own humble opinion:

    Personally, I was ok with season one, with a few reruns scattered here and there throughout the season. Season 2 was harder with a 6 week holiday break. Season 3 lost a bunch of fans with the 3 month mid-season hiatus. Now, we have been programmed to endure an 8 month wait so we can be rewarded with a 4th season free of any breaks. But to expect me to wait 8 months + ANOTHER YEAR????? No way! That is simply inhumane!

    I vote for plan C. Give me the 8 episodes you've got, and I will patiently wait for the strike to be over for the rest.

    It stands to reason, if they lost viewers over normal reruns, and 6 week and 3 month hiatuses, there will be very few left watching after a 20 month break!

    What do the rest of you Lost fans think?
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    OMG! This is the first I've heard of this latest development!

    I couldn't agree with you more regarding losing fans if they drag this out for 20 months. Lost is hard enough to figure out due to all the details and cross references etc., on a weekly basis. If that much time elapses, the previous casual watcher will never remember all the mysteries/clues and will probably just quit watching all together.

    Not much we can do but hope for a speedy resolution of this strike....sigh!

    Thanks for the info 4everkid.......Jill.........
  3. 4everkid

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    It sounds like we will get at least 8 episodes of Lost this season. Here's the latest:

    Ausiello on Lost

    Question: This strike has me worried about the future of Lost. Since it looks like ABC will go ahead and air the eight completed episodes in early '08, what happens to the other eight? — Conor

    Ausiello: It all depends on when the strike ends. If it ends in the next month or so, there's a good chance all 16 episodes will still air this season. If it goes on longer than that, the back eight would most likely be grouped in with next season's 16. Let's hope it doesn't come to that.

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